VTAC Projects - Universitets- och högskolerådet (UHR)

VTAC Projects - Universitets- och högskolerådet (UHR)

VTAC Projects 2017 VTAC/VCAA Joint Results Web

and Mobile Applications After a major data breach last year, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority have asked VTAC to provide a service to release the VCE results jointly

with the ATARs. Joint results will be released in both web and mobile application in midDecember. Fully in memory design for peak release day

Standard web application can manage the predicted load Application using two AWS availability zones active/active arrangement Replica and DR separate to production environments

Mobile Device App

A service and customer based approach to postgraduate admissions FlexiDirect

FlexiDirect The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre has supplied admissions services to institutions for fifty years, with the majority of the

applicant cohort current year 12 students applying for undergraduate courses VTAC strategic direction to broaden involvement in servicing needs of

institutions across Victoria given the changing admissions landscape Recognition at VTAC that there was a gap in the market for servicing direct postgraduate applications

FlexiDirectFeatures Application system has custom URL and is branded to La Trobes style

guide Customised registration and course application Unlimited flexibility to configure intake periods Customisable system generated correspondence to applicants

FlexiDirect Features Pre-assessment tasks completed by VTAC assessment team

Document verification ARTS results matching

International qualification assessment English language proficiency checks GPA calculation Teaching method assessments

Worklist shots

QualCheck Built as a user-friendly front end to the Automated Results Transfer System (ARTS) thats owned and run by ACTAC

Gives universities the ability to obtain digital academic results directly from participating universities. Supports direct applications, the Victorian Institute of Teaching

registrations and the Victorian Speech Pathology registrations A national admissions system for a

national need GEMSAS

GEMSAS (Graduate Entry Medical School Admissions System) Born in 2009 out of a national increase in graduate entry medical

schools with a clear need for a national approach to admissions. Has been managed by a private company and one of the TACs. Put out to tender as a single entity and won by VTAC in February 2017.

First application period is nearly completed with over 5,000 applicants for Medicine, 500 for Dentistry and 300 for Optometry. New medical school just come on board with nearly 500 separate

applications Upcoming Projects

Student Work Experience and Intern Placements (SWEIP) Compliance Project Admissions Transparency requirements

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