The Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey

The Heros Journey WRITING 6 Start End The Ordinary World Magic Flight/ Confronting the Father/ Restoring the World The Call to

Adventure Entering the Unknown Supreme Ordeal Road of Trials Supernatural Aid/Meeting with the Mentor/Allies and Helpers Stages of The Heros Journey

Video: What Makes A Hero? What is The Heros Journey? A storyline used over the course of centuries. It contains elements from mythology. What makes a myth? Myths

have repeated elements. Why do myths matter? Myths have elements and themes that teach us lessons. Heroes live in the ordinary world. Stage 1: Ordinary World

People in the ordinary world think the heroes are odd. The heroes possess some ability or characteristic that makes them feel out of place. Stage 2: The Call to Adventure A hero starts on their heroic path by either:

A discovery An event Some danger Heroes usually come across their quest by accident. Stage 3: Entering the Unknown

Heroes start their journey in a place they have never been before. It may be filled with: Supernatural creatures Breathtaking sights Constant threat of death

The unknown world has their own rules. The heros strength and courage is tested by the rules. Stage 4: Supernatural Aid/Meeting with the Mentor/Allies and Helpers

A character who has mastered the laws of the outside world gives the hero a gift they need to complete their quest. This gift can include: Wisdom

Object with magical powers Every hero needs a helper, or sidekick. Stage 5: Road of Trials A series of tests or tasks the hero must go through to begin a transformation. The hero often fails one or more tests. These tests make

the hero stronger as they prepare for the final showdown. The obstacle that the hero has journeyed so far to overcome. Stage 6: Supreme Ordeal The final showdown Once the obstacle is overcome, the worst has passed, and the quest has succeeded.

Stage 7: Magic Flight The hero returns home. There may be obstacles on the return home to overcome. At some point, the hero must escape with the reward such as: A chase A battle Stage 8: Confronting the Father The hero must confront whatever holds the ultimate power in his or her life.

Many times it is a father figure who has life or death power. This does not have to be a male, just someone/something with incredible power. Stage 9: Restoring the World By achieving victory, the

hero has changed or preserved their original world. The hero often returns with object or ability that allows them to save the world. The hero has grown in spirit and strength.

Their success allows the hero to return and be a hero in their own world.

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