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The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Parents & Carers Information Evening 19th Sept 2019 The Benefits Benefits

New skills and confidence relevant to work Recognition for things that you do Valued by employers, colleges and universities (automatic interview for those who have the award with some employers)

The Bronze Award Bronze Requirements Skill 3 months Volunteering 3 months Physical 3 months

+ an additional 3 months on either one of these. (You pick which one is undertake for 6 months) Expeditions two expeditions (1 Assessed Sept) (1 Practice June)

Both expeditions are for 2 days, 1 overnight. All three sections (Skills, Volunteering & Physical) must be completed before participants go on expedition. DOFE - 4 sections:

Skill: Developing practical and social skills and personal interests Volunteering: undertaking service to individual or community Physical Activity: improving in an area of sport,

dance or physical activity Expedition: planning, training and completing an adventurous journey Top Tip: Try and undertake activities that you are already involved with.

The Skill Section Skill Section Skill Section

The Volunteering Section Has to be one of these 5 categories Volunteering Section Reminder: You cannot volunteer for a

profit making company. The Physical Section Physical Section

Physical Section The BEST Section Expeditions 2 expeditions

Expedition 1 practice Expedition 2 assessed Day 1 Walk approximately 12km using a route map for navigation.

card and a Camp overnight. Day 2 Walk approximately 12km using a route map for navigation.

card and a I want to do DOFE? I want to do DOFE Please collect a Registration Form before leaving

tonight. We will be asking for a 22 payment to be made through ParentPay. This pays for DOFE registration. This payment is non-refundable

Registering for DOFE Please think carefully about signing up for DOFE. Dont sign up just because your friends are! Dont sign up because your parents/carers tell you to. ONLY SIGN UP BECAUSE YOU WANT TO!

Drop out rate we need to fix this. (2018-19 50% of students that signed up, dropped out) Completing the Bronze DOFE Award

Completing the DOFE Award Completing the DOFE Award Completing the DOFE Award

Each of the three sections (Skill, Physical and Volunteering) require: 1. An HOUR of activity, per section, per week. 2. Your evidence has to be uploaded into your eDOFE account. 3. As a minimum: a. Students must have a piece of text FOR EACH WEEK OF

ACTIVITY. This should explain what you undertook AND b. FOUR photographs per section AND

c. An Assessors report per section Completing the DOFE Award ONCE YOU ARE REGISTERED AND HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR EDOFE ACCOUNT, students should: 1. Decide what activities you plan to undertake to fulfil each section.

2. Check that your activity is recognised by DOFE using the DOFE Programme Ideas PDF 3. Identity an adult who can assess your activity: a. This maybe a teacher or volunteer in the community b. An Assessor CANNOT be a family member or family

friend. Completing the DOFE Award 4. Login to your EDOFE account, and enter in the dates, aim and Assessors details INCLUDING TELEPHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS

5. You then submit each section for Approval 6. Once approved by me, you can then start your weekly evidence. gathering

7. Target: Be ready to start gathering evidence by the end of October. Completing the DOFE Award https://www.dofe.org/leaders/edofe/edofe-video-help

Gathering Evidence Gathering Evidence You can gather evidence in two ways: 1. Login into https://m.edofe.org/ on your mobile. This is the quickest way to upload photographs and

text as evidence. Or 2. Login to eDOFE and upload you evidence using a PC. Nearing the End (of your DOFE Award, not this presentation!)

Nearing the end of your Award For each piece of evidence (text or photograph): 1. I need to authorise/approve it. Having now completed either 12 weeks or 24 weeks, you now need to ask your assessor for an Assessors Report

Assessors Reports Assessors Report 1. Your Assessor now needs to confirm that you have met your aim:

2. You should give your Assessor the following details: i: Your eDOFE ID Number (e.g. 1645536) ii: Your Level (e.g. BRONZE) iii: The section they are assessing (e.g. Skill) iv: And ask them to enter their report online here:

https://www.edofe.org/assessor Assessors Report 3. The Assessors Report does not need to be too lengthy a paragraph is fine.

4. Be aware: Your assessor can be contacted to confirm that you have completed all the work that you are evidencing. 5. You need an Assessors Report for each section. https://www.edofe.org/assessor

What I need from you Commitment Participants must: Attend the weekly/fortnightly meetings at lunch time or after school.

We will meet every two/three weeks throughout the winter at lunch time. Once the better weather returns we will meet after school, for an hour, to complete all the camp craft activities (putting up tents, trangia stove cooking, navigation, First Aid etc)

commit to your chosen activities log your evidence regularly online Commitment By the end of MAY 2020, you should have: 1. Both 12-week sections fully complete..

(i.e. 12 paragraphs, 4 photos and an assessors report.) 2. You should also be more than half-way with your 6-month section. (i.e. 12 paragraphs & 2 photos).

Additional Recognition Additional Recognition With the volunteering section, you/we can apply for a Saltire Award if you complete a minimum of 15 hours of volunteering:

More information here: https://saltireawards.org.uk/ Further Costs

Further Costs 1. 22 Fee (Registration Fee already discussed ) 2. Expedition 1 Practice = Approx 30 3. Expedition 2 Assessed = Approx 25 (The expedition costs are: Hiring minibus and transit vans, diesel, gas for

stoves, Assessors fee, Assessors Expenses, Train Fares, Equipment Rental Fee (10), Sundries, Supervising Staff Fees & Expenses). Further Costs 4.

5. 6. 7. Walking Boots - 25 upwards Midge Net - 6 - 10 Waterproofs

- 20 upwards First Aid Kit - 6 upwards 8. Total Cost

- Approx 122 Hiring Expedition Equipment Hiring Equipment Students can borrow:

1. A Tent, Rucksack, Sleeping Bag, Roll Mat and Stove. i. All Equipment is collected from The Edge (beside ASDA in The Mearns). ii. Students must hand over a 50 deposit, which is returned when the kit is returned.

Next Parents Meeting Next Parents Meeting I will have another meeting in March to talk through the procedures for the expeditions.

Communicating with students Communication Google Classroom DOFE Group: BHS Duke of Edinburgh (2019-20)S3 & S4

All information will posted on our DOFE Google Classroom. To access: 1. Students should download the Google Classroom app from their app store. 2. When logging in, notice the different email address!

(Password is the same as GLOW) gw08boagstuart2 @ER.GLOW.SCOT Alternatively, students could accept the invite that is in their Glow Email. See Mr Boag if you cant access this by next week. Student Meetings

Next Student Meeting Students should meet in Mr Boags room (202) every Thursday lunch time from now on: Meeting 1: Thursday, 3rd Oct @ 12:30pm Meeting 2: Thursday, 10th Oct @ 12:30pm Meeting 3: Thursday, 24th Oct @ 12:30pm

Meeting 4: Thursday, 31st Oct @ 12:30pm Student Meetings A register is taken at all DOFE meetings. If a student misses three meetings, then a letter will be sent home to make parents/carers aware that your

child is at risk of being removed from the award. If a student misses a further two meetings after a letter being sent home, then they would be removed from the award. Students would still have a DOFE account and could join a community DOFE group.

Well Done! Any Questions?

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