Developing Management Skills Chapter 10: Leading Positive Change

Developing Management Skills Chapter 10: Leading Positive Change

Developing Management Skills Chapter 10: Leading Positive Change 10-1 Learning Objectives Understand the obstacles to successful change in organizations

Develop the capability to lead positive change Acquire the ability to mobilize the capabilities of others in achieving positive change 10-2 Todays Agenda Leadership and Change

Corporate Vision Statements Wisconsin Art Greetings role playing exercise Chrysler case study discussion 10-3 Leadership vs. Management Characteristics of Characteristics of

Leaders Managers Maintain steadiness Set direction Control variance Initiate change Create Keep the status quo something new

10-4 Inertia and Change Organizations are designed to favor stability and predictable outcomes. Changes that disrupt an organizations routines and processes compromise its stable and predictable outcomes Radical change is thus very disruptive,

costly and rarely successful (particularly in old and large organizations) 10-5 Competency Traps The larger and more certain returns to the exploitation of well honed routines impede the exploration of novel alternatives

Successful innovation and organizational change requires carefully balancing exploitation and exploration 10-6 A Framework for Positive Change Insert figure 10.3 10-7

Establish a Positive Climate Create a positive energy network Ensure a climate of compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude Focus attention on strengths and the best self 10-8

Creating Readiness for Change Benchmark best practices Institute symbolic events: an event used to signify a new future. i.e. Chryslers and Iacoccas ceremony to inspire a new era Create a new language to describe old

realities. i.e. Disney employees are called cast members, their uniforms are costumes 10-9 Corporate Visions Visions speak to the heart and the head

They include universal values They help define the future They evoke deeper meaning and provide optimism They must be straight and simple They should be tied to symbols 10-10 Generating Commitment

to the Vision Affirm public commitments Reward small wins Communicate the vision 10-11 Institutionalize the Change Turn students into teachers Build human capital

Establish metrics, measurements and milestones 10-12 A Framework for Leading Positive Change Insert figure 10.9 10-13

Behavioral Guidelines Establish a climate of positivity by fostering compassion, forgiveness and gratitude Create readiness for change in others through symbols and language Articulate passionate vision statements Generate commitment through communication and small wins Institutionalize the vision and create

irreversible momentum 10-14 Exercises Corporate vision statements (p. 568) Lee Iacocca and Chrysler case discussion (p. 574) Wisconsin Art and Greetings role play (hand out)

10-15 Next Steps Read textbook Appendices A-C 10-16

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