Vocabulary Week 5 - PC\|MAC

Vocabulary Week 5 - PC\|MAC

Greek & Latin Root Vocabulary Week 1 Commissioner Smite Transmit Submissive miss/mit to send Missive Remittance Missile

Missionary Permit Admissible Commissioner a person sent to meet with others to plan and make official decisions Smite to send a sharp blow; to strike Transmit to send from one person or place to another Submissive yielding; obedient Definitions Missive a message sent through the mail Remittance money sent in payment

Missile a rocket or weapon send through the air Missionary a person sent for a special task; usually religious Permit to allow; to authorize Admissible able to be sent as truthful evidence 1. Permit 2. Missiles Interplaneta ry P.O. (Practice #1) Answers

3. Missives 4. Smite 5. Missionaries 6. Remittance 7. Admissible 8. Submissive 9. Transmit 10. Commissioner 1. G 2. D What on Earth? (Practice

#2) Answers 3. E 4. A 5. H 6. I 7. B 8. F 9. J 10. C Greek & Latin Root Vocabulary Week 2

manufacture manual manuscript manicure Man/manu hand manacle manager manipulate maneuver mandate emancipate

manufacture to make by hand or machine manual - handbook manuscript a handwritten or typed composition manicure - treatment for the hands and nails manacle - handcuff Definitions manager one who handles business affairs manipulate to skillfully operate by hand maneuver a training exercise; practice movements mandate - an order or command placed in ones hand Emancipate to release from ones hand; to free

1. A beauty queen, so her hands will look good. 2. A criminal, so he cannot reach a gun. 3. A president, so he knows what bills to pass. All Hands on Deck (Practice #2) Answers 4. A publisher, so he can print the next big best seller. 5. An unhandy handyman, so he can learn from his mistakes. 6. An inventor, so she can get rich from her latest invention.

7. A rowdy ball team, so they will learn to behave and concentrate on the game. 8. A troop of green soldiers, so they can learn proper military procedures. 9. A trapped animals, so it can go free. 10. A puppet, so it can move.

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