The Health Triangle - River Dell Regional School District

The Health Triangle - River Dell Regional School District

The Health Triangle Mrs. Lord Lesson 1 What does Health mean to you? Health = a combination of physical , mental /emotional, and social well being. Everything you do will in some way influence your Health: Eating healthy food - especially breakfast !

Getting enough sleep Having a good social network friends and family you can talk to about problems Being involved in sports- clubs- groups Proper hygiene and doctors check ups. The Health Triangle Physical Side Taking care of your body.

This includes: Eating well balanced meals Being physically active Avoiding Disease Getting enough sleep- rest Regular medical examinations Dental health Proper hygiene Mental and Emotional Side Liking and accepting yourself and others, adapt to cope with emotions, and dealing with challenges. This

includes: Finding solutions to problems Expressing emotions in health ways Finding positive ways to manage stress Can you name a few ways to deal with stressful situations ??? (Positive /Negative) Social Side Involves getting along with other people Being a caring family member Making and keeping friends Giving and receiving support when needed.

Can you name any additional ? Maintaining a Balance and Wellness Each side of your triangle is equally important to good health. By working to keep each side balanced you will be on your way towards being a healthy person!

Wellness = an overall state of well- being or total health. Do you make good decisions to support your triangle? Which one are you?

Matthew - I am an excellent student and spend most of my free time on my computer which leaves little time for my family and friends Karla I spend a lot of time with my friends- watch movies and TV. I love to shop and listen to music. I get good grades except in physical education. I dont get a lot of physical activity and it is hard for me to keep you in class. Charlotte- I have a few close friends and see them mostly on weekends. Week nights I am busy with homework and spending time with my family. I ride my bike to school and have gymnastics twice a week. Ray- I love sports and play basketball and football. I dont do great in school, and avoid my problems by playing video

games with my friends. Home work 1. Complete the health triangle ditto Draw in your own H. T. If your triangle is balanced, describe how you keep the three sides equal. If it is unbalanced, list specific ways you can help to create balance. On the back of the ditto answer the following : 3. Define Health 4. Define Wellness 2.

5. Define your views on personal healthof each) (three sentence min A. What does health mean to you? B. How do you stay healthy on a daily basis? C. How does nutrition and exercise coordinate with personal health levels? D. How can your health affect all areas of your life?

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