Student Information System (SIS) & myCourses This week

Student Information System (SIS) & myCourses This week

Student Information System (SIS) & myCourses This week practice the tutorial for SIS and myCourses Today we will mention some important highlights for each system.. Student Information System (SIS) Enrollment Check Your Enrollment Appointments and Holds Log in to the new SIS and check what time your enrollment appointment is. Check for

academic or financial registration holds. Take action to resolve them prior to your enrollment appointment. Important SIS Information Search for Classes and Build Your Shopping Cart Use the new class search to find classes. If you are unsure of the course subject code, click select subject and you can browse all RIT course subjects using the number line provided. Although there is an alphabetical search, the alphabetical codes will not be used until we make the switch to semesters. Add classes to your shopping cart and create back-up plans in case your first choices fill up. Click "Validate" to make sure you meet the requisites and dont have any conflicts. Check-In and Double-Check If you have questions about what to enroll in, check-in with your advisor to make sure you are on the right track. Then make sure to double-check your shopping cart closer to the time

of your enrollment appointment to ensure no classes have closed. If a class is full you may have an opportunity to wait list the class and/or swap for a second choice. Enroll In Your Classes When your shopping cart is all set and your enrollment appointment begins, click "enrollment shopping cart," select the appropriate term, check the box for the classes you would like to take, and click "enroll." Important SIS Information Understanding the Enrollment Dates Screen Important SIS Information Wait List: Helps departments become aware that they may need to try and offer

another section Some courses have restrictions to a certain population till a certain date and wait list may help when the restriction is lifted Your Wait List position number will show up under class schedules Uncheck show open classes only box Important SIS Information Using Swaps and Wait lists: There are two ways to try to get into a class you couldnt: 1) Sign up for the wait list

2) Arrange a swap While wait listing works you still need to meet the criteria for the class. Here are two important reasons why you might not get into a class from the wait list: The wait listed class has a time conflict with another class already enrolled in and a swap has not been set up You are already enrolled in the maximum number of units (credits). Using swap will prevent this Setting up a Swap instead will allow you to enroll in a full schedule of classes, and then will automatically switch out the Plan B class for the preferred class if there is an opening that occurs in the preferred class and you meet the requirements.

Step 1: Shopping Cart Enroll in a schedule of classes. Now you have a schedule. Problem is, class choice 1 is full so you signed up for class choice

2. The swap will only work if you are already enrolled in choice 2 and you want to switch it out for choice 1 (which you are not enrolled in and not on the wait list for). Go to the search page and search for choice 1. Make sure to uncheck the box that says Show Open Classes Only. Select the choice 1 class and add it to your shopping cart. Its okay if its full, just put it in your shopping cart. Be sure to check the wait list box. You can confirm the class is in your shopping cart by going to Enroll Add. You should see a screen like the image on the left.

Step 2: Swap! The swap screen itself is pretty straightforward. You can access it by going to Enroll Swap. Select the class from your schedule that you want to swap out. Select the class from your shopping cart you want to swap in. Press select!

How to Read Your SIS Schedule Check for weekly view Confirm your status as enrolled If Wait Listed, you can view your placement number

Important SIS Information Purchase Books: While most professors will give you a syllabus with required books on the first day of classes, you can order textbooks preemptively from RIT Barnes & Noble through the SIS system. The system will automatically create a custom list of all the books the professors have required

for their course, and you will be able to order directly from that list. Please note that some courses will not have required books. This may be due to a variety of reasons, so dont worry. Important SIS Information All of the training materials for students: If you experience a technical problem with the system, we ask you to report the problem https:// p For general information about the enrollment

process, visit Add/Drop or Withdraw Add/Drop - 1st 7 days of the quarter, including the weekend. **See your advisor for questions, dont wait till the weekend to drop/add in case you experience registration issues** Withdraw from a course 2nd to 8th week of quarter seek tutoring early and meet with professor & advisor prior to withdrawing from a course Contact FA & housing first if less than 12 credits. Grade of W will show up on your transcript, but not in your GPA You can always retake a course to get a better grade the most current grade is used Professors use this for online courses and most do for courses on campus. Check it often. Log-in and visit the Online Student Community under Communities, to review the quarterly start-up and tutorials Practice activities myCourses - Helpful Hints Drop Box: When submitting an assignment SAVE your confirmation email and VERIFY you sent it to the correct course If you have an assignment partially done and the cut-off time is running close, submit it as you can always submit

it again Dont wait till the last minute to submit, as your PC time may be slower than myCourses and it will be too late to submit your assignment or it give you no lead way if your computer freezes up Quiz: Take the practice quiz first Dont wait till the last minute to take your quiz, if the quiz has a hour time frame and you log in 20min before the cutoff time, the system may not let you log in.remember, the system can run slow at times too Check Your Professors end time given and plan accordingly Printing Power point slides posted by your Professor: In the print function you can click on the drop down feature and click on Note Pages and Handouts then enter the number of slides per page for easier printing

Check Often for course notes, assignment and grade information Check assignment deadline on the drop box Use the class email list to ask help from peers on anything related to the course Assistance Information & Technology Services (ITS) HelpDesk Phone Support: (585) 475-HELP [4357] or (585) 475-2810 (TTY) Email: [email protected] In Person: Gannett Building, Room 1113 Hours of Operation: Mycourses Support Email: [email protected]

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