World Lit. Vocabulary

World Lit. Vocabulary

World Lit. Vocabulary Level E Unit 12 abjure (v) to renounce, repudiate under oath; to avoid, shun Synonyms: forswear,

retract, recant, abstain from Antonyms: affirm, avow, aver, profess acrid (adj) harsh in taste or odor; sharp in manner or temper Synonyms: irritating, stinging,

bitter, caustic Antonyms: gentle, soothing, mild august (adj) majestic, inspiring admiration and respect Synonyms: stately, dignified,

exalted, venerable Antonyms: humble, base, mean, lowly, abject callous (adj) emotionally hardened, unfeeling Synonyms: insensitive, unsympathetic, thick-skinned

Antonyms: sensitive, compassionate, tenderhearted clandestine (adj) secret, concealed, underhanded Synonyms: covert, furtive, surreptitious, stealthy Antonyms: open, overt,

undisguised, aboveboard compunction (n) remorse, regret Synonyms: scruple, qualm, misgiving, contrition Antonyms: shamelessness, insouciance, nonchalance

conflagration (n) a large destructive fire Synonyms: holocaust, wildfire Antonyms: deluge, flood elated (adj,

part) in high spirits, jubilant, extremely pleased Synonyms: overjoyed, ecstatic, tickled pink Antonyms: depressed, crestfallen, despondent, blue indelible

(adj) not able to be erased or removed, memorable Synonyms: lasting, permanent, unforgettable Antonyms: erasable, impermanent, ephemeral indulgent

(adj) yielding to the wishes or demands of others Synonyms: lenient, liberal, permissive, tolerant Antonyms: strict, severe, inflexible, hard-nosed inveterate

(adj) firmly established, longstanding; habitual Synonyms: persisting, chronic, dyed-in-the-wool Antonyms: sporadic, intermittent, occasional irrelevant (adj)

not to the point, not applicable or pertinent Synonyms: inapplicable, immaterial, beside the point Antonyms: pertinent, material, apropos, germane nocturnal (adj)

of or occurring in the night, under cover of darkness Synonym: nighttime Antonyms: daytime, diurnal platitude (n) a commonplace, stale, or trite

remark Synonyms: clich, truism, bromide Antonyms: epigram, quip, witticism, bon mot quell (v) to subdue, put down forcibly Synonyms: suppress, pacify,

squelch, quash, crush Antonyms: incite, provoke, arouse, foment, stir up quiescent (adj) inactive, at rest Synonyms: still, inert, motionless, dormant, tranquil

Antonyms: active, thriving, lively, bustling, volatile ruminate (v) to meditate, think about at length, to chew the cud Synonyms: ponder, reflect, mull over, muse

tacit (adj) unspoken, silent; implied, inferred Synonyms: unexpressed, unvoiced, understood, implicit Antonyms: explicit, express, specific

tangible (adj) capable of being touched; real, concrete Synonyms: perceptible, actual, evident, palpable Antonyms: immaterial, imperceptible, insubstantial

trenchant (adj) incisive, keen; forceful, effective, cutting, caustic; distinct, clear-cut Synonyms: penetrating, cutting, telling, acute Antonyms: dull, bland,

insipid, vapid, imperceptive

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