The Human Body - SCHOOLinSITES

The Human Body - SCHOOLinSITES

The Human Body Dodge Elementary 3rd Grade Group 1 About the Skeletal System The Skeletal System is made up of joints, bones and muscles. Each of these has a job to do to help our body work. There job is to help us move and helps us

pickup things. Bones Everybody has a skeleton system made up of many bones adults have 206 bones Bones give the body structure. Bones let you move in many ways. Bones protect your internal organs. Ribs acts as a shield that protects the heart and lungs. Both men and women have 12 pairs of ribs. Knee Bone- The knee bone helps you run

Joints Joints let your bones move Gliding joint- the carpals of the wrist Ball-and-socket-The 2 balland-sockets are hip bone and shoulder. Hinge Joint- The 2 hinge joints are the elbow & the phalanges. Muscles

Did you know you have more than 600 muscles in your body? Muscles help you do almost everything like - pumping blood throughout your body - lifting your heavy backpack. Some muscles, like your heart, do their jobs without you thinking about them at all. - Cardiac muscle- Cardiac muscle closely resembles skeletal muscle, but has certain special features. - Muscle Fiber- Skeletal muscles are thousands of muscle fibers. Blood vessels and nerves run through them.

- Smooth Muscle Tissue- You have no control of the smooth muscle tissue. It is found in the stomach, the bladder, and the respiratory passages. The Skeletal System Review Bones-There are about 206 bones in the human body. The bones support our body. Joints- Joints help you move. Synovial is

a type of joint. Muscles- There are 640 individually named skeletal muscles. A skeletal muscle links two bones across its connecting joint. Bibliography

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