Windows 10 - Yola

Windows 10 - Yola

Windows 10 Created for Pharr South Continuing Education Presented by Henk & Linda Sluis 1 Why Upgrade to Windows 10 Upgrades are FREE if:

You are currently using a full version of: Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 July 29th 2015 to July 29th 2016 2

Windows Phones Free upgrade if: Running IOS Version 8.1 You are running 8.1 starting December 14, 2015 3

Free Windows 10 How to get Windows 10 System Scan for minimum hardware Option to delay the installation 4 Why Change Common Code across Platforms

Better Security Faster performance Some New features 5 What Does Common Code Mean Each Windows device has the same look All devices operate the same way

Share files and settings by synchronizing devices 6 Device Types That Support Windows 10 Personal Computers Windows Cell Phones

Game Consoles (Xbox) Hub TVs Tablets Smart Watches HaloLens 7 Security

Better Virus Protection 8 Better Security Windows Hello Biometric Security Finger Print Scanning Eye Scanning

Facial Scanning 9 Windows Hello 10

Faster Performance Windows 10 is 27% Faster on startup Quicker shut down 11 What's New Major Changes

No new Windows Versions (maybe) Start Menu Returns (from Windows 7) New Apps Cortana Edge Task View 12

No More Windows Versions Windows 10 will be the last Version Updates will come on board as developed 13 Start Menu Hybrid between Windows 7 and Windows 8

14 New Features Cortana Your personal assistant Uses Bing browser Voice or Type Cortana must be activated 15

Whats New Edge The new windows browser Greater Security Faster searches Works with Cortana Write on it (WebNote) Draw on it (Pen, Highlighter, Eraser) Reading View

Printable Create and Save Reading Lists Share Articles 16 Whats New Task View

Create multiple Desktops 17 What's New Snap View 18

Additional Note Worthy Changes or Upgrades Solitaire OneDrive Integration Groove Music Player Action Center Store Maps Digital Video Recorder

Xbox 19 Note Worthy Solitaire is back 20

Controls and Games Access through Start All Apps Microsoft Solitaire Collections

21 Microsoft Account 22 Note Worthy OneDrive

Distributes your folders and files across all platforms. Microsoft Cloud Storage 30 Gigabytes Free Purchase additional Storage Store pictures, documents, music, videos Access to Microsoft Office Apps Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Contacts, 23 Note Worthy Groove Music Previously called Zune or Xbox Live OneDrive Support Purchase music

Groove Music Pass Owned Music 24 Note Worthy Action Center Provides alerts and warnings Quick access to connectivity, settings, notes

etc. 25 Note Worthy Store Built into Windows 10 Free or low cost App can be downloaded to external drive

26 Note Worthy Maps Offline Downloadable Maps 3D Cleaner Look Units are in Imperial and Metric format

Directions 27 Note Worthy Game VDR Function Access by pressing the Windows Key and G 28

Note Worthy Xbox Plays Xbox games on your PC Creates social connections with the gaming world Tracks Performance and Scores

29 Before you begin Upgrading process takes time Your computer hardware may not support Windows 10 Some drivers may not be available Do you have a Touch Screen?

Do you have multiple Windows based devices? Windows Media Center not available Expect a bit of a learning curve 30 Recommendation Wait as long as possible Dont upgrade if you are planning to

purchase new hardware soon If you want a free version of Windows 10 you must install this by July 29, 2016. 31

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