Uni:4U - Aquinas College, Stockport

Uni:4U - Aquinas College, Stockport

Uni:4 U gmhigher.ac. uk Uni:4 U What? When? Why? gmhigher.ac. uk Uni:4 U I attended Uni:4U and...

gmhigher.ac. uk I attended Uni:4U and... After attending: 95% of attendees agreed or strongly agreed with I am now more likely to think about going to university/higher education I got to learn more about university life by talking to current undergraduate students Uni:4 U It was brilliant.

Everybody is so lovely and the information I have received has really broadened my mind into what I will be studying at University Melissa, Aquinas College Momin, Audenshaw School Academy Trust gmhigher.ac. uk Uni:4 U Journey to Medicine Location

University of Manchester Dates 8- 11 July 2019 Number of places available 70 Residential/Non-residential Residential MSC Summer Schools are a Medical Schools Council initiative in partnership with medical schools across England. Are you a Year 12 student interested in Medicine? This summer school will help you to explore whether medicine is the right choice for you! You will receive the information, skills and, above all, the confidence needed to submit a strong application to medicine, as well as taking part in a series of fun and rewarding workshops, lectures, interactive and social activities. Please note there is additional targeting criteria for this event.

gmhigher.ac. uk Uni:4 U Capital Summer School Location AccessHE, London Dates 23 - 25 July 2019 Number of places available 50 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to study in the UKs capital city? During the AccessHE Capital Summer School, you will have the opportunity to experience higher education in both central and outer

London by visiting two London universities. You will also choose a subject strand to pursue for the duration such as: Humanities, Arts and STEM, but its not all academic, you will also ride in the London Eye and catch a West End show. Residential/Non-residential Residential gmhigher.ac. uk Uni:4 U Media Summer School Location University of Salford Dates

24 - 26 July 2019 Number of places available 24 The Media Summer School at University of Salford will give you the chance to experience a number of different taster sessions at our state of the art Media City UK campus. You will learn Digital and Broadcast Media theories from our academics and apply them in our industry standard facilities, supported by technicians. You will visit the BBC and discover the media career opportunities in Salford, and develop a final project to demonstrate your learning. Residential/Non-residential Residential gmhigher.ac. uk

gmhigher.ac. uk Uni:4 U FastTracker s 2019 Location University of Manchester Dates 18 - 20 June 2019 Number of places available 150 Fast Trackers is an exciting, nationwide programme promoting careers in the engineering industry and is delivered in partnership with Network Rail and Mott MacDonald. Whats in it for you?

You will get the chance to meet industry experts and VIPs with a wealth of knowledge and advice. Alongside, learning about routes into higher education and visiting a local engineering employer. Residential/Non-residential Non-Residential gmhigher.ac. uk Uni:4 U HE on Tour Location Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Bolton & Wigan & Leigh College University Centre Dates

1 3 July 2019 Number of places available 20 Thinking about Higher Education but not sure about which route to take? Take part in this summer school and get to explore the different pathways into a degree. You will get the opportunity to experience what it is like to study for a degree in a college environment compared to studying in a university, and if you are thinking about applying for a Higher/Degree Apprenticeship, you will learn what it takes to be an ideal candidate. Residential/Non-residential Non-Residential gmhigher.ac. uk

Uni:4 U Exploring Chemistry Come and find out what its like to do science in our state-of-the-art laboratories getting experience of making amazing chemiluminescent molecules that glow in the dark and could illuminate cities in the future. Location Manchester Metropolitan University Dates 2 - 3 July 2019 Number of places available 40 Use high-tech equipment to analyse unknown molecules, deduce their structure, and find out about the career opportunities available

to you if you study a Chemistry related subject at university. Residential/Non-residential Non-Residential gmhigher.ac. uk Uni:4 U Explore Molecular Microbiolog y Location Manchester Metropolitan University Dates 2 4 July 2019 This three-day workshop aims to give you

an insight into life as a molecular scientist or microbiologist and the chance to try out a variety of practical laboratory skills including microbiology culturing, DNA extraction techniques, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), and microscopy. We will provide you with vital skills for future study or a career in molecular biology or microbiology; introducing you to the theory and giving you hands-on experience. Number of places available 20 Residential/Non-residential Non-Residential gmhigher.ac. uk Uni:4 U

Can we construct it? Location University Campus Oldham Dates 23 - 25 July 2019 Number of places available 30 Residential/Non-residential Non-Residential Open your eyes to the world of construction, one of the largest and most exciting industrial sectors in the world that employs a huge number of professionals from various backgrounds. You will explore what the world of construction has to offer whilst developing a rounded, teamwork approach, problem solving skills and communication skills. You

will build knowledge of the construction industry; visit a real working construction site and more! gmhigher.ac. uk gmhigher.ac. uk Uni:4 U How to sign-up? If you are interested in attending please collect a brochure at the end of this assembly to find out more about the events. You can sign up directly through our website:

gmhigher.ac.uk/events-and-activities/ gmhigher.ac. uk @gm_higher @GM_Higher @GreaterMcrHigher @GM_Higher gmhigher.ac.uk gmhigher.ac. uk

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