Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOERS) DA Form 2166-8-1 (NCOER Counseling and Support Form) DA Form 2166-8 (NCO Evaluation Report) SFC NAME National Guard Bureau Personnel Division

TASK Complete an evaluation report that support the Evaluation Reporting System (ERS) CONDITIONS Contribute to Army-wide improved performance and professional development by increased emphasis on

performance counseling and reporting STANDARDS Properly complete a DA Form 2166-8-1 and DA Form 21668 through AKO, MyForms, PureEdge, Forms Content Management Program (FCMP) in compliance with The Evaluation Reporting System AR 623-3 and DA Pam 623-3

SAFETY Stay awake, participate and ask questions DA Form 2166-8-1 (NCOER Counseling and Support Form) Counseling Class, 30 March 2009 Log in to AKO to access

PureEdge forms Select Forms to access Forms Content Management Fill in Form Number or Form Title and click Search

Click NCOER Counseling and Support Form DA Form 2166-8-1 Click Begin NCOER

Use The Wizard Click ARNG in Component Drop Down Type in AGR in Status Code box

Click Automatically Populate Fill in Rated Soldiers SSN. Fill in first 2 letters of Last name. Click SEARCH 111-11-1111

If correct Soldier is listed Click Continue.. Verify Data, if corrections needed

update it now CMD Code: DA Pam p. 50 Table 3-8 PSB Code: AR p. 66-67 Table 5-3 Enter first date of report Click Next when complete Fill in Rater, Senior

Rater and Reviewers SSN and first 2 letters of last names Click SEARCH Click on found Officials. If info not found

manually input data on next screen. Click continue Fill in any needed info click Next

Fill in Principle Duty Title. Duty MOSC. Daily duties and Scope. Click Next Fill in Special Emphasis.

Appointed Duties. Click Next Task/Actions done during Initial Counseling sessions Bullet Format

Guidance Performance Summary: Actual Bullets done throughout quarterly counselings APFT Information:

APFT Drop Down. Height. Weight. Within Standards (Yes/ No) (passed tape) Follow these steps for face-to-face

counseling and to Save form. Click View Form 111-11-1111

Task/Actions: Expectations, objectives, duty hours etc. Performance Summary: List Soldiers

accomplishments By clicking Save As you can save the form on your computer. To Upload a form to route through FCMP. Go to Drafts. Click Upload Form

Click Browse Locate form Click Open Click Click Upload Upload

Click ClickContinue Continue DA Form 2166-8 NCOER Evaluation Report (Converted from DA Form 2166-8-1)

Counseling Class, 30 March 2009 Turning your Support form into an NCOER Select Forms to access Forms Content

Management Inbox. Select form. Inbox Click on form

Drop Down SP. Tasks to create NCOER All Admin data and rater Click continue to view NCOER NCOER created

from NCOER Counseling and Support Form is now in Drafts Folder Click Complete NCOER Using Word Format Then click NEXT below

Info already filed in Click Next Click Begin NCOER

If changes to Rating Scheme you can update info here Click View Form

Bullets and Administrative data is pulled from Support form into NCOER, update needed info Excellence vs. Success

Quantifiable Exceeded the standard Accountable items/numbers Beyond expectations Self-starter Highly motivated

Above and beyond

Met the standard Job done complete Job done well Great attitude Meets objectives Does what their told

Needs Improvement Using words such as: Failed, Incapable, Unable, negligence, difficulty, most disorganized, personal gain, improper, integrity compromised, Soldier relieved, poor judgment, was cited, bad example, refused, non compliant Negative comments must be backed up by proper documentation/counseling forms/disciplinary action

Article15/Court Martials (CM): cannot state Soldier received ART 15/CM, but can state reasons for the action o NCO exercised poor judgment by operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol Per AR and DA Pam 623-3

DA Pam. page 45, para 3-7,b. Bullet Comments: are mandatory regardless of ratings given. (See Bullet Format Guidance in FCMP) DA Pam, Page 44, table 3-3, NCOER Part IIIf. Counseling Dates: When counseling dates are omitted, the senior rater will enter a statement in section Ve, explaining why counseling was not accomplished example:

counseling dates were not documented DA Pam. Page 48, table 3-6/7, Codes and Reasons for submission/Reason Codes for non-rated time (Non-Rated time memos are done through State Enlisted Program Manager)

DA Pam. Page 50, table 3-8, Command Codes, Either NG or GB for Guard Soldiers regardless of duty station or position AR 623-3, Page 66-67, table 5-3, PSB Code will always be 2 digit state

numerical code, regardless of duty station or position Routing NCOERs thru Rating Chain Rater/S1 completes admin data and rating chain

Rater fills in their comments, signs, then forwards to Senior Rater Senior Rater fills in their comments, signs, then forwards to Reviewer

Reviewer Concur/Nonconcur, signs, then forwards to Senior Rater Rated Soldier receives NCOER to verify admin data and sign, and notified of Chap. 6 Redress Program

NCOER should then be forwarded to State EPM or at NGB to HCM for Processing and IPERMing

At any time during the preparation the SGM/1SG should be forwarded a read only copy for review Routing Procedures to obtain signatures, Go to FCMP inbox

Select NCOER Click Route Slip to forward doc to next individual 1. Enter last and first name.

Click search 2. Select individual 3. Select original. Select Individual. Drop down YES. Suspense is set here.

4. Click ROUTE to send DA PAM 623-3 Page 38-47, Para. 3-2.-3.8. Step by Step instructions block by block, Beginning to end, Actions required, ref.

Chapter 6, AR 623-3 Evaluation Redress Program Section I Managing the Redress Program Section II Commanders or Commandants Inquiry

Section III Evaluation Appeals Questions, Comments, Complaints?

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