UCAB Meeting #6 Agenda Monday, November 9, 2009

UCAB Meeting #6 Agenda Monday, November 9, 2009

UCAB Meeting #6 Agenda Monday, November 9, 2009 Warren College Room I. Call to Order II. Roll Call III. Approval of Minutes IV. Announcements V. Public Input a. Tech Fee Waiver b. University Centers Marketing and Programs Presentation VI. Reports a. Chair Loft Referendum update b. Vice Chair c. University Centers Director Tech Fee Waiver budget : $2129 VII. New Business a. Tech fee waivers VIII. Old Business IX. Open Forum X. Roll Call XI. Adjournment University Centers Programs & Marketing 2009-10

Sharon Van Bruggen [email protected] 858-534-4022 University Centers Programs & Marketing 2009-10 Budget Overview Staff Overview-Who Does What Program Highlights Key Goals University Centers Programs & Marketing 2009-10 Career Staff: $151,560 Assistant Director, Event Manager, Graphic Artist Student Staff: $91,640 Programming, Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Media Benefits: $40,346

Supply and Expense: $305,950 Film Series, Concerts, Marketing & Advertising, etc. Sharon Van Bruggen Assistant Director Senior Marketing Asst. Administration Summer Nam Senior Marketing Asst. Armando Abundis Senior Artist Brian Ross Events & Programs Mngr Imani Tyus Comm Stdnt Srvs Mngr Student Center Mngr Kaitlyn Keigharn Marketing Asst. Tiffany Chin Asst. Graphic Designer Brooks Roach Snr. Concerts Coord. Sara McGowan

Erin Bower Marketing Asst. Hunter Marshall Media Coordinator Liz Kim Snr. Events Coord. David Lopez Angela Wu Marketing Asst. Micky Ju Webmaster Arnold Rafael Asst. Events Coord. Emily Chi Sean Gregory Art Coordinator Vacant Marcelo Ortiz Marketing Asst. Sarah Ruiz Marketing Asst. Nick Sottosanto Marketing Asst.

University Centers Programs & Marketing 2009-10 Enhance student life on campus Social opportunities Entertainment and enrichment Learning outside the classroom Active, vibrant and dynamic facilities Produce and promote 300+ events a year Market facilities and services Provide messaging channels for student orgs Conduct assessments Support / recruit vendors and tenants Support daily operations University Centers Programs & Marketing 2009-10 Events and Programs (Production +

Promotion) Price Center Blockbusters Pub After Dark Roma Nights The Jump Off The Garden Bitchy Bingo Unwind @ The Hump Plaza or Ballroom concerts Loft events First Friday at Price Center Student Center Block Party

Art Exhibits and Receptions Art Walk De-stress Fest Quiz Bowl Professors Unscripted Senior Week (Senior Promiscuous) Homecoming (BBQ on Triton Steps) University Centers Programs & Marketing 2009-10 Marketing and Promotions Pocket Events Guide (PEG) University Centers website TritonLink, Blink, UCSD Master Calendar Course Catalogue Campus Tours RA trainings, orientations, etc. UCSD News, The Guardian Messaging Channels

Price Center Marquee VideoConnect Display Cases Operational Support Vendor and Tenant Support Coupons Events General marketing efforts Vendor Recruitment

Signage and way finding Holidays and special hours The Gameroom marketing Bike Shop marketing Floor plans RFP exhibits and signage PC Retail website Assessments University Centers Programs & Marketing 2009-10 GOALS 2009-10 Improve Student Center relationships and awareness Strengthen University Centers branding and identity Increase vendor awareness Increase sustainability / eco-friendliness of University Centers Participate in UCEN strategic planning process Explore revenue-generating options Diversify events and programming efforts

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