Community Link Worker Programme Health Scotland & ISD

Community Link Worker Programme Health Scotland & ISD

Community Link Worker Programme Health Scotland & ISD LIST Gordon Hunt Senior Information Analyst Themina Mohammed Principle Information Development Manager Information Services Division Mission: To transform information into evidence for action to protect and

improve health and well-being in Scotland * Data included in this presentation is provisional based on the data available at the time of presenting. Due to the differences in collection methodologies and submitted data across the different sites, a number of assumptions have been made to permit illustrative comparisons of the data. Therefore, publication of this data is not recommended and any further interpretation of the figures shown should be treated with caution. It is also important to note that figures may change in future outputs Data from cradle to grave Mental Health Dental inspection Scottish birth record BIRTH Maternity Outpatient

s Substance misuse Continuing care census Hospital Admissions GP consultations Immunisation Child health surveillance Prescribing Screenin g A&E Cancer registry

Clinical audits Most of our data sets offer 100% coverage Community Health Index CHI seeded DEATH LIST: Local Focus Present North North Local Local

ISD Specialist Teams West Local In the past East ISD Specialist Teams West East

Understanding the wider determinants of health Community Link Worker: project pathway Issues around what can be collected on current systems to support evaluation 2. Agree /manage expectations measurable outcomes 1. Review SG Evaluation Questions Working with HS and CLW project team to Identifying requirements

CLW Community Link Worker HS Health Scotland SG Scottish Government Further consultation with CLWs on the draft dataset; ensuring minimal burden of additional data 4. Discuss /align data capture Use existing national coding structures where applicable

7. Facilitate the Information Governance requirements to allow data to be sent to LIST and for analysis 6. Create standard coding lists for data collection 3. Collate what data are currently captured by CLW

To test the draft minimum dataset. 5. Agree sign off minimum core dataset for CLW Analysis and outputs Minimum Core Dataset for Community Link Worker Programme Consent to share information with NSS LIST [Information Governance prior to data sharing]

Practice code Unique patient programme identifier Age Gender Ethnicity

SIMD /(Postcode) Non-English speaking Date of referral to CLW Referral route/source Reasons for referral Date first seen by CLW/1st Programme participation Reason not seen by CLW Repeat contacts/follow-up appointments Onward referral resource type Availability of services/gaps in local service provision Community Link Workers Data Flow Diagram Community Link Workers Data Submission Review Currently several variations of data submitted Pilot Area

Minimum Core Dataset Area 1 Postcode not recorded SIMD cannot be derived, 18 local systems will need to be amended. Area 2 Should be complete (data not yet received) Area 3 ~ 50+ separate file, will varying levels of MCD collected; files need to be standardised and collated. Area 4

Currently unable to submit individual client level data; aggregate return only. Area 5 Most of MCD data submitted. CLW Data completeness ....Issues Data submitted /collected on multiple separate files Data headings not consistent with the MCD list Format of data are not consistent across all sites DNA data not submitted SIMD not recorded in some areas Referral source not submitted Referral reasons do not match the CLW core dataset Multiple reasons for referral submitted Referral destination incomplete or not recorded What might the evaluation help us understand? MCD Qualitative Scoping PATIENTS Who is receiving the CLW service?

PRACTICES How does the CLW programme reduce demand on the GP practice? How do different CLW models of delivery influence programme delivery and outcomes (e.g. individual practice vs cluster models of service)? Is there any change in nature and source of referrals over time? Does the programme reduce pressure on practice teams for those patients who access the Link Worker service? Scoping Scoping

COMMUNITY & THIRD SECTOR Is the Link Worker programme sustainable? Does the Programme enable stronger practice-community relationships? SERVICE PLANNING Is programme information and learning used by HSCPs and CPPs to inform service planning? Does the Programme contribute to understanding of local partners to determine how to best address the needs of their populations?

Burden of Disease Housing Source: Benefits Source: https://www.nomiswe Abuse Incidents of domestic abuse recorded by the

police LA 141 (n=2103 ) Scotlan d 110 Long Term Conditions (Locality prevalence per 1,000 of at least one LTC) Coldside 223 (n = 4089)Lochee 214 (n = 4156) Dundee East End 230 (n = 3656)Maryfield 165 (n = 3077) Dundee North

187 (n = 2986)Strathmartine 216 (n = 4247) East Dundee West End 136 (n = 2799)The Ferry 223 (n = 4496) LA Scotlan d Fuel Poor - 10% of income on household fuel 30.7 % 27.3% Extreme Fuel Poor - 20% of income

7.8% 7.6% Fuel Poverty Substance Use & Misuse LA Scotland Drug Related Hospital Stays (per 100,000) 719.5 (n = 968)

675.5 Alcohol Related Hospital Stays (per 100,000) 240.2 (n = 339) 146.9 3.8 (n=57) 1.7 Drug Related Deaths (per 10,000) Employment & Welfare

LA Scotland Economically Active 71.7% (n = 70800) 77.4% Out of Work Benefits 4.8% (n = 4700) 3.1% Jobs Density 0.85 (n=84000)

0.81 Going Forward...... potential to build dashboards showing standard outputs Using agreed visualisation Reliant on reliable/timely data submissions Thank you General Enquiries: [email protected] Community Link Workers data [email protected] LIST (Local Intelligence Support Team)

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