Red Roofs Surgery Local Patient Participation Report We

Red Roofs Surgery Local Patient Participation Report  We

Red Roofs Surgery Local Patient Participation Report We are a long-established practice, located close to the centre of Nuneaton, serving approximately 15,500 patients. Our opening hours are: Mon/Fri 08.00-12.00 and 13.30-18.30, Saturday 08.00-12.00 (pre-booked only) We have an active Patient Participation Group (PPG) meeting 6 times a year, established for over 13 years. In 2011 we established a Patient Reference Group (PRG) and members can be contactd by e-mail or post. PRG GROUP 300+ patients registered either with or without e-mail.

3.4% are of non-white ethnicity compared to 10% of our practice population. 60:40 ratio of female to male compared to 51:49 of our practice population. 30% were below the age of 45 compared to 56% of our practice population. PRG GROUP SURVEY We conducted a survey using e-mail, post and an in-practice mail box asking what could be improved at the practice: There were 68 respondents to the survey asking what could be improved at the Practice. The majority of respondents had visited in the last 6 months. 50% were aware that we were offering on-line booking of appointments and planned to register.

96% rated their visits average or higher with 70% above average or excellent. 60% were in favour of being able to access some or all of their records on-line. PRG GROUP SURVEY The patients that rated us below average were unhappy with: not being able to see a GP of their choosing. wanted more appointments available in advance. wanted the GP to have more time available for them.

to have open access to all appointments. to reduce waiting time after check in. PRG GROUP Survey results Top four areas as to how we may improve our service: 1. Telephone appointments difficult to get through, run too late, unable to book them. 2. Telephone system difficult to get through at 8.00am, engaged too often, need more lines, takes too long to book. 3. Access later opening, Saturdays, more pre-booked, would like to see same GP, greater flexibility in the booking system, increase emergency appointments. 4. Service reduce time in the waiting room, improve tannoy, give GPs more time with patients, listen to patients (GPs and staff), improve single script collection.

Discussion and outcomes (PPG Meeting 21.03.13) Telephones Telephone performance statistics have been tracked and published monthly via our web site and notice boards On-line web booking of appointments has been launched and is proving very popular with over 1000 patients set up on the system. This gives 07.00 19.00 access to appointment booking and repeat prescription ordering and we hope that over time this will reduce telephone demand. It is not viable to increase the number of incoming lines above the 8 that we already have and if we were to do this it would most likely increase hold times and call costs. Telephone appointments

These can be booked in advance or on the day and we try to keep one line free for these calls. If a patient has been on hold for 5 mins we ask if they would like the GP to call them back. Access We have installed an integrated patient call-in and display system which provides a facility to display health and other related information. We expect this to improve the patient experience and aid the hearing impaired in the waiting areas. Extended hours: we have been providing this service for over 12 months now and took the option to deliver this through a Saturday morning clinic. Any expansion of this service will be after consideration of local commissioning intentions. Most patients desire completely flexible access to a GP of their choice. However it is not possible for this to become a reality. We feel that our high level of on-the-day access and prebookable appointments up to 4 weeks in advance currently give the best balance for our patients.

Red Roofs In the future, we will: continue to explore methods to enhance communication and engagement with our patients. provide performance data via our website. support on-line access and future developments. develop our patient display systems to provide informative and relevant information. listen to our patient groups, seek engagement and explain decisions to you. actively support our area Clinical Commissioning Group.

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