WAD-B315: Extending Windows Azure BizTalk Services

WAD-B315: Extending Windows Azure BizTalk Services

WAD-B315 Extending BizTalk Services Mustansir Doctor What will we cover today? Quick recap of BizTalk Services Bridges in BizTalk Services Extending BizTalk Services with user code

BizTalk Services recap BizTalk Service Partner OM BizTalk Partners

Agreements Portal Visual Studio Profiles

Partnerships Bridges Xml One-Way Xml Request Reply

Pass-Through EDI X12 Monitoring Store Artifacts

PowerShell Certificates Assemblies Schemas

Transforms Tracking Store Bridges in BizTalk Services

Bridges in BizTalk Services Sources Where the message comes from Every bridge has one HTTP source Multiple sources can be configured for a bridge

Bridges in BizTalk Services Destinations Where the message is sent Determined by the route filters Bridges in BizTalk Services Pipelines

Pipeline template plus configuration Template composed of stages; stages composed of activities Stages and activities execute on the request path, as well as response path

Demo (Setup) Loading leads to online SaaS CRM SaaS CRM Lead Source

Excel 1. Convert Excel Data to XML 2. Transform Data to CRM Format 3. Push Data to CRM Structured Data

Executing user-code in bridges Message Inspectors Message inspectors Execute user-code between stages Message (body stream, promoted properties) can be read or modified

User traces emitted here are available alongside pipeline traces Demo (Message Inspectors) Message inspectors how to Create a class deriving from the IMessageInspector interface

(defined in Microsoft.BizTalk.Services.dll), implement it. Compile the code into a dll, upload it / add a reference to it. On the bridge configuration surface, when configuring the pipeline, specify the message inspector assembly-qualified type name. Specify any additional configuration properties required by the inspector.

Message inspectors - sample class MySampleInspector : IMessageInspector { [PipelineProperty] public string ConfigProperty1 { get; set; } public Task Execute(IMessage message, IMessageInspectorContext context) {

// Code goes here } } Message inspectors - remember to Uniquely name all configuration properties in the inspector Set Stream.Position=0 after the stream has been read or updated

Set ContentType to match the data Use APIs that can work with a stream irrespective of the BOM being present or not Restart the service so that the newer assembly gets picked up Message inspectors - remember to Sign (strong-name) assemblies View traces in the WADLogs table in the monitoring Azure

Storage account. Filter by partition key (Preview limitation) If the Message Type of the message is being changed in an inspector, then move the inspector to its own pipeline and chain pipelines. Xml Transform User code in xml transform

XSLT Transforms C# Scripting Functoid Demo (User code in xml transform) C# scripting functoid how to Define a single method, with only input arguments. Each

argument represents one link on the surface Input parameter types should be primitive types, or can be XElement Return type can be a primitive type, or an XElement, or IEnumerable When returning XElement(s) the data you return is inserted in the output message in-place WCF Destinations

User-authored destinations WCF extensibility can be used with the WCF destination Custom WCF Binding Custom WCF BindingElement Custom WCF Behavior

Demo (WCF extensibility in destinations) WCF extensibility - remember to Place the assembly containing the WCF extensions in a location where SvcConfigEditor.exe can find it Add the WCF extensions to the .config file corresponding to the destination, so that it gets included in the bridge definition

Upload / add a reference to the .dll containing the WCF extensions Executing user-code in bridges (recap) 1. Message Inspectors 2. Xml Transform

3. WCF Destinations Extensibility in bridges - futures Sources Destinations Pipeline templates Artifact types Functoids / Lookup Providers

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Windows Azure WAD-B314 Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013 in Windows Azure IaaS ATC-B220 Patterns of Cloud Integration Track Resources & Calls To Action Get Started with Windows Azure Develop and Test in VMs, Build Websites, Extend on-premises applications

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