Welcome to College PlANNING Night! PLEASE COME DOWN FRONT FOR A FOLDER & WRITE YOUR NAME ON A GREEN SLIP OF PAPER! Presented by the Roy-Hart School Counseling Department Tuesday, May 14th 2019 Introductions: Christine Lenhart - Middle School Counselor Diana Daigler - High School Counselor (9th & 10th) Colleen Albee - High School Counselor (11th & 12th)

Overvi ew of the Evenin g: *Introduction of the Evening & Welcome Ms. Daigler Self Advocacy- SelfResponsibility, Getting involved in extracurriculars/ community service Mrs. Albee: Junior/Senior Year Timeline Application Fast Facts SUNY App Common App Scholarships

Ms. Lenhart: Essay Writing for College Applications and Scholarship Applications College Admission Panel Financial Aid Information Getting Involved Importance of Being INVOLVED, While being Professional & Responsible Tips: - Be sure you are conducting yourself professionally on social media.

photos, posts, content, comments,etc. - Use a professional email to correspond with colleges, military, and employers. example: [email protected], [email protected], etc. - Be sure to use correct phone numbers and emails/ take your time filling out information - Make sure you setup your voicemail and check it regularly. Create a voicemail that clearly states your name, that you will get back to them in a timely manner, and what information they should leave. ex. Youve reached Jenna Smith. Im unable to take your call, but please leave your name and number and Ill get back to you at my earliest convenience. Thank you.Register for summer SATs: Next one is AUGUST 25 - REGISTER BY JULY 27! Importance of Getting Involved - -

College might feel far away, but these next 1-2 years will pass quicker than you realize! Start thinking about what you want to do now and get involved as much as you can/ create opportunities i.e. Interested in the medical field? Volunteer at a hospital, shadow a doctor/nurse, etc. Not only will this give you valuable experience to use on your application, but it will help you understand what you want to do! Being involved in clubs, sports, community service can ENHANCE your applications and resume Make sure your resume is up to date and accurate Importance of experience What experience on your application says about you as an applicant: -

You try new things Youve taken the time to (begin) to figure out what you want to do. You can balance/manage your time between different commitments You have diverse interests You are someone who could represent their school well How the experience benefits you: - - You get to try new things

Youre investing in yourself and your future (the work you put in now will pay off later) Some of it could be enjoyable (internship, sports, leadership, etc.) You form connections and networks you can utilize through your high school and college career Junior Year Timeline Current and incoming Juniors: Visit colleges, schedule admission tours/call to meet with admissions It is very important to explore different options. Check out 2 year and 4 year schools - both SUNY and Private

Talk to other college students about programs and campuses Take the time to research the college/ find out as must as you can about the campus Make sure you look at requirements to get accepted Plan ahead! Make sure senior year course requests are accurate and you are still challenging yourself junior/ senior year. Plan summer activities! Volunteer,community service, shadowing experiences Summer Job opportunities

Senior Year Timeline Fall (Class of 2020-current Juniors) - - College Consortium [email protected] RH Sept 2019 College Rep Visits to Counseling OfficeListen to announcements for date and visit times/make time to come down and introduce yourself to admission reps Keep visiting college campuses-Open houses and call for private tour *Gather information for financial aid (October 1st FAFSA opens for seniors!) *Begin scholarship application process

*Class of 2020: SATs should be wrapped up this Fall (If you want scores on your transcript- you need to print out score report & give to Mrs. Albee Spring/ College Fair Trips (11th gr)/ Seniors should keep visiting colleges -February: Start getting accept letters & award letters. *Compare colleges & their award letters, visit colleges again/ASK QUESTIONS -Continue scholarships through spring -May 1st: Decision Day for most colleges!We do celebrate College Signing day! Parents: Check website for notes from counseling office, scholarships, graduation requirements,

SAT schedule, timelines, etc. Transcript Release process**** Applications: Fast Facts Application Types: Early Decision: Apply by November. If accepted, decision is binding; must withdraw all other applications. Early Action: Apply by November, nonbinding. College has accepted you, but you have until May 1st for final decision. Regular or Rolling Admission: Varies by school, do not have to accept until May 1st. *If you receive free/reduced lunch, you

may qualify for an application fee waiver! (See Mrs. Albee) *Best time to visit a college: spring and summer/ NOW! *All applications usually require a fee (check each college) *Financial Aid- More in depth information later tonight from the expert! College APPLICATION PROCESS Applying to College can be time consuming/ But if you have researches and visited the colleges - then know where you want to apply is a good start!

4 Year Colleges: Most colleges have an application fee from $35-$50. It can get expensive so make sure you have a solid list of places you are interested in. 2 Year Colleges- apply using the college website. The application is short and FREE! Visit the site and click APPLY NOW! Depending on Type of Colleges- this will determine what application system you will use. SUNY APPLICATION OR THE COMMON APPLICATION.

Suny App. - - The SUNY App. is applicable for all state schools in New York. Fee to apply: $50 Advantageous if youre applying to multiple state schools in NY. Common App Common App Fast Facts

- Hundreds of colleges use this site, even most SUNY. (48 States + Washington D.C.) 250+ colleges application fees for some-student are advised to research cost All your information in one place - Check with College to see what application they prefer- they will encourage either Common app, Suny app or their own website / Biggest difference-how items are uploaded by student and counselor WHAT ARE SCHOLARSHIPS? Scholarships are A Scholarship is an amount of money awarded or given to someone.

Most of the time a student must complete an application for a particular amount of $. Many of the scholarships we advertise are for RH students to apply for our from community families and organizations. These people are the sponsor or donor of the $ --Ex. American Legion, Meghan J Redenbach MAN UP, FMC there are due dates set and completed applications need to be mailed or returned to the Counseling office. DEADLINES ARE VERY IMPORTANT! Scholarships Where to find them: - - -

Roy-Hart Website, School Counselors Page: listed by due date/student responsibilityApplications are posted as received by Counseling office Check Parent workplace: (i.e. Wegmans scholarship, International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) scholarships, etc.) Good ol Google When to do them: - Ideally, the sooner the better. - Begin looking this summer and early fall: be mindful of deadlines! - If you need materials from Mrs. Albee,

give her at least a few days for turnaround time - College Websites: *Many Colleges offer MERIT based scholarships. These are attached directly to your application when you apply. Most colleges offer these to incoming students -free money based on certain criteria when applying such as: GPA, Class rank, SAT score OR Volunteer or Community service activities. Check each schools website for criteria. Essay Writing

Why is it important to have a great essay? You get to showcase your personality It gives your application dimension You can address aspects of your candidacy that wouldnt be apparent in the other parts of the application You can set yourself apart Importance of an outline Understand what your colleges/apps are asking for; from there, form a simple outline to save separately. Writing an outline for a scholarship or application essay means you lay the

groundwork once, and add specific details in for each different essay you have to write. Tip #1: Know your strengths, and focus on those traits. Focus on the talent, characteristic, or skill you possess and wish to highlight Show them you can take your experiences pre-college and translate that to someone who would add to their thriving student body at that

particular college. Tip #2: Find their mission/values statement and use their words in your As a university, Niagara essay. The University at Buffalo - prepares its students for positions of responsibility in the professions and in the broader society. Through teaching, research and service in programs of study at the baccalaureate and graduate levels,Niagara seeks

to develop within its students a passion for learning. Niagara University Vision Statement is a diverse, inclusive scholarly community dedicated to bringing the benefits of its research, scholarship and creative activity, and educational excellence to global and local

communities in ways that impact and positively - change the world. SUNY Buffalo Mission Tip #3: STAND OUT! - Think of experiences, qualities, etc. that would make your essay stand out, now is the time to use them! Examples: Did you hike the Pacific Crest Trail? Did you spend a summer doing

something way out of your comfort zone? Did you teach yourself code? To play guitar? Did you move here from somewhere totally different? Did you deal with a chronic injury/illness? Did you win a huge art competition? Set yourself apart! BUT (Tip Tip 4: What did this experience teach talk about experience you? What your was the

takeaway? or topic enough for the reader to gain understanding of your circumstances/experiences, but make sure you focus on what this experience taught you. Tip 5: Infuse some YOU in that essay. Dont just talk about your essay topic, use your voice in the essay. you yo u

Keep it professionally written and clean, and try to avoid cliches. you you Using your voice and putting your personality in the essay helps give the reader a real idea of who you are. (*Think about the last thing you watched or read what made it stand out? What made it memorable?) you

College Admission Panel 2 Year Colleges: NCCC: Kim Buerger GCC: Karen Krieger 4 year Colleges/University: Niagara University (Private): Chrstine McDermont SUNY Brockport (SUNY): Patrick Callery Financial Aid: Warren Skye, Jr.; Outreach Specialist Adult Educational Opportunity Center (AEOC) at Genesee Community College; Albion Campus Center THANK YOU FOR COMING!

Visit the RH Counselors Page FOr more information and Updates www.royhart.org Powerpoint from Tonight will be on the web page this ANY QUESTIONS??? Thank you and Have a

Wonderfu l Evening

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