Vinculum Corporate Presentation

Vinculum Corporate Presentation

Hong Kong | Singapore | Malaysia | India | USA | Germany | Australia | UK | Indonesia | Philippines Corporate Deck About Vinculum Vinculum is a Software products and services company focused on eCommerce, Multi Channel Retail and Logistics industries. We are headquartered in India with Global operations consolidated in Singapore. We have presence in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, ANZ, India), Middle East, Europe (UK, Netherlands, Germany) & USA 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. 2 Lines of Business Suite of IT Products Focused on eCommerce retailers and Multi Channel Retailers Vin eRetail Vin MDM Vin Stores

Vin HHT Vin WFM Vin SIM Vin POS Vin Make to Sell/ Break to Sell Products Suite Domain consulting and implementation services across Merchandising Operations, Store Operations Warehousing, Transportation, Financial Planning, Demand Planning, Space and Floor optimization, Price/Profit Optimizations, BI & Analytics Horizontal services across Cloud Consulting, Mobile Apps Development, Analytics Services 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. 3 Investor - Accel Partners & IvyCap Ventures Vinculum is funded by Accel Partners, a prominent Venture Capitalist firm that funds companies with

extraordinary technology entrepreneurs and seasoned management teams IvyCap's investment philosophy is to invest in Early to Growth Stage companies, with highly scalable and innovative business models and demonstrated sales. Key focus sectors include Healthcare, Education, Food based businesses, Technology, e/m-Commerce and other innovation oriented businesses. Some of the Accel Partners funded companies: 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. 4 Founders VENKAT NOTT Venkat Nott is experienced in creating start-up operations on a shoe string budget. Over the last two decades, he has played senior roles in the creation of multiple start-up operations for Technology companies PIYUSH MADAN Piyush has a rich experience of consulting in multiple Retail and Logistics companies globally. Piyush is passionate on creating SaaS based Software products and is a well known domain expert in Logistics and Supply chain Solutions. DEEPAK SINGLA Deepak has about two decades of extensive experience in consulting CxO executives and global retailers. He has worked across supply chain and retail verticals before co-founding Vinculum. He has brought best practices to many retailers, long term IT strategies and innovative technology ideas to help businesses achieve operational excellence. He is a sought after speaker in many industry events. ANNAJEE NOTT

Annajee has over two decades of diverse experience in engineering, research and management. He is passionate about agile development and SaaS based product offerings. 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. 5 Products Overview Vin eRetail A SaaS based retail suite for Omni-channel fulfillment. Vin eRetail is functionally rich and easily configurable, and is implemented at a fraction of the TCO required to implement typical enterprise solutions. Vin MDM A rules-based engine that uses an algorithmic approach to identify patterns of data inconsistency across the enterprise for master data, and helps in enterprise data cleansing within a short time frame. Vin Stores A dynamic, modular, and fully integrated system, flexibly designed to streamline industry-specific operational & business requirements into a single integrated data model. Key modules include Point of Sale Solution, Store Inventory Management, Work Force Management and Analytics, Price Checker, Queue Buster, Stock-take 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. 6 Services Overview Oracle Retail Solutions RMS, RPM, ReSA, SIM, RDF ORPOS, CO,

BO RPAS, IP, AP OBIEE & Analytics MFP, EBS ASCP, Demantra Oracle SOA ORWMS Consulting ISSC,MSM,AV T Enterprise Architecture: Infrastructure & Technology Strategy Development Business Consulting Technology Roadmap Development Upgrade Consulting Supply Chain Solutions WMS TMS Route Planning Product Lifecycle Management

Analytics Network Design Implementation /Localization Project Planning Gap Analysis Coding & Unit Testing Data Migration System Integration Version Upgrade Localizations Configurations Application Development and Testing Services Custom Application Design Development, Deployment, Test & Support Services End-to-End Testing Testing Localization Testing Automation Testing System Testing Integration Testing Performance Testing & Benchmarking Functional Testing Security Testing Support Services Onsite & Offshore

Support Model Managed Services 24 x 7 Support SLA based Req. Mgmt. Program Program Management, Management, Governance Governance 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. 7 PRODUCTS 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. 8 Vin eRetail Integrated Multi Channel Retail Product Suite on SaaS Merchandising Management Point of Sale Store System with Workforce Analytics Connectors Returns Management Multi Channel

Sales Order Management Warehouse Management Suppier Portal Dashboard Analytics Connectors 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. 9 Vin MDM Business Case: Inaccurate, redundant data with discrepancies results in high maintenance costs and vulnerable business processes, thereby leading to poor decision making. MDM consolidates and harmonizes the master data, accelerating the execution of business processes and improving decision making. Product Capabilities Key Features Vin MDM 3.0 Suite of Apps Multiple DomainUniversal Supports all Architectures

Cloud MDM SaaS based Central repository for master data entities Faster Time to Value Omni MDM Integrated suite Integrated BPM (Business Process Management) Extensive Cleansing Increase cross sell, up sell Improve regulatory compliance 360 degree authoritative view of data Single version of truth Vin DI Data Integration Vin DQ Data Quality Vin MDG Data Governance Vin RDM Reference Data Vin Modeller Data Modelling Vin BI Business Intelligence Hierarchy Management Robust De-duplication Identity Resolution Social MDM Next Generation MDM High Availability Option Hierarchy Management MDM with Big Data Capability

Proven Data Governance User friendly Dynamic UI 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. Benefits Lower Risk Better decision making Centralized structure for Data Retrieval, Governance, SOA Compliance process 10 Vin Stores Business Case: Lack of multi-channel visibility can have an impact on efficiency of transactions at the point of sale as well as on back-office operations; Surprise service-level pitfalls based on changing demand across multiple channels Vin Stores suite can be integrated with leading merchandise management systems to provide central tracking & control of inventory, increase operational margins, and accurately forecast staffing requirements across channels Product Capabilities Key Features Benefits Suite of products: Vin POS

Integration with inventory, promotion & merchandising systems; DB agnostic Vin HHS Stock on hand adjustments, Price and promotion checks, On-the-spot billing queue busting Vin WFM Data Collection, Forecasting & Scheduling; In-built Analytics Vin SIM Web-based, Fully Automated Store Operations Module with real time visibility of all inventory movements & price changes Vin SIM - Automation of store processes - Real-time inventory accuracy Vin HHS - Reduced no. of POS lanes - Automated warehouse/store receiving & put away process Vin POS - Support for different billing screen layouts as per retailers choice - Enhanced audit features to track user performance Vin WFM - Management of peak traffic with short term 11 contract staff Vin Point of Sale

Solution Vin Hand Held Solutions (Price Checker, Queue Buster, Stock-take & Receiving Solutions) Vin Work Force Management and Analytics Vin Store Inventory Management 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. SERVICES 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. 12 Infor SCM Implementation Implementation // Customization Customization // Support Support Warehouse Management Receiving Storage put away Cross Docking Wave

Planning Picking Packing Transportation Management Procurement Planning Routing & Dispatch Intl. Trade Logistics Route Planning Fleet Management Network Analysis Network Design Network Design Management Services Benefits Strong domain expertise with fast implementation, lower TCO, and sustained support post implementation Implemented over 100 warehouses Extensive expertise in Integrating WMS with advanced Warehouse Automation System technologies such as Put to Light, Conveyors,

Voice Picking Integration Integration Services Services SAP Oracle RMS KWI Enterprise Integration 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. 13 Oracle Retail Vinculums End to End Service Consulting Business Blue Printing & Process Redesign, Assessment Study & Performance Audits Implementation & Administration Services Vanilla Implementation Customizations and localization

Legacy Integration Database, App & OS/Server Administration Migration & Support Version Upgrade and cross Platform Migration Cross Product Migration Data Assessment & Migration Application Support & Maintenances Integration and Testing Services Product Engineering Enterprise integrations (SOA, BPEL etc.) Automated Testing and other validation services Program Management and Governance 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. 14 ADIT Application Development

- Mobile Application Development - Social Media Application Development / Integration - Enterprise & Consumer Application Development on all mobile platforms Clinical Trials - Test process consulting - Test documentation according to FDA guidelines - Testing of software & hardware related to clinical trials - Automation & Validation Testing Services Product/Process/Project 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. - Functional testing - Performance testing - Localization testing - Automation testing 15 Select Customers 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. Performance

Our Values Respect Fairness Customer Delight Ownership Communication Value Addition Versatility Integrity Contact Venkat Nott CEO [email protected] Stay Connected 2014 Vinculum. Confidential. 17

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