Virtualize Your Datacenter, Accelerate Your Business Marc Hinderickx

Virtualize Your Datacenter, Accelerate Your Business Marc Hinderickx

Virtualize Your Datacenter, Accelerate Your Business Marc Hinderickx System Engineer 1 The NetApp and VMware Global Alliance Tens of thousands of joint customers Virtualization Escalation Team for joint support Reference platform for iSCSI and NFS All NetApp products are VMware certified Deep engineering-level collaboration Actively engaged across all levels Mutual global partners 2 Accelerate the Path to the Cloud Cost Quality of Service Business Agility % Virtualized Platinum

Gold Phase 3 Phase 2 Phase 1 IT Owned Apps & Services Source: VMware Survey 25% 55% Automated Ops & Metrics Choice of Cloud models Application transformation Mission Critical Apps Standardized Services Start Private Cloud Our Customers 80+% 3 Business Critical Apps is Next Wave of Virtualization 67% 47%

42% 34% 53% 38% MS Exchange MS SharePoint 28% 28% 43% MS SQL APR 2011 25% 25% Oracle Middleware Oracle DB

18% JAN 2010 SAP Source: VMware customer survey, VMware vSphere customer install base, April 2011, sample size 1038 Data: Total number of instances of that workload deployed in your organization and the percentage of those instances that are virtualized 4 4 Storage + Server NetApp Extends VMwares Value = Consolidatio n Agility Availability Policy

Management Reduce IT expenses by more than 50% Reducing IT tasks from weeks or months to minutes Decrease downtime and improve reliability Deliver simplified and effective management of service levels Efficiency Flexibility Integrated

Data Prot. Unified Management Use 50% less storage guaranteed Provision storage as quickly as your virtual servers Built-in backup and DR Manage storage directly from vCenter A fully virtualized data center transforms IT and accelerates businesses 5 Best Storage for Virtualized Environments Best-in-Class Data Protection

The Most Efficient Storage The Most Flexible IT Infrastructure 6 Instantaneous, Storage-Efficient Backup The Problem NetApp Snapshot Solution Tape is slow, complex Streaming backups take too long Backups built-in to the storage Instantaneous backup and recovery Recoveries are slow Recovery points are limited Low storage overhead Frequent, application consistent CPU Utilization CPU Utilization Storage Pool Traditional Backup Is NOT Practical

Fast, Affordable, and Simple Backup and Restores 7 Data Protection Against Any Failure SnapVault VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager VMware HA/FT MetroCluster Snapshot copies Building 1 SnapMirror SnapVault Snapshot copies Snapshot copies Building 2 DR Site

Issue NetApp User error: Data corruption: System or site failure: Regional disasters: Instant backups; end-user recovery Instantaneous restores Transparent failover Recover in minutes Nearline Backup: Rapid search and retrieval Backup archive: Tape management; file catalog Tertiary Snapshot copies 8 VMware Site Recovery Manager Advanced workflow automation for DR setup,

testing and failover, and failback Recovery Site Protected Site vCenter SRM SRM vCenter vSphere vSphere VMware ESX VMware ESX NetApp SnapMirror Allows dual purposing of hardware for production or dev/test Protects more of the environment for less cost Integrates with NetApp

SnapMirror and NetApp FlexClone 9 Secure Multi-Tenancy Industrys only end-to-end secure multi-tenancy solution HR Apps BU Apps Core Apps vSphere vShield Zones VMware VMware VMware vCenter Securely isolate shared compute, network, and storage resources Consistent QoS at each layer Manage each resource pool independently as a dynamic asset Nexus 1000V

Nexus 2000/5000/7000 UCS 10GbE Reduce risk and cost while boosting IT agility A Cisco Validated Design Security audited by ICSA Labs MultiStore NetApp Data Motion NFS/iSCSI PCI compliant HR BU APP 10 Best Storage for Virtualized Environments Best-in-Class Data Protection The Most Efficient Storage The Most Flexible IT Infrastructure 11

ONTAP Platform: Designed for Efficiency Low-cost components SATA drives RAID-DP Flash Cache Data reduction Dedupe Compression Thin Replication Increased utilization Thin Provisioning Unified architecture $ Data Growth SATA/ RAID-DP Snapshot Technology Thin Provisioning Cloning Deduplication Compression Flash Cache Storage Fewer full copies

FlexClone Deduped backup 12 VSC Simplifies Management Overview End to end storage management capabilities for VMware admin Unified plug-in Cluster-mode support VI Admin VM lifecycle management VM Lifecycle Discover / Monitoring & Host Config Provisioning & Cloning Optimization & Migration Patch / Maintain

Backup & Recovery / DR Cleanup Setup Datastore discovery Optimize host settings View controller health Deploy Provision datastores Create rapid clones VAAI Optimization detection & correction Automation Storage Pool Policies Storage Admin Maintain Redeploy VMs from template View utilization Resize datastores

H/W assist lock Protect Fast, efficient backups Rapidly restore Automatic replication Decommission Unregister VMs Detach from hosts Destroy storage objects 13 Automate Backup, Recovery and DR Overview Available as Backup and Recovery feature in VSC file Automated, file system-consistent, policy based backup of VMware environments ESX Enable virtual server admin to perform

backup and recovery Features App App App OS OS OS More granular restore options: VMDKs Files within guest OS file system (Single File Restore) App App App Snapshots OS OS OS App App App App OSApp OSApp OS App OSApp

OSApp OS OS OS OS Advanced Find option for specific backups vFiler support Automates replication Snapshot compatibility with SRM 14 Best Storage for Virtualized Environments Best-in-Class Data Protection The Most Efficient Storage The Most Flexible IT Infrastructure 15 Application Mobility Primary Site Secondary Site APP APP OS OS APP APP

OS OS APP APP OS OS Use Case Solution Host load balancing or maintenance VMware vMotion Datastore capacity management VMware Storage vMotion 18 Application Mobility Primary Site Secondary Site

APP APP OS OS APP APP APP APP OS OS OS OS Use Case Host load balancing or maintenance Datastore capacity management Array balancing, maintenance or refresh Solution VMware vMotion VMware Storage vMotion NetApp Data Motion 19

OnCommand Insight Balance Raises IT intelligence with KPIs Reduce costs by using storage and servers more efficiently in shared infrastructures Predict and troubleshoot resource contention, hot spots, and bottlenecks Optimize workload for efficient use of resources Plan capacity to enable constant operation at the best possible performance level for the lowest cost Manage infrastructure service supporting applications Performance Capacity Analytics Provide Intelligence Instead of Data 20 Save Time and Money: Resolve Issues Fast VM Server Storage App Map service health Get intelligence, not just data points Leverage key performance indicators 21

Save Time and Money: Predict and Prevent Instantly understand the business impact of an IT issue Problem Problem Summary Summary Business Business and and Impact Severity Impact Severity Root Root Cause Cause Links Links to to Launch Launch Detail Detail 22 Reduce Capex: Optimize Service Health Understand performance and capacity implications Overprovisioning

resources wastes money, underprovisioning impacts performance Performance Index exposes inefficiencies and identifies optimal point 23 Forecast: Plan Performance and Capacity Requirements Server Volume Capacity Utilization Report Scheduled and on-demand reports Automated scorecards provide consistent metrics Dozens of drill-down reports Virtual Machine Scorecard shows how the infrastructure is supporting the VM Server Volume Capacity Utilization Forecast tells you when youll run out 24 Manage Service Levels: Meet Business

Requirements Baseline and predict future service Alert on service deviations Maximize utilization without degrading performance Confidently Virtualize More Business-Critical Applications 25 The Broadest Range of Unified Storage Fabric-attached storage family Unified storageCIFS, NFS, FC, FCoE, and iSCSI Tiered storage from mission critical to archival Common software, interface, and management tools Support for heterogeneous storage with V-Series Data ONTAP: Foundation of the Storage Pool FAS2000s FAS3000s FAS6000s V-Series HP EMC HDS 26

Summary: Key NetApp Differentiators The most efficient, flexible foundation for VMware Be fast and efficient Save 50% on storage in virtual environments guaranteed Deduplicate primary data even on 100 TB volumes Improve performance by 50% without adding storage tiers Automate application availability Use one solution for instant backup and restore Ensure reliable, repeatable, and cost-effective DR Eliminate downtime; migrate data and apps non-disruptively Align to and accelerate the business

Rapidly provision storage to match VMs Gain end-to-end visibility and analysis Empower VI admins with advanced storage capabilities 27 28

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