Col Richard L. Griffith National Awards and Promotion

Col Richard L. Griffith National Awards and Promotion

Col Richard L. Griffith National Awards and Promotion Team Leader Ms Susie Parker Director, Personnel and Membership Actions CAP AWARDS AND PROMOTIONS 2019 CAP ANNUAL CONFERENCE BALTIMORE, MD Lesson Objectives By the end of this presentation, we will have 1. Reviewed senior member promotion programs

2. Considered the how, when and how much of decorations 3. Learned more about the Annual Awards Program Why Promotions and Awards? The US Code says, The purposes of the corporation are as follows (36 USC 40302) (1) To provide an organization to (A) encourage and aid citizens of the United States in contributing their efforts, services, and resources in developing aviation and in maintaining air supremacy; and, (B) encourage and develop by example the voluntary

contribution of private citizens to the public welfare. Our Strategic Plan says, Goal 6 - Make being a CAP member even more fulfilling. Every member's contribution, no matter how great or small, makes a difference Goal 7 - Grow the next generation of leaders. With our eyes looking to the future, we must continue to develop the CAPR 35-5, CAP Officer and NCO Appointments and Promotions SENIOR MEMBER PROMOTION PROGRAMS Which of these individuals has the

most authority? In Civil Air Patrol, rank is a reflection of training, achievement, and longevity, but not necessarily authority. So, why have a promotion system? Promotion can be a motivator and encourages Pursuit of training and education Extra initiative to move from excellent to outstanding Acceptance of more responsibility The promotion system reflects Achievement of management and leadership credentials

Endorsement by the appropriate commander a certain level of professionalism has been achieved The promotion system recognizes An individuals experience and status within CAP A potentially greater ability to manage resources and Basic leadCourse, Block 2 Rank CAP Officer Appointment versus Promotion Appointment - grade you may receive when you join with a unique skill set or experience

Military service Professional qualifications Mission related skill or ability Former cadets Promotion subsequent grade you may receive due to performance, improved skills or new role Duty performance Mission skill advancement Commander or legislative/government relations

Getting Promoted Duty Performance the most common method Mission Qualifications Getting Promoted (2) Professional Status Getting Promoted (3) Commander Appointments RG/CC, RG/CV, WG/CC colonel (temporary) GP/CC major SQ/CC first lieutenant

Legislative/Government Relations lieutenant colonel Military, USPHS, & NOAA Officers - advanced up to lieutenant colonel Former Cadet Officers Military Warrant Officers and SNCOs Getting Promoted Non-Commissioned Officers Initial Appointment Current/former military NCOs not pursuing officer ranks Appointed at grade reflecting military grade (DD214)

Duty Performance Promotion Procedures 1. Ensure all category requirements are met Exemplary means: Performance worthy imitation Is this officer the example of what others should be? 2. Submit the CAPF 2 paper or electronic Im not required to submit more information Mmm, true, but I dont have to promote you 3. Board review

Each echelon will maintain a board to evaluate nominated officers this really comes down to what is exemplary 4. Authorized to wear when in eServices Temporary promotion will get an additional CAPR 39-3, Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons and Certificates THE HOW, WHEN AND HOW MUCH OF DECORATION On the Other Hand

In 1923, in Germany, 4,200,000,000,000 (4 trillion) Marks = $1. Burning currency for fuel was cheaper than buying wood or coal. When everyone has piles of the same thing, what is So, what does it mean. Generally, we get decorations when we. Save a Life Meritorious Service: duty performance at end of tour (3 yrs or so) Outstanding Achievement: do something exceptional outside normal duty Have a level of responsibility

How much additional burden as a volunteer have you taken on? Demonstrate a recognizable level of performance Saving a Life a. Silver Medal of Valor. Distinguished and conspicuous heroic action, at the risk of life b. Bronze Medal of Valor. Distinguished and conspicuous heroic action where danger to self is probable and known. h. Certificate of Recognition for Lifesaving. Saving a human life, but do not meet the

criteria for the Bronze or Silver Medal of Valor. Life is not at risk Is there evidence the individual would have died? These nominations generate Highest scrutiny Recognition for an Entire Unit National Commanders Unit Citation Award Initiated by the National Commander above and beyond those normally

recognized by a Unit Citation Award. Unit Citation Award Exceptionally meritorious service or outstanding achievement which clearly sets the unit apart Meritorious Service: 12 months to permit Unit Citation Nominations Nominations come in two categories Meritorious Service (at least 12 months) Outstanding Achievement Meritorious Service packages should demonstrate

Outstanding performance across AE, CP and ES Sustained measurableperformancee Received multiple wing or regional awards for Members (Of the Year, milestone or PD) or The entire unit (senior sq of the year, QCUA, etc) Have members participating in region and national activities Truly outstanding compared to other units of that What does all of this mean? c. Distinguished: Conspicuous performance of outstanding service great responsibility position and results reflect a national scale...extremely difficult duty.

d. Exceptional. Exceptionally outstanding service duty of great responsibilityultimate responsibility for the successful operation of a region, wing or major project e. Meritorious. Outstanding achievement or meritorious serviceoutstanding/unmistakably exceptional f. Commanders Commendation. Outstanding duty performance clearly and unmistakably exceptional Distinguished Service Award Duty Performance: CAP command team, RG/WG commanders, national officers Outstanding Achievement: primary leaders for exceptionally large projects impacting all of CAP with significant workload, coordination and outcomes

Exceptional Service Award Duty Performance: RG exec teams/staff directors, WG exec teams and unusually successful wing directors, Outstanding Achievement: primary leader for large national or region projects broad impact; new NHQ/RG activity leads or several years for existing programs Meritorious Service Award Duty Performance: wing staff directors, RG staff officers, highly effective GP/CCs, NHQ staff #2s, large WG /smaller RG activity leads after several years Outstanding Achievement: primary leaders for complex wing and region-wide projects with substantial impact potentially; multiple years running encampment Commanders Commendation Award Duty Performance: Graduating SQ&GP/CCs, WG Staff, high performing SQ&GP staff officers, exceptional cadet commanders/CAC leaders

Outstanding Achievement: Wing-level special projects; wing activity leaders with multiple years of participation Achievement Award Duty Performance: Great work as a squadron or group staff officer, or assistant work assignments at Wing; graduating cadet commanders Outstanding Achievement: special project leads at unit or group; one year in support of a special activity or project depending on responsibility CAPR 39-3, Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons and Certificates ANNUAL AWARDS Theres a lot to choose from (all 39-3)

Senior Member of the Year Cadet of the Year AE Teacher of the Year Director of Finance of the Year Award Lewis Incident Staff Member of the Year Decamp Ground Team of the Year Holm AEO of the Year Texido Legislative Officer of the Year Award Norm Edwards CDO of the Year Inspector General of the Year Award Professional Development Officer of the Year AFSA Cadet NCO of the Year Riddle Aircrew Member of the Year Kantor Operations Staff Officer of the Year

Wheeless Legal Officer of the Year Really a lot AE Frank G. Brewer CAP Memorial Aerospace Awards CAPR 280-2 Aerospace Education Mission Awards CAPR 280-2 CP John V. Jack Sorenson Cadet Programs Officer of the Year Award CAPR 52-16 DOK Communicator of the Year Award CAPR 100-1 HC National Chaplains Award CAPR 265-1 SE Paul W. Turner Safety Award CAPR 62-1 Safety Officer of the Year CAPR 62-1 PA Col Robert V. Bud Payton Public Affairs Officer of the Year CAPR 190-1 Col Lester E. Hopper CAP Historian of the Year CAPR 210-1

LG Property Manager of the Year CAPR 174-1 CAPP 39-3, Awards Made Easy Brown Bag Lesson, the Magic of Bullet Writing CROSSING THE FINISH LINE Writing a Promotion or Decoration Package 1. Dont write the package first! 2. Clarify with boss AND the approving authority What can I do to recognize how amazing Linda is?

Is that the highest recognition they will give? Warning! Listen for the unstated, Well, I dont want to say no, so Ill let the Wing give the bad news 3. Ask about the preferred format Some commanders love eServices, some the actual form Some need a full F120 or 2, some just a couple of lines Writing a Promotion or Decoration

Package (2) Now, you can begin writing at the right level and with confidence you are on the right track Ask yourself What What What What What the member did

was Lindas job? did that job require her to do? were the 3 or 5 things she did best? was the result of those things? How many times they did it And the result was Lt Jones taught the CDI programs Lt Jones mentored a new CDI at another unit Lt Jones completed mission chaplain assistant training Lt Jones

served as an encampment tac Lt Jones was a ground team leader 27 times this year Met with new CDI 6 times 17 cadets got promoted 30 cadets got training each month This year

First in wing and helped at eval and worked with 40 cadets And all of them graduated And completed sorties 13 training team participated in 6 exercises Writing a Promotion or Decoration Package (3)

Lt Jones served as Character Development Instructor at the XYZ Cadet Squadron from Aug 2015 to Sep 2018. Lt Jones provided CDI lessons 27 times in the last 3 years, and directly contributed to promotion for 17 cadets She stepped in to become a specialty track mentor for a new CDI at a nearby unit, met with that officer six times, and guaranteed training for the units 30 cadets. Her commitment to ES missions led her to complete the GTL qualifications over 13 sorties at 6 training missions. Not content with this role, she pushed on and became the wings first qualified mission

chaplain assistant, and was key to the Wings successful eval. What decoration would you give? Captain Smith has been unit/CC for 4 yrs. The unit has grown, flies regularly, helps cadets and hes always at conference. Very helpful and a strong leader who pays his dues every year. Major Smith commanded Pretty Impressive Senior Squadron from Aug 2014 to Nov 2018. The squadron now has 35 seniors, up from 20. The unit has an aircraft, recruited 5 pilots and averages 25 hrs flying/month. He made orientation flights a priority and theyve flown 200 orientation flights in 4 years. He was Wing Conference project officer 2x and unit was senior squadron of the

year 2x. Lt Col Smith commanded the Remarkable Senior Squadron from Aug 2014 to Nov 2018. He recharged the units training program, nearly doubled membership and sustained the growth. A very active pilot, Col Smiths servant leadership approach guided the unit to increase flying by 50%, up 20 hours per month; maintain an aircraft; Weve done all of thatI want to catch a big one Annual Awards Unit>group>wing>region>National We rank what the regions forward

Understanding the NPAT Four current wing commanders Team Leader Advisors: CAP/CCC and DP Packages are ranked by team members Team Leader does not vote as a matter of practice Members do not vote on their own wing nominations What we look for Does the package meet the standard of the policy Does the package

Tell a story about the member Balance the use of adjectives and actual content Jimmy is wonderful, caring, thoughtful and considerate And created a cadet squadron with 40 members and has won the Squadron of Distinction How does it compare to everyone else? Conclusion Promotions reflect An individuals experience and status within CAP Potential to manage resources and lead

Decorations and awards are complex First, understand what your chain of command wants Write bullets in what/how many times/results Be thoughtful about adjectives versus When we consider annual awards Does it read well Balance adjectives and actual content A panel of experienced leaders works hard to Questions? Feedback? Ask now or email [email protected] or

[email protected] Civil Air Patrol Citizens Serving Communities!

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