JESUS, THE MASTER TEACHER Christopher Dr. Betnerthe Sr. Lessons J.From Master SITUATIONAL & CONTEXTUAL Jesus adapted His teaching style to fit the specific situations.

For example, when teaching the multitude on a mountainside, He addressed His learners using lecture (Matt 57). However, when He was alone with the disciples, He used object lessons, such as the washing of their feet to demonstrate servant leadership (John 13:520). He demonstrated that the context of a teaching situation should determine the choice of teaching methodology. VISUAL & VIBRANT Jesus always matched His teaching method with the message He needed to communicate.

For example, in His encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well, He used the visual of the women and her water pot her to explore the truth of His message. (John 4:730). Use what you have to engage a hearer. When He wanted to help the disciples visualize His teaching, He led them to experience the Lords Supper (Matthew 26:2629; Mark 14:2225; Luke 22:1720). PARABOLIC & PRACTICAL

Jesus led His learners in moving from concrete experiences to abstract principles. For example, He used stories to connect common life events to spiritual truths. (Parables) - Parables are earthly Stories with heavenly meanings. In the story of the Good Samaritan, He taught His learners what it meant to be a good neighbor (Luke 10:3037). In the Parable of the Sower, He demonstrated how the kingdom of God would develop (Matthew 13:323). THERAPEUTIC &

TRANSFORMATIONAL Jesus taught to transform lives rather than to impart information. Jesus used mentoring assignments to teach His disciples how to share their faith (Luke 10:120). Jesus never became anxious about trying to cover too much information in His short 3-year ministry. Often, teachers are interested in how much a student can cram into his head and then regurgitate onto a piece of paper. . . . Thats not education (Hendricks, 1987, p. 38). Teaching to change lives

Jesus understood that receiving information was not as important as seeing lives changed (see John 16:1213). TEACHING LIKE JESUS 1. SITUATIONAL & CONTEXTUAL 2. VISUAL AND VIBRANT 3. PARABOLIC & PRACTICAL 4. THERAPEUTIC AND TRANSFORMATIVE

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