This document demonstrates how a typical London 2012 ...

This document demonstrates how a typical London 2012 ...

Culture, Ceremonies & Education Bill Morris, Director of Culture, Ceremonies & Education Heritage Link & Heritage Trust Tuesday 19th June 2007 London 2012 Vision To stage inspirational Olympic Games and Paralympic Games that capture the imagination of young people around the world and leave a lasting legacy. Vision for Culture, Ceremonies & Education To stage inspiring

ceremonies and events and to embed the Culture and Education programmes in the development and delivery of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Delivered by a strong partnership Olympic Family IOC Stakeholders Community DCMS

Local Government Culture & Education Government IPC IFs GLA NOCs NPCs BOA

LOCOG NDPBs Nations and Regions Major Organisations Local & Community Media & Commercial UK Sporting Community National

Partners Sports Councils Worldwide Partners UK Sport Broadcast BPA Print NGBs ODA

Commercial challenges & opportunities Revenue raising & marketing New brand identity LOCOGs biggest asset Olympic Act to prevent unauthorised / inappropriate associations Education, not litigation Use of Olympic & Paralympic Marks Limitations on work with organisations and existing sponsors Greater opportunities for non-commercial organisations - crucial to the delivery of the Games Identify funding opportunities - (Trust, Government, Sponsors) The Cultural Olympiad The IOC Charter states that we must: organise a programme of cultural events

Cultural Programme should: promote harmonious relations, mutual understanding and friendship among the participants and others attending the Olympic Games highlight the shared values of sport and the arts in terms of excellence, endeavour and achievement promote the arts and culture of the host city and the host nation while embracing an international cultural dimension provide a dynamic and high profile context for promoting Olympism and the Olympic Games. Cultural Olympiad Structure Mandatory Ceremonial Extraordinary live spectacles for stadium audiences, and international television events, watched by an estimated 1 in 3 people globally. They pull the worlds focus towards London and setting the tone for the competition, in a festival of celebration.

Bid Projects and Signature Events Forming part of the IOC contract with London, working with key partners to deliver. Also a series of world standard cultural events representing our invitation to the world to join in the celebrations. UK Cultural Festival Adding value to the myriad cultural events which will take place across the UK over a four-year period Ceremonies LOCOG as primary delivery partner Olympic Games Handover Ceremony Paralympic Games Handover Ceremony Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Paralympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies Olympic Games Medal Ceremonies Paralympic Games Medal Ceremonies Olympic Team Welcome Ceremonies Paralympic Team Welcome Ceremonies Olympic Torch Relay Paralympic Torch Relay Olympic Youth Camp Bid Projects delivered by LOCOG and a wide range of UK-wide partners International Exhibitions Programme Film & Video Nation International Music Programme International Shakespeare Festival Live Sites Artists Taking the Lead Paralympic Day

Olympic Carnival World Cultural Festival World Festival of Youth Culture Signature Events UK Cultural Festival Delegated Programme: Developing planned activity Small and large scale Regional, local or sector focus Regional Creative Programmers LOCOG role to add value by: Providing framework & criteria Information gathering Co-ordination Emerging values and principles The Cultural Olympiad, being widely accessible and inclusive will, focus on a number of core values:

Celebrate London and the whole of the UK welcoming the world our unique internationalism, cultural diversity, sharing and understanding Inspire and involve young people Generate a positive legacy (e.g. cultural and sports participation, audience development, cultural skills, capacity building, urban regeneration, tourism and social cohesion, international linkages) The Cultural Olympiad will also; Relish the fusion of/synergy between culture and sport

Encourage audiences towards active participation Animate and humanise public spaces (e.g. Street theatre, public art, circus skills, live big screen sites etc) Use culture and sport to raise issues of environmental sustainability, health and wellbeing Honour and share the values of both the Olympic and Paralympic movements Ignite cutting edge collaborations and innovation (between communities and cultural sectors)

Enhance the learning, skills and personal development of young people by providing access to and from parallel education programmes. Timetable 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

2012 2020 Scoping, consultation, goals & stakeholders Transition Project design, planning, funding & preparation Cultural Olympiad Delivery Climax to Cultural Olympiad and preGames events Gamestime ceremonies & events Manage and nurture legacy

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