Pre-departure Orientation for University of Waterloo Co-op Interns

Pre-departure Orientation for University of Waterloo Co-op Interns

Pre-departure Orientation for University of Waterloo Co-op Interns July 31, 2013 Culture Shock _cajY&feature=related Shock Video Presenters Anya Carrasco

Cathy Stein Cultural Vistas Senior Program Manager Train USA [email protected] 212-497-3528 University of Waterloo Co-operative Education & Career Action International Employment Specialist

[email protected] 519-888-4567, ext. 36624 TC1111 Welcome Shut off cell phones Take notes No, presentation slides will not be given out! Cultural Vistas folder

Participant Handbook Last day to pick up visa documents: Friday, August 16 Agenda

Cultural Vistas Rules of the J-1 Visa Important Documents Entering the U.S. Housing

Payroll Social Security Bank Accounts Driving Break! Who We Are

Mission-driven nonprofit organization More than 100 years of experience Facilitated more than 100,000 exchanges Designated J-1 visa sponsor by U.S. State Department Professional fellowships and grant programs Vast global network with partners in over 100 countries J-1 Exchange Visitor Program

Cultural Vistas is your Program Sponsor Working versus training I am an intern going to the U.S. to train on a J-1 visa. Duties and activities should follow Training Plan No training allowed beyond end date on DS-2019 Contact us to extend your internship 30-day grace period before and after internship

No travelling outside U.S. during grace period J-1 Exchange Visitor Program No changing companies or working at other companies Two-year Residency Rule 212(e) (International students)

Maximum duration of 8 months (Waterloo co-op interns) Number of internships not limited Entering the United States: Important Documents Form DS-2019 Show at the border Keep for life $100 replacement cost

Passport Visa Stamp Non-Canadian citizens SEVIS Receipt Student and Exchange Visitor Information System

Generates DS-2019 Tracks visa holders Cultural Vistas pays $180 SEVIS on your behalf prior to consulate interview and/or arrival in the U.S. Electronic I-94: Entering by Air Your entry is automatically recorded and you will not receive a card

Upon arrival in the U.S. retrieve your arrival record online: Download, save and print! Electronic I-94: Flying I-94 Card: Flying

Record of arrival and departure to and from the U.S. Obtained at the port of entry Fill it out using your full legal name I-94 Card: Entering by Land Entry date, J-1, and D/S marked on this form Stapled to your passport

until the last time you leave the U.S. Submitted to U.S. or Canadian customs If you get back to school and you still have it inside your passport contact Cultural Vistas or Waterloo Other Important Documents

Proof of funds $3,000 bank statement, credit card statement, support letter Signed Training Plan Offer letter from employer Address of where you will be staying

Rsum Before you leave Canada

Gather and scan all documentation Email it to yourself and emergency contact Clean out wallets and purses Arrange travel only if you have your DS-2019 Confirm housing appointments Connect with other students going to same destination Arrival in the United States Immediate Arrival Checklist

Check your documentation to ensure you have entered the U.S. correctly Email us with your U.S. home address: [email protected] and [email protected] (Submit blue form for Apple and Qualcomm) Update Cultural Vistas immediately if your address, phone, or e-mail changes Register with the Canadian consulate

Housing Connect with other Waterloo students

Off campus housing hot housing leads Look online and university bulletin boards Ask a lot of questions Read everything carefully before signing Use Google Earth Resell furniture & household supplies Find an American roommate! Moving Forward Apply for a Social Security Number

Set up local bank account Set up internet/phone Fill out HR forms Set personal and professional objectives Apply for a Social Security Number Wait 10 calendar days after entering the U.S. Make sure you have sent your home address to CECA and Cultural Vistas Visit to locate nearest office and

download Form SS-5 Bring DS-2019 Form, Passport and I-94, Form SS-5 and Letter of Support Get a receipt for your application Have your name on your residence's mailbox Social Security Card Valid for Work Only with DHS Authorization SSN is valid for life Keep card in a safe place Only official entities should ask for this: banks,

host company, doctors office, etc. Let us know if you have any problems. Bank Accounts Bring passport, Social Security card and proof of address

Ask about Student accounts Monthly Fees and Minimum Balance Time for deposited funds to clear Bank hours Choose a bank close to your host company Tax Deduction Form W-4 lets you decide when to pay taxes 0 or 1 allowance recommended

Tax Deduction Form Source: Life After School. Explained. Cap & Compass, LLC Driving in the U.S. Never drive a car without insurance!

Check your states laws! Many states will require U.S. license after 3 months Uses for U.S. Driving License: Legal driving permit Accepted proof of age 7th Inning Stretch Agenda Intercultural experience

Workplace Travelling Health Insurance U.S. Laws U.S. Taxes Risk management and personal safety Your responsibilities Culture shock Evaluations

Your Intercultural Experience While Youre There The first few weeks are the most difficult. Do not be disappointed if youre not involved with the most challenging projects in the beginning.

Ask your supervisor about reporting sick days as well as other office rules. Establish a comfortable routine. Stay informed on global and security issues.

Getting Involved Join sports or community clubs Participate in company group activities or discounts to cultural institutions and events Volunteer Travelling to Canada

Email Cultural Vistas [email protected] with dates of travel, destination and emergency contact Always travel with your passport, DS-2019, health insurance card and I-94 (if

applicable) Non-Canadians must have a multiple entry visa Travelling Outside of Canada You will need a travel validation signature Email Cultural Vistas with travel plans

Travel with all important documents. $30 Travel Validation Fee Applies Signature Health Insurance IEES Print and review insurance policy

Our insurance can be used at any doctor Tips Carry insurance card with you Locate doctor/hospital/clinic you can use before emergency Familiarize yourself with the reimbursement process UW Health and Dental Coverage

Know what you are covered for Travel Card in wallet at all times Know how to use the plan in case of an emergency OHIP extension- 8 month and returners for more details

SunLife Health Coverage Travel card at the bottom, fill it in NOW Member ID # is your student ID number

Call 1-800 number first and they will tell you where the nearest doctor, hospital or clinic is to where you are living in the U.S. 8-month work term? Extend your OHIP coverage

Questions U.S. Taxes Only subject to income taxes federal, state and local Do not pay Social Security, Medicare, and

Unemployment taxes Your responsibility to make sure these are not withheld from your pay check U.S. Tax Forms Paid internships Federal Form 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ State Tax Form Federal Form 8843 Unpaid internships Federal Form 8843

W-2 Form Summary of earnings and taxes withheld U.S. company will mail by February 15 Make sure they have your address for this time Filing Taxes

Internal Revenue Service Publication 519 U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens Publication 515, Tax guide for employer File early. Deadline is April 15th. You will be penalized for filing late!

U.S. Laws Federal Drinking age is 21 No drunk driving Open container law No drugs No hitch-hiking State Open container laws Restricted smoking

If you are not sure, go online or ask! Still very new to her surroundings, Amy felt like the taxi driver was taking an unfamiliar route back home. SMART CHOICES? Some facts There are dangers to driving alone, at night and in unfamiliar surroundings

Travel in groups, safety vans, taxis, etc. Be aware of your surroundings If you dont this at home, dont do it abroad Michelle thought she knew the way to the embassy. SMART CHOICES? Keep in mind Avoid being an obvious target for theft, violence and unsolicited attention.

Greg was having fun in Costa Rica when the earthquake happened 200 km away. The story was carried in the news in Canada. SMART CHOICES? Keep in mind Family and friends at home want to stay connected to you while youre abroad.

Emergency Protocol Plan Risk Management form All submitted prior to this session Emergency contact listed Arrival Notice submissions How we can reach you in an emergency How we will be in touch- phone first, then email Tweets to check your email Police Services Available for you 24 hours a day

519-888-4911 [email protected] Responsibilities Student Pre-departure meetings, documentation, health insurance coverage, travel arrangements, housing, risk management, personal security, emergency notification Employer Financial compensation, arrival orientation, job supervision, mentoring, professional development, evaluation, (assist with

relocation/housing) University Visa and process advice, pre-departure meetings, student connections, work term and travel advisory monitoring, emergency response, employer assessment Visa sponsor Pre-departure meetings, visa documents, health insurance, reports and evaluations, SEVIS tracking Evaluations Cultural Vistas 4-month internship only requires a Final Evaluation

8-month internship requires Intermediate and Final Evaluations You and your immediate supervisor must sign Email evaluation(s) before you leave the U.S.! CECA Work term report for CECA Performance Evaluation for CECA WatPD courses Sign up and start the course while on your work term Determine your requirements for your area of study Need to complete one course each work term for more info

Social Media Photo Contests Follow us on!/culturalvistas Tumblr Returning to Canada

Bring your CECA employer evaluation form Submit your evaluation(s) to Cultural Vistas before you leave the U.S. Leave permanent address with your employer for tax information Questions

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