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Title 1 Title 2

STEREO Organization Project ProjectManager Manager GSFC GSFCProcurement ProcurementOffice Office Nick Chrissotimos Nick Chrissotimos Rex RexElliot Elliot Contracting Officer Contracting Officer/ /Julie JulieJanus Janus STP STPProgram ProgramSupport SupportOffice Office Deputy DeputyProject ProjectManager Manager Configuration ConfigurationManagement Management/ /D.D.Dusterwald-CSC, Dusterwald-CSC,L.L.Hepler-CSC Hepler-CSC Planning / T. Parr-CSC, K. Milligan-CSC, Planning / T. Parr-CSC, K. Milligan-CSC,D.D.Wicks-CSC, Wicks-CSC,J.J.RogersRogers- Jim Adams Jim Adams CSC CSC Deputy DeputyProject Project Manager/Instruments Manager/Instruments Business BusinessSupport

Support Financial Manager Business BusinessSupport Support/ /Mandy MandyTatum-SERV, Tatum-SERV,Bobbie BobbiePower-SGT Power-SGT Mike Delmont Mike Delmont Elaine Blazosky Deputy DeputyProject ProjectManager/Resources Manager/Resources Pietro Campanella Pietro Campanella Resource Analyst Tracy Felton, Linnette Morales, Beverly Thomas Mission MissionSystems SystemsEngineering Engineering Systems SystemsEngineer Engineer/ /Shane ShaneHynes HynesSwales Swales Instrument Systems Engineer / Lisa Bartusek, Instrument Systems Engineer / Lisa Bartusek,Steve SteveWasserzugWasserzug- General Business Support Jack Arrison-OSC Swales Swales Systems SystemsEngineering Engineering/ /Joe JoeCerullo-ASRC Cerullo-ASRC S/W Systems Engineering

/ Jerry S/W Systems Engineering / JerryHengemihle-MTEL Hengemihle-MTEL Project Support Manager Leslie Cusick-SGT Project ProjectScientist Scientist Michael MichaelKaiser Kaiser Deputy Proj. Scientist Terry Kucera STEREO Science Center System SystemAssurance Assurance Systems SystemsAssurance AssuranceMgr. Mgr./ /Michael MichaelHaynes Haynes Quality QualityEngineer Engineer/ /Pam PamHopkins-HTSI, Hopkins-HTSI,Larry LarryGibbGibbSRSTE SRSTE Parts Assurance Antonio Reyes-OSC Safety Richard Bolt Reliability Matt Samuel-MUNIZ Software Quality Assurance Mike Garner-HTSI AETD Engineering Support Bill Thompson-EITI Observatory ObservatoryManagement Management Observatory ObservatoryManager Manager/ /Larry LarryChristensen Christensen

Mark Jarosz Mark Jarosz JHU/APL Ted Mueller, Project Mgr. Instrument InstrumentManagement Management IMPACT/ UCB Instrument Mgr. / Lil Reichenthal, Renan Borelli SWAVES/ UMN Instrument Mgr. / Paul Buchanan SECCHI/ NRL Instrument Mgr. / Bernie Klein PLASTIC/ UNH Instrument Mgr. / Art Jacques-OSC 25 November 03 STEREO Status STEREO on schedule for Nov 2005 launch, slightly over budget (but solvable within STP) Meet with GPMC Monday Jan 5 Meet with Hqtrs (Weiler or HPMC?) Monday Jan 12 Descopes not recommended Too disruptive to science goals Not enough savings maybe none External launch delay threats Thruster valves (15/24 to be reworked) Launch vehicle preparation time (24 months much shorter than 30 months Kennedy/Boeing are accustomed to) Lack of FY04 budget (continuing resolution) STEREO SWG Mailing List Mail to: [email protected] Subscribe/unsubscribe Mail to: [email protected] No subject subscribe (or unsubscribe) stereo-swg (message) List of who is on stereo-swg Mail to: [email protected] No subject who stereo-swg (message) EPO Activities Met (twice) with Goddard Visualization studio (Rachel Weintrab) Provided list of possible animations which they are working on They will film cleanroom and control room footage (at APL/Goddard) They will make soundbites of PIs and others Project busy with EPO activities (Leslie Cusick) Pins, bookmarks, decals, lanyards etc. with new logo

EPO proposals being reviewed decision by end of year New poster and booklet in the works SSC setting up parallel Web page (Emilie Drobnes) but overall EPO funding source (STEREO vrs STP) in question Possible EPO workshop at the Hamburg Planetarium, Spring 05 Agenda Project Status Mike Kaiser SSC Plans Bill Thompson Early Mission Ops Bill Thompson 3D Imaging Markus Aschwanden speaker/discussion leader HI Image Simulation Chris Davis Hi operations Dave Neudegg HI/SECCHI Chris Davis SMEI Dave Webb VSO Bill Thompson In situ data Lynn Kistler/Stuart Bale speakers/discussion leaders VHO Adam Szabo Combining images/in situ Dave Webb/Jack Gosling speakers/discussion leaders Beacon status Doug Biesecker/Bill Thompson HI Beacon plans Chris Davis Other items Next meeting/WS Mike Kaiser

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