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Uniformitarianism - cpb-us-e1.wpmucdn.com

Uniformitarianism A principle that states that geologic processes that occurred in the past can be explained by current geologic processes. Synonym- methodological, substantive, consistent process, timeless, Antonym- Catastrophism Rhyme it- utilitarianism James Hutton wrote in 1788 about his theory of how the Earth was formed and coined the word uniformitarianism to describe the geologic processes that had and were taking

place on the surface of the Earth. Catastrophism A principle that states that geologic change occurs suddenly. Synonym- cataclysmic, disastrous, ruinous Antonym- Uniformitarianism Rhyme it- Chronicsim The theory that explains the formation of the Gulf Of Mexico is Catastrophism, because a meteorite is responsible for its formation.

Paleontology The scientific study of fossils. Synonym- fossilology Antonym- bilology Rhyme it- pomology: the study of the cultivation of fruit A scientist who studies once living things be it animals or plants, is practicing the paleontology Paleontologist Scientist who study past lives of living organisms, be it animals or plants.

Synonym- fossilist Antonym- Botanist Rhyme it- phonologist: Paleontologist can be broken down into two groups of study, those who study invertebrate organisms and those who study vertebrate organisms. Modern Geology The principle that state that both uniformitarianism and catastrophism

is responsible for the formation of the Earth. Synonym- Mapping the Earth Antonym- Global warming Rhyme it- Modern garbology Today scientist agree that uniformitarianism or catastrophism can explain by themselves how they Earth was formed, because both principles act/acted together.

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