Welcome to Kindergarten! - carrollk12.org

Welcome to Kindergarten! - carrollk12.org

WELCOME TO KINDERGARTEN! Back to School Night Kindergarten ELA Read alouds Writing sentences Types of writing Narrative Informative Opinion Phonemic awareness Phonics skills Handwriting Sight words Learning to read Kindergarten Math Number relationships 0-10 Measurement/Sorting Number relationships to 20 Geometry Basic Facts to 20 (+ 0, - 0, + 1, - 1)

Kindergarten Science Ecosystems Force and Motion Weather Kindergarten Social Studies Rules and Responsibilities Me and My Family Me on the Map Kindergarten Readiness Assessment KRA Shows what students know as they begin Kindergarten Four Areas Language/Literacy Mathematics Social Skills Physical Wellbeing/Motor Development Report will be sent home explaining how your child performed on the assessment EARNING A STAR

Students earn a star coupon for showing STAR behavior They are told exactly why they have received a star One part of the coupon goes home to show families/the other part is saved by the student to cash in for privileges or prizes from Starmart Stars At Home Stars at home are OPTIONAL You may give/fill out a purple star coupon as needed to encourage Star Behavior at home Students may bring in these purple star coupons-Mrs. Deitch will randomly select coupons for prizes Purple Star coupons may not be turned in with white/yellow Star coupons Incentives Four star stamps per day AM; PM; Specials; Lunch/Recess/Hallway

Referral = No star for that time period Shine Time Reward every 2 weeks for students who earn it 15 minutes Can be done by classroom or grade level Oct 80%; Nov-90% Dec-June 95% Consequences Communication with parents is imperative as these consequences occur Redirect (refusal to do work, not showing respect etc) Reflect-every classroom including Special Areas has a designated Reflection Space 1st visit no problem solver; 2nd visit - problem solver

Problem solvers signed Loss of Star on the agenda/communicate with the parent with an explanation Communication with parent (E School Plus) Referral If there is a pattern of negative behavior/steps can be skipped After School Catch Up Getting up and ready After school activities for school S Show Respect

T Take Pride Act Responsibly R Ready to Learn Getting ready for

bed Get up when asked Be polite Listen the first time directions are given Use good manners Dont complain about the meal Turn off ALL electronics (t.v, tablet, phone, etc.) Dont argue

about your bedtime Say goodnight politely Make your bed Brush your teeth Practice good hygiene Clean up after yourself Take care of your belongings Put forth your best effort in tasks Clean up your place (take dishes to the sink)

Follow through on your obligations ( practice, participate in after school activities, do your chores) Help with preparation Come to dinner when asked Sit at the table & eat Brush your teeth Practice good hygiene

Put your dirty clothes in the hamper Turn off ALL electronics Stay in bed Set alarm for the morning Complete all homework Study for any tests Read Make sure your backpack is ready Have conversations about your day

A Mealtime Eat breakfast & clean up Check the weather Get dressed Have your backpack with needed materials ready to go (media books, shoes for PE, instrument, etc.)

Have your clothes ready Read or listen to a story Get a good nights sleep

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