Taylor Swift - Weebly

Taylor Swift - Weebly

Taylor Swift Musician, Singer, Songwriter Biography Born December 13, 1989 In Wyomissing, PA To Andrea and Scott Swift Younger brother Austin Swift

Grew up on a Christmas Tree farm in Pennsylvania Moved to Hendersonville, TN to further music career. The Early Years 11 years old sang Star Spangled Banner at Philadelphia 76ers game 12 years old started writing her own songs and learned how to play the guitar 13

years old got a developmental deal with RCA records, which she walked away from at the end of the year 14 years old became the youngest songwriter hired by Sony in Nashville Taylor was discovered in 2006 by Scott Borchetta at Bluebird Caf in Nashville. Swift became the first artist signed to Borchettas record label Big Machine Records. Swifts

debut single Tim McGraw became a top 10 hit on the country charts and the self-titled album went platinum. Taylor Swifts big break! Taylors Music Career At 18 she toured as the opening act for several country headliners, including Faith Hill and Tim McGraw She wrote and co-wrote all songs on her debut album 2008 nominated for a Grammy in the Best New

Artist category Won Academy of Country Musics Female Vocalist of the Year Award Won AMA for Favorite Female Country Artist Won the American Music Associations Horizon Award Taylors Music Career 2008 2nd Album Fearless released and stays at the top of pop and country charts for 11 weeks Highest selling country artist for 2008 Won CMT award for Video of the Year and Female Video of

the Year for Love Story which was her crossover song from country to pop music 2009 won MTV Video Music Award Best Female Video making her first country star to win an MTV Award 2010 Speak Now her 3rd album entirely self written sells over a million copies in one week Concert tickets for Taylor Swift sell out in less than two minutes. Only female artist to have 3 albums hit number one, amongst the ranks of such artists like Michael

Jackson and The Beatles Crossed over into acting in 2010 in Valentines Day and appearing on SNL 2012 released fourth album Red which sold over a million copies in a week Taylor Swift writes honest music her fans can relate to and knows her audience. Taylor Swift is a genuine artist for our time. Tim McGraw Debut single on debut album Taylor Swift Mean

Single on third album Speak Now Ronan Made its debut on Stand Up To Cancer Taylor Swift - Tim McGraw - YouTube Listening Guide Tim McGraw Introduction The introduction begins with an acoustic guitar playing in quadruple/simple meter. The song is a ballad in minor mode. Verse 1 The verse is sung over the simple chords of the guitar in the background. The

fluctuations in pitch come only from Swifts voice and it seems to only raise or lower an octave. Chorus The drums join in at the chorus and outline the quadruple meter beat. Verse 2 Chorus Bridge There are only four lines in the bridge. The bridge is a fast tempo quadruple meter. Chorus The final chorus is a slower tempo than the previous ones. Only the guitar and the drums play to accompany Swifts voice. Ending The ending of the song is Swifts voice accompanied by the acoustic guitar in a quadruple/simple meter.

You Tube - Taylor Swift "Mean" Listening Guide Mean 0:00 Introduction & Verse 1 The song opens immediately with Swifts voice accompanied by a banjo in a simple/quadruple meter beat in major mode. 0:35 Chorus The banjo, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and hand claps all play in unison to accentuate the words and the rhythm of the chorus. 1:05 Verse 2 The second verse opens with the violin joining in to add melody in the background. 1:42 Chorus

In the chorus the second time around, the additions are the drums highlighting the tempo of the song. The banjo, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and hand claps all play in unison to accentuate the words and the rhythm of the chorus. 2:08 Instrumental The bass guitar keeps the tempo of the song accentuated, while the banjo shines in a short but awesome solo playing a fast melody for seven seconds as a segway into the bridge. 3:27 Chorus & Ending The song ends with the chorus. All instruments, banjo, drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and violin carry over the same melody from the last chorus. You Tube - Taylor Swift

"Ronan" Listening Guide Ronan 0:00 Introduction The song begins with only an electroacoustic guitar playing in minor mode in a quadruple simple meter beat. The melody of the song is haunting and sets the somber mode. You can tell immediately from the melody that the song will be one about tragedy and loss. 1:27 Instrumental For this ten second instrumental the hand drums join in playing a triple simple meter beat while the piano harmonizes with the electro-acoustic guitar to add texture to the melody of the song. 4:10 Ending

The ending is only the electroacoustic guitar playing the melody of the song accompanying Swifts voice singing the words, I remember your bare feet, down the hallway. I love you to the moon and back. Works cited Farley, Christopher John, Taylor Swifts Solo Act, The Wall Street Journal, Arts & Entertainment, October 22, 2010 Hogan, Marc, Taylor Swift Debuts Tear-Jerking Ronan at Cancer Benefit, Spin, September 10, 2012, spin.com, November 27, 2010 Houston, Chris, Taylor Swift Mean is Anti-Bully Anthem, Yahoo Contributor Network, October 25, 2012,

www.yahoo.com, November 24 2012 Masley, Ed, Taylor Swift song Ronan for Phoenix boy an artistic high, The Republic, September 9, 2012, www.azcentral.com, November 27, 2010 Morris, Edward, When She Thinks Taylor Swift Savors Payoff - Hardworking Teen to Open for George Strait Next Year, CMT News Online, December 1, 2006, www.cmt.com November 23, 2012 Smith, Hazel, Taylor Swift Talks About Songwriting, Friends and Good Manners, CMT News Online, October 6, 2008, www.cmt.com, November 23, 2012 Ward, Leeann, Taylor Swift, Fifteen, Country Universe Online, August 28, 2009, www.countryuniverse.net, November 24, 2012 "Taylor Swift." 2012. The Biography Channel website. Nov 23 2012, 10:45 http://www.biography.com/people/taylor-swift-369608. Documentary Taylor Swift Biography Part 1-16, You Tube, July 11, 2011, www.youtube.com, November 24, 2012, Documentary

Photos Image courtesy of favim.com courtesy of http://www.joybaker.com/tag/kathy-almendinger/ Photo courtesy of http://www.myspace.com/taylorswiftfanatic13/pho tos/10774092 #! http://nashville.about.com/od/countrystarsphotog alleri/ig/5th-Annual-Academy-of-Country-Music-Ho nors-Show---Red-Carpet/Scott-Borchetta--Taylor-Swift.htm http://taylorswift.com/users/eU7Ghm8O/blogs/ 3278791 Photo http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/taylor-swift/images/ 16371135/title/taylor-swifts-mean-photo http://

mp3lyricsmania.blogspot.com/2010/11/taylor-swif t-tim-mcgraw-lyrics.html http:// www.millionlooks.com/people-and-events/celebriti es/celebrity-red-carpet-style-taylor-swift-epitomeof-elegance-and-femininity http://mediagallery.usatoday.com/Taylor+Swift http://vivienzeru.blogspot.com/2008/11/taylor- swift-fearless.html http://taylorswiftsfans.webs.com/apps/photos/ References and Bibliography photo?photoid=112503679 Taylor Swift Musician, Singer, Songwriter

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