Week Two Vocabulary Tract: drag or draw Distractto

Week Two Vocabulary Tract: drag or draw Distractto

Week Two Vocabulary Tract: drag or draw Distractto draw attention to another direction

Contractan agreement Between two or more people

Tractora powerful vehicle used for pulling farm machinery

Duc: to lead Conductto lead Inductto place formally in an office, a society, etc. (Think of Hall of Fames)

Sec/sequ: to follow Sequenceone thing after another Sequelsomething that follows; continuation

Ambi/amphi: on both sides;around Amphibiouscan operate on land or water Ambidextroususing both hands with equal ease

Ep/epi: upon; besides; attached to Epiloguea closing section added on to a play, novel, etc. Epitaphan inscription on a tomb, etc. in memory of a dead person

Murdered by a traitor and a coward whose name is not worthy to appear here. (On Jesse James tombstone) Prefix

Intra-: within Intramuralbetween or among members of the same school, college, etc. Intraneta private Internet computer network for one organization, company, etc.

Suffix -ion: act or process Litigationthe act of disputing or contesting in a lawsuit Extractionthe act or process of

drawing out by effort Vocabulary Words American Literature Week #2

Abdicate Representative Gabrielle Giffords Wallis

Simpson & Edward VIII Abdicate Definition: (v.) to give up power, duties or obligations

Synonym: resign, relinquish, step down Antonym: accept, receive Aberration

Aberration Definition: (n.) state or condition different from the norm. Synonym: deviation, abnormality Antonym: normality

Bias Bias Definition: (n.) partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation.

Synonym: prejudice, favoritism Antonym: impartiality, fairness Capacious Capacious

Definition: (adj.) large in capacity Synonym: roomy, spacious Antonym: small, cramped Digression

Digression Definition: (n.) message that departs from the main subject. Synonym: aside, detour Antonym: focus, concentration

Ephemeral Ephemeral Definition: (adj.) lasting a very short time. Synonym: brief, momentary, fleeting

Antonym: permanent, lasting Fortitude Fortitude Definition: (n.) strength of mind, courage

Synonym: determination, resilience Antonym: weakness Inconsequential Inconsequential

Definition: (adj.) lacking worth or importance. Synonym: insignificant, petty, trivial Antonym: important, essential Opulent

Opulent Definition: (adj.) rich and superior in quality. Synonym: wealthy, lavish, luxurious Antonym: meager, bare, poor

Superficial Superficial Definition: (adj.) shallow; not deep or penetrating.

Synonym: insincere, trivial Antonym: deep, thoughtful

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