SPR1 for IT - New Process Flow Chart - Kentucky

SPR1 for IT - New Process Flow Chart - Kentucky

COMMONWEALTH OFFICE OF TECHNOLOGY (COT) VETTING PROCESS IT procurement requests are being vetted by COT, in accordance with Executive Order 2017-0889, through the SPR1 process. The vetting process requires additional information from the using agencies. The following information is now required in the Purpose and Justification section of the SPR1 document for IT Procurements. Agencies can attach a WORD document to the header of the SPR1 if additional space is needed. The SPR1s will route directly to COT for review and will no longer be routed to OPS. Please allow additional time for COT review for: Solicitations, Cloud Procurements, Enterprise Architecture & Kentucky Information Technology Standards (KITS) and any other complex request. https://technology.ky.gov/Pages/default.aspx IT SPR1 PURPOSE AND JUSTIFICATION WHAT Describe in detail the procurement request. Include the following if applicable: deliverables, milestones, specifications, requirements, draft solicitation, quote, etc. State the type and number of users (citizen, Commonwealth employee, etc.) and the type of data (sensitive versus non-sensitive). WHY Describe the business need of the request and include consequences if not approved and/or benefits of approval. State if the request is mandated by state or federal law. State if the request is an effort to streamline or modernize. HOW State the appropriate procurement method for this request: a. Solicitation (RFQ, RFB, RFP)

b. New Contract - One time purchase (PO, CT) or Master Agreement (MA) c. Existing Contract. State the contract number and attach any quotes, SOWs, etc. i. If Task Order, include contractors name, job title, number of hours, hourly rate, duties, start/end date and name of project. ii. If Task Order modification, include the original cost, modification cost and reason for modification. Contractors are not permitted salary increases. If duties change, the contractors task order must change as well. iii. If Delivery Order, include contract number, cost, purpose and attach any quotes, SOW, etc. d. Contract Modification. State the contract number and attach any quotes, SOWs, etc. e. Bidding Exemption (Sole Source, Not Practicable or Feasible to Bid, etc.) i. Attach the exemption letter (prior to obtaining approval from Joan Graham). HOW MUCH State the cost and any savings, increases or decreases and total cost of ownership (TCO). State the funding source (federal, state, grant, etc.). WHEN State the timeline for the request to include procurement timeline, order/implementation date, etc. State if the request is time sensitive and why. WHO State the name of the Project Manager, Contract Manager/Contracting Officer Representative and/or Procurement Officer. COT will provide an explanation and instruct the agency on next

steps Agency creates and submits SPR1 REJECTED SPR1 routes to COT for review (Vetting Process) APPROVED COT will instruct the agency on the appropriate documentation to submit to OPS for procurement action

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