The War Moves - Moore Public Schools

The War Moves - Moore Public Schools

The War Moves West South Settlement Raids British commander Henry Hair buyer Hamilton and Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant Southwestern New York and Northern Pennsylvania Virginian George Rogers Clark led troops

down the Ohio River and then marched 120 miles to seize British posts of Kaskaskia and Vincennes in 1778. Glory at Sea Blockade Privateers Merchant ships armed with weapons would capture British vessels. Over 1,000 ships authorized by Continental

Congress John Paul Jones Bonhomme Richard vs. Serapis I have only begun to fight Why is this significant? Bonhomme Richard vs Serapis

Struggles in the South By 1778, British knew that bringing colonies back would be very difficult. Planned strong offensive to bring end to war. Great Britain concentrated effort in the South. WHY? British Victories

3,500 troops sent to Savannah and easily take control of the city. General Clinton took Charleston in early 1780. Thousands of prisoners of war taken by the British. Camden, SC British won battle, but could not control the area. A new kind of warfare?

Lord Charles Cornwallis British commander Moving into North Carolina looked like the British was unstoppable Loyalist bands roamed the back-country. They plundered and burned patriot farms killing men, women and children. If a stop cannot be put to these massacres, the country will be depopulated

in few months . Continental General British received less help than expected. Small bands of Patriots would attack British troops in the countryside. Hit and Run technique caught British Army off guard.

Most successful guerilla fighter Francis Marion, The Swamp Fox. American Traitor Benedict Arnold felt undervalued His plan to turn West Point over to British failed He escaped but he staged major attacks on the Western frontier in

Virginia In Sept. 1780 at Kings Mountain the Patriots force retreat of British officer and over 1,000 loyalists. This victory creates new support for war in the

South. In October, Nathaniel Greene split the Continental forces in the South in two. One section defeated British at Cowpens,

SC. Other section joined with Marion in guerilla raids. In March, 1781, rejoined forces and fought Cornwalliss army at Guilford Courthouse. Patriots

forced to retreat. British suffer heavy loses and abandoned Southern Campaign. British Retreat April 1781, Cornwallis retreated to Virginia.

Nearly captured Governor Thomas Jefferson and the Virginian legislature. Cornwallis setup camp in Yorktown. Stage is set for final phase of War. Yorktown Final

Battle Lord Cornwallis takes army to Yorktown, Virginia along the Chesapeake Bay to wait for new men and more supplies French navy keeps British ships from coming in to re-supply Cornwallis surrenders!

Treaty of Paris of 1783 Recognize USA from coast to East of Mississippi River North to Canada Florida is returned to Spain USA to restore rights to Loyalist and return property ceased in war Re-pay all debts to Britain that was

accumulated before war broke out Page 194 Washingtons Farewell Washington gives up command to retire to Mount Vernon George the III was in shock of his resignation of command. Why????

Impact of the Revolution The D.O.I cemented ideas like equality and liberty in American minds and spread throughout the world today

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