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Els VAN WINCKEL ZC M OR G E S-LA C OT E (C H ) P re si d en t 20 14- 2016 M em b er o f ZO N TA I N TE RN AT IO N A L U N C OM MIT T E E GE N E VA (Worldwide, Europe)

Main observers very good data and reports: UN ILO, OECD, European Commission Eurostat Observation, yearly reporting and evaluation * ILO report 2016 * European Commission reports 2016 CURRENT STATE OF PLAY :

7 main INDICATORS ( ILO) 1. Labour force participation and employment rate * Global gender gaps declined 1995->2015 but only marginally (from 27 % to 26 %) * In Europe, women are increasingly present in the workforce 64.5 % all-time high level (!) Sweden: above 75% (!) * In Europe, gender gap decreased more

than in other parts of the world, but important gap remains (around 12 %points) 2. Unemployment * Global: young women face the highest risk of unemployment 6.2 % for women - 5.5 % for men * Europe: young men face highest risk of unemployment (econ downturn: neg impact on male dominated sectors) But: Unemployment remains issue of concern! Also for young women!

3. Quality of jobs decent work Global: Women remain overrepresented as contributing family workers - 586 million women are ownown-account or contributing family workers Women are in informal work arrangements Violence at the workplace Europe performs better than other parts of the world

better labour status and protection But the quality of female jobs remains a challenge! 4. Sectoral and occupational segregation Women remain overrepresented in a few sectors and a few occupations: teachers, nursers, care workers, clerical and sales workers

No significant changes ILO: occupational segregation has increased (technology) 4. Sectoral and occupational segregation * Europe : health and education count for almost 1/3 of all women in the labour market Recent trend : women are well represented amongst consultants (HR), managers, professionnals

Higher segment of the labour market: quota for women (ZONTA European seminar in Bruges (Brugge), January 2015) 5. Distribution of unpaid household and paid work Global: Important gender gap in working hours Europe: women are overrepresented in part-time work - Difficult work-life balance Women are still trapped in low-skilled work and

work longer unpaid hours (21 h/w 9 h/w) The male breadwinner model is still prevalent in Europe 6. Gender wage gap Global data: gender wage gap = 23% and improvements are small Women have to work almost 1 year and 3 months to earn same salary as men do in 1 year => It will take 70 years before

the gender wage gap will be closed In Europe, some countries do better than others :) 7. Access to social protection and level of benefits Less access to maternity protection and old-age benefits Pensions: gender gap is important: womens pensions are 40% lower than mens pension on average More important poverty risk

Migrant women: weak position * 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: opportunity to address persistent gender inequalities at work Goal number 5 Gender Equality * UN Geneva CSW: October 2016 Forum on Womens Empowerment Government procurement Unpaid care work Equal pay - Women in Decision Making Positions ZONTA International Presidency

* CSW New York March 2017 CSW61 Priority theme: Womens economic empowerment ZONTA International will participate and be represented at highest level (ZI President Sonja Hnig) Lets prepare for the future! * Technology will change our lives and jobs more than we can imagine

Changes : exponential curve Technology drive changes Humanity will change more in the 20 years than in the previous 300 years * Ageing * New world order? Changes caused by national and international politics => How to prepare for the future?

Thank you for your attention Danke! ZONTA International 7 EUROPEAN INTERDISTRICT SEMINAR VIENNA th Aim of this workshop: interactive Listen to YOUR ideas. Now YOU have the floor! -> Breakout Sessions : small groups please speak up!

One chair of each group, 3 questions but your input is essential. Rapporteur will inform after breakout session. Your ideas will be taken forward to the CSW New York March 2017. Breakout sessions 3 questions proposals 1. Which are the main challenges for women in the job market nowadays?

2. How can we prepare for the future, to improve the situation of women on the labour market and their jobs? 3. What should we do, as members of ZONTA International, to improve the empowerment of women, in particular related to womens jobs? At club level, Area and/or District level, and at global level (worldwide).

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