The Modern World: 1960 - 1966

The Modern World: 1960 - 1966

The Modern World: 1957 1967 1957 1 Frisbee st

The Cat in the Hat Sputnik Births & deaths of 1957

Born Died Katie Humphrey

Couric Vanna White Osama bin Laden Spike Lee

Bret The Hitman Hart Eliot Ness

Bogart 1958 NASA Pope John XXIII

Births & deaths of 1958 Born Died

Grandmaster Pope Flash Ellen Degeneres Drew Carey

Lex Luger Prince Madonna Michael Jackson Pius XII

1959 Alaska & Hawaii Castro & Guevara take over Cuba

1 Barbie doll st Antarctic Treaty Births & deaths of 1959

Born Died Lawrence Buddy

Taylor Flavor Flav Steve Borden Kevin Nash Magic Johnson Simon Cowell

Holly Frank Lloyd Wright 1960 France gets the

bomb Soviets shoot down US spy plane OPEC formed

World population = 3 billion Births & deaths of 1960 Born Died

Howie Clark Long Marcus Allen

Bono (of U2) John Elway Chuck D Antonio Banderas Cal Ripken, Jr. Gable

John D. Rockefeller, Jr. 1961 John F. Kennedy

Berlin Wall Bay of Pigs invasion Yuri Gagarin becomes first man in space

Births & deaths of 1961 Born Died

Wayne Carl Gretzky Eddie Murphy George Clooney

Dennis Rodman Princess Diana Toby Keith Barack Obama Jung Ernest Hemingway

Dag Hammarskjold 1962 The Beatles first record

First Wal-mart Nelson Mandela arrested UN condemns Apartheid

India & China fight a war Spiderman first appears

James Bond Cuban Missile Crisis Births & deaths of 1962

Born Jim Carrey

Axl Rose Garth Brooks Sheryl Crow Steve Irwin Jon Bon Jovi MC Hammer Paula Abdul

Tom Cruise Jerry Rice

Died Marilyn Monroe Eleanor Roosevelt 1963 Valentina Tereshkova

becomes first woman in space I Have a Dream JFK assassinated

Births & deaths of 1963 Born Died

Michael Robert Jordan Larry the Cable Guy

Conan OBrien Jet Li Johnny Depp Coolio Whitney Houston Brad Pitt

Frost Patsy Cline Pope John XXIII Medgar Evars John F. Kennedy C.S. Lewis Lee Harvey Oswald

1964 Planning begins for WTC US troops in Vietnam =

21,000 Gulf of Tonkin incident Race riots in US cities

MLK wins Nobel Peace Prize China gets the bomb Births & deaths of

1964 Born Died Nicolas

Gen. Cage Michelle Obama Sarah Palin Barry Bonds Keanu Reeves

Steve Austin Douglas MacArthur Rachel Carson 1965

Malcolm X assassinated US troops in Vietnam = 125,000 Pakistan & India fight

over Kashmir Births & Deaths of 1965 Born Died

DJ T.S. Jazzy Jeff Chris Rock Dr. Dre

Booker T Suge Knight Mick Foley JK Rowling Ty Pennington Eliot

Winston Churchill Malcolm X 1966 US troops in Vietnam = 250,000

Daylight Savings Time Haile Selassie visits Jamaica France leaves

NATO Black Panthers founded 1st Kwanzaa celebrated Births & deaths of 1966

Born Rob Zombie Janet Jackson

Mike Tyson Halle Berry Adam Sandler Troy Aikman John Bradshaw Layfield Keifer Sutherland Bill Goldberg


Lenny Bruce Walt Disney Chester Nimitz 1967 Superbowl I

Apollo I tragedy Six Days War 1 heart transplant

st Births & deaths of 1967

Born R. Kelly Dave Matthews Kurt Cobain Jeff Jarrett

Tim McGraw Chris Benoit Will Ferrell Vin Diesel Deion Sanders Eddie Guerrero Julia Roberts

Died Che Guevara Robert Oppenheimer Edward White Gus Grissom Roger Chaffee

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