Social Marketing - U.S.- Japan

Social Marketing - U.S.- Japan

Social Responsibility Examples of Campaigns by NGOs to stop unethical business practices Campaign against Destruction of the Amazon by KFC Campaign to boycott Australian wool producers PETA ends its campaign against Benetton People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has called off its international campaign against Benetton now that the multinational retailer has offered its backing to an agreement between the Australian Wool Growers Association (AWGA) and PETA, which has led to a new

brand of wool from farmers who are part of a structured plan to end mulesing and live exports. In its letter to the AWGA, Benetton agreed to buy "ethical," nonmulesed wool and urged "the entire Australian wool industry" to adopt the agreement. Benetton has more than 5,000 stores and outlets in 120 countries and 2004 sales totaling more than $2.2 billion. The new, more humane wool brand established by the plan will be available to retailers throughout the world and is already being requested by retailers that do not want to support cruelty to animals. Benetton has joined the ranks of more than a dozen major retailers, including Ann Taylor, Gap

Inc., Nordstrom, H&M, Eddie Bauer, Jones Apparel, Lands' End, L.L. Bean, and Liz Claiborne, that support the agreement made between PETA and the AWGA, sending a clear message to Australian farmers that there's money to be made by adopting animal welfare reforms. 2003 Ad Report by National Labour Organization on Christmas Sweatshops

One Sky Campaign (supported by CIDA) Have you heard about the Blood Diamond? A diamond is forever. A child's arm hacked off at the elbow will never grow back. She will never wear a ring on that hand. Diamonds cost more than money. Forever. A father and daughter, victims of violence aimed at

controlling Sierra Leone's diamond trade. Boycott diamonds. v=5x4Y1OhkZic&feature=related

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