Training - Sales (ASP2)

Training - Sales (ASP2)

BioLynx . . . Ensuring Employees are paid for actual time worked and Facilities access is audited and controlled The Common Problem You have hourly employees - you need

Time clock accountability Elimination of staff data entry errors And no one considers Time allocated for payroll administration Time redirected to increase profits The Result

Based on national research across all industries, your company loses: 7 to 12% of payroll due to fraud 2 to 5% of payroll due to data entry errors *Robert Half International (RHI)Time Theft Study 9283. RHI pioneered specialized staffing services and today is the world's leader in the field. Founded in 1948, the company is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol: RHI).

The Cost of The Problem Assumptions: Average payroll loss at 10% 50 employees Burdened hourly rate of $10.00 per employee Weekly payroll loss equals $2,000

Annual payroll loss equals $104,000 What Are Your Numbers? What could you do with these recovered profits? Solution: HandPunch

Biometric verification of employee identity Collect accurate data with no mistakes Solution: Punch Portal Web-based Non-biometric

Real-time Requires an Internet connection Date/time stamped by BioLynx servers Solution: Fingerprint

Reader Adds biometric verification to Punch Portal No visible Internet connection Attaches directly to PC USB port

Solution: PDA Mobile managers Record employee punches Record job changes Synch to BioLynx

database Hand Geometry What Is Hand Geometry? Unique size and shape of hand Not finger or palm

prints Oldest biometric 2D Identimat (1976) Most widely used biometric More than 25,000 installed

Template Creation Enrollment Over 90 distinct measurements

Length Width Thickness Surface area Average of three hand

placements How it Works Lights and Cameras Low level infra-red light Camera chip

Mirror Records image Image appears as black shadow Mirror/reflector determine hand position

Measure length, width, surface area Measure height with side mirror Camera/IR Lights Reflector

The Way We See It Users hand Hand reader Light Source / Flashlight Hand image/shadow Secured Login Ledger Interface Deliver Data to Payroll System

The BioLynx Solution Fast Payback The BioLynx solution generates an immediate return with complete cost recovery. Total Service Package Installation, training, and support.

The BioLynx Investment $125 One-time License Fee per user 15% Maintenance Fee each following year A small investment for a big return on the bottom line!

Here Are Your Earnings Features Add, correct or review employee punches over the Internet Enter vacation hours, and department transfers Provide centralized computer data storage with optional networking Secure against intrusions by unauthorized persons

Generate time and attendance reports for management review and evaluation Benefits Provide a proof-positive audit trail Streamline time recording, attendance and labor tracking functions Obtain precise time and attendance

Eliminate manual data entry errors Eliminate possible buddy punching Stop losses due to payroll fraud The Next Step Team with BioLynx to: define a customized solution deliver a fixed price quote to implement

BioLynx at your company analyze the numbers and determine your savings quickly start recovering those lost profits

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