Who remembers Paris? - Commack Schools

Who remembers Paris? - Commack Schools

Aim: What morals can we learn from the Iliad? Do Now: Who was Paris? What was his reward for choosing Venus and why was this a problem?

Who remembers Paris? Angry King Menelaus of Sparta Paris, the Trojan shepherd stole Helen, his

wife Agamemnon- Menelaeuss brother He brought an army to Troy to bring Helen back

The Trojans didnt take this too well nine years later The Greeks and the Trojans are still fighting

More kidnapping King Agamemnon had taken a Greek priests daughter captive When Agamemnon refuses to give her

back, the priest prays to Apollo to send a plague to all of the Greeks Apollo obliges

Nine days of plague The Greeks beg Agamemnon to give the girl back He agrees on one condition

He tells Achilles, the Greeks greatest warrior Achilles agrees to give him Briseus But how do you think this made Achilles

feel? He refuses to fight anymore Achilles is not just any warrior

Hes the son of Thetis and Pelius Thetis pulls some strings with Jupiter

The Trojans start making counterattacks Led by their greatest warrior, Hector Eventually the Trojans pin the Greeks against the beach and threaten to burn

their ships Besties! Achilles best friend Patroklus goes into battle in Achilles place, wearing his armor

The Trojans are frightened! They are deceived by Patrokluss armor and believe that he is actually the great Achilles

One Trojan hero wasnt afraid Hector killed Patroklus (with a little help from Apollo) He then took Patrokluss armor as his

prize When Achilles finds out about Patroklus How do you think he feels?

He wants revenge! Back to mom for help! Thetis asks Vulcan to make him a suit of armor that is very powerful

One Trojan hero challenges Achilles in a man-to-man combat Aeneas- son of Venus Achilles is only protected from Aeneass

spear by his divine armor Achilles is just about to win the battle when who should show up but

Neptune saves Aeneas! He warns him to stop fighting with Achilles He says that Aeneas will one day be stronger and greater than any of his enemieswell return to this later

Eventually, Achilles meets his nemesis He kills Hector and avenges his friends death

But Achilles still doesnt feel satisfied The gods have to interfere in order to get Achilles to give Hectors body back to his

father, King Priam In the end Achilles and Priam dine together and empathize with each others griefs

Achilles grants the Trojans a few days of peace in order to give Hector a proper funeral

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