Student Worker Program at Mercy College

Student Worker Program at Mercy College

Student Worker Orientation Program at Mercy College Orientation Overview Introduction to the Federal Work Study Program Definition of Work Study Student Worker General Information Guidelines for being a successful student worker Customer Service

What is Work Study The Federal Work Study Program is a federally granted program that provides financial assistance to undergraduates allowing them to earn money to assist with the cost of their education. Students who have completed their FAFSA and received Federal Work Study on their Financial Award Letter are eligible to apply for the competitive positions in the program.

How to apply for Federal Work Study Positions Students who have received the Federal Work Study Award need to register for Career Maverick our on-line job board. Once registered, students need to complete a Federal Work Study application which is located in the resources tab of their Career Maverick account and upload it into their documents on Career Maverick.

How to apply for Federal Work Study positions Students need to create a resume, samples may be found in the resources tab in Career Maverick The students resume needs to be approved by a college career counselor before they will be able to apply for a federal work study position. Once the students Federal Work study application and resume are approved by a career service counselor, the student will be able to apply for the

Federal Work study positions posted on Career Maverick. Applying for Federal Work Study Positions After the student has applied to the Federal Work Study position or positions they are interested in, their application goes directly to the hiring supervisor for review. If the student has the hours and skills the supervisor is seeking in their candidate, they will call or email the student for a time to come in and interview for the position. These are very competitive positions and students who

are eligible for Federal Work Study are not guaranteed a position. Supervisors will offer positions to the candidate they believe to be best suited for the open position. Mercy College Student Workforce Student Workers assist in almost every office and department of the college performing a variety of tasks that are important to running the college. Most students develop relationships on the job with staff members and other students

that last throughout their college career. Campus Employment Some departments have funds to hire students directly from their budgets and do not need to use financial aide. These are very few and far between. Occasionally a department may have funds to subsidize a FWS student once their award is exhausted.

Keep track of Federal Work Study Funds Once a student is hired in the Federal Work Study program, they should review their eligibility funds and track the amount of funds they receive for their work hours. Each pay stub shows the gross earnings for the year and net earnings. It is important to check each pay stub and understand these amounts. Keeping track for Federal Work Study Funds (contd.)

Students may wish to develop an excel spreadsheet to show their total eligibility funds and subtract the gross amount earned each pay period. Gross funds are $$$ received before taxes. Net funds are $$$ received after taxes. Keep your final year end pay stub and add the Gross funds to the new year gross funds When does Work Study End Students work study will end when students

have exhausted their Federal Work Study eligibility funds for the academic year. Students should know how many hours they can work before their funds are exhausted. Students receive pay according to the pay schedule and may direct deposit their check. If not direct deposit, the students checks are mailed to the address on their W-4 form. Work hours Students are not allowed to work more than

17 hours a week during the semester. If a student works more than 5 hours in a day, they are required to take a 30 minute break. Students are not allowed to work when the college is closed and do not receive pay for holidays, sick or vacation time off. Reporting time worked Once a students new or rehire papers are processed, payroll will issue instructions on how to report time worked.

Students need to enter their time worked and have their supervisor approve their time by the due date in order to assure timely reporting of their hours worked. Students should not work more than 17hours in a work week. When your assignment ends When your work study funds are exhausted and your assignment ends, it is important to be evaluated by your supervisor so that

you will understand the value of your work. Evaluations give you the opportunity to know what skills you have and what skills you can improve upon. Evaluations are also important if you continue to be eligible for work study and are rehired in the new academic year. This evaluation may entitle you to a salary increase. Tips of maximizing your value as a Student Worker

Reliability Success is showing up! Be sure you are committed to your work. Arrive at your scheduled time. If you must be absent have the name and number of your supervisor and call to let them know you will not be able to come to work or that you will be late for work and the reason.

Customer Service How you treat others is part of your success at Mercy College. You will meet other students, faculty and staff and being courteous in person and on the phone is an important part of customer service. Treat all people you meet with respect and courtesy even if you are having a bad day. Leave your personal life and problems at the door. When you arrive to work, work!

Dress For Success It is important to show respect for your position in the manner of how you appear at your job. Dress For Success is a phrase people use to educate employees on how their appearance matters in the world of work. See what the other people in the office are wearing and leave your jeans and sneakers home.

Employee Donts Dont invite your friends to visit you at work Dont use the phone or computer for personal use. Dont use inappropriate language. Dont eat at your desk. Dont violate confidentiality. Dont fail to do your job. Dont let your GPA drop below 3.0 Reasons for disciplinary actions and

termination Inappropriate behavior Excessive lateness and/or absence

Violation of confidentiality Failure to carry out your job responsibilities Falsifying your timecard Academic Probation low GPA! If your GPA is below a 2.5 you will not be eligible for rehire in the next academic year. Questions If you have any questions, you are free to contact your Office of Enrollment Counselor Best of luck with your Federal Work Study

application. We wish you continued success in your college studies.

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