Stop and Restrict Boats

Stop and Restrict Boats

National Level Craig Martin, Branch Chief U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Branch of Aquatic Invasive Species [email protected] AIS introduction and spread: what is being done at the national level and implications for the recreational boating industry.

Reiterating the AIS problem Federal authorities and responsibilities Some focus on FWS Where are we headed? Wrap up Invasive Species A 21st Century Problem

AIS: what are the impacts? AIS: How are the recreational boating pathway risks being managed? National level: Increasing focus by Congress FY15 Appropriations Language NPS: $2M decontamination of watercraft leaving infested watersheds

FWS: $2M for the quagga and zebra mussel program. Water Resources Reform and Development Act 2014 COE: Authorized watercraft inspection stations within the Columbia River Basin (50 percent cost share with the States) Examination of Federal authorities to manage AIS Recommendations: improve Federal and State laws Other

Listing quagga as injurious wildlife Invasive Species Caucus National level: Federal authorities on movement of invasive species No single broad Federal authority (e.g.,) Vessel General Permit under Clean Water Act National Ballast Water Program under National Invasive Species Act Lacey Act (e.g., injurious wildlife)

Federally-managed lands Dependent on an agencys authorities: NPS, BLM, FWS, BOR, COE, DD, FS National Park Service The NPS manages 41 units that are thought to be at risk of zebra/quagga mussels or other AIS introduction via trailered boats. 11 units that have established Dreissenid mussel

populations. NPS regulations prohibit the introduction of non-native and invasive species to park ecosystems. Many agencies have unclear authority for stopping the movement off of Federal lands. Reviewed current authorities Recommendations Resolve weak links

Explore Joint or agency-specific rulemaking for risk management of AIS moving on/off federal lands Consistent messaging Work with Congress Lacey Act Title 16 USC 3372: (Broad) Assistance to States with intercepting illegal importation and

interstate transport of wildlife species and plants taken or possessed in violation of State, Federal, Tribal, or foreign laws Title 18 USC 42: (Injurious Wildlife) Prohibits importation and interstate transport of injurious wildlife Zebra mussel, Snakeheads, Asian carps Prevention, Prevention, Prevention

Photo credit: Goeckler Photo credit: Schmitz Photo credit: Utah DNR Photo credit: Schmitz National level: NANPCA 1990 as amended by NISA 1996

Section 1202 (ANSTF): Develop and implement a program for waters of the U.S. to prevent introduction and dispersal of ANS Building Consensus in the West Boat Design & Construction in Consideration of Aquatic Invasive Species

ABYC Technical Information Report John Adey, President Central documentation From a practical standpoint, it is the time to start Guidelines and best practices for clean, drain and dry and developing and constructing boats in consideration of

WID processes AIS Manufacturers: Areas of improvement AIS community: improved understanding of limitations Summary AIS challenge concern for Congress and public and private sectors. Congressional action through legislation and appropriations. Federal agency engagement

Movement on/off Federal lands Interstate movement Prevention, prevention, prevention Regional approaches Building consensus in the West Model laws and regulations Reciprocity

Working with industry Photo credit: D. Davis For more information: Craig Martin USFWS [email protected]

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