The Vanderbilt Reputation Ranked in Top 10 in

The Vanderbilt Reputation  Ranked in Top 10 in

The Vanderbilt Reputation Ranked in Top 10 in US News & World Report in 3 Specialty Areas Ranked in Top 25 in ALL Pediatric Specialty Areas (US News & World Report, 2009) One of Fortunes Best Companies to Work For (Fortune, 2009) Vanderbilt is one of only two Magnet organizations in TN (ANCC, 2011) What is Magnet Designation?? Being named a Magnet Organization is the highest level of recognition that

the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) can accord to healthcare organizations which provide nursing care. Only 371* hospitals in our country (about 6%) are considered Magnet Hospitals. Vanderbilt is the first in Nashville and the only the 2nd in the state of Tennessee. * 4/12/10 Initial Designation - 2006 Vanderbilt Nursing

Magnet Bound!! Where are we now?? 1. The Second Designation application document was submitted in October 2010. 2. We will submit supplemental information requested by ANCC by September 2011 and await acceptance of that information and notification about a site visit. ANCC Magnet Vision To be the fount of knowledge and expertise of nursing care

globally. Will be solidly grounded in core magnet principles, flexible, and constantly striving for discovery and innovation. Lead the reformation of healthcare, the discipline of nursing and care of the patient, family and community. 5 Magnet Model Essential Elements 1. Transformational Leadership

2. Structural Empowerment 3. Exemplary Professional Nursing Practice 4. New Knowledge, Innovations & Improvements 5. Empirical Quality Results Global Issues in Nursing & Health Care Structural Empowerment

Transformati onal Leadership Outcomes New Knowledge, Innovations & Improvements * American Nurses Credentialing Center Exemplary

Professional Practice Transformational Leadership Strategic Planning Advocacy and Influence Visibility, Accessibility, and Communication et/vumc.php?site=Magnet%20Web site&doc=30616 Structural Empowerment

Professional Engagement Commitment to Professional Development Teaching and Role Development Commitment to Community Involvement Recognition of Nursing https://

net/vumc.php?site=Magne t%20Website&doc=30617

Exemplary Professional Practice Professional Practice Model Care Delivery Systems Staffing, Scheduling, and Budgeting Processes Interdisciplinary Care Accountability, Competence, and Autonomy Ethics, Privacy, Security, and Confidentiality Diversity and Workplace Advocacy Culture of Safety Quality Care Monitoring and Improvement https:// p?site=Magnet%20Website&doc=3061 8 New Knowledge, Innovations, Improvements Research Evidence Based Practice Innovation https:// mc.php?site=Magnet%20Website

&doc=30620 Empirical Outcomes Patients Nurses Organization Consumers

https:// p?site=Magnet%20Website&doc=306 21 Bottom Line Great Nurses Great Leaders Great Structures Great Knowledge &

Innovation Great Outcomes *American Nurses Credentialing Center Weight Changes Domains Original Designation Re-designation

Transformational Leadership 15% 10% Structural Empowerment 15% 10%

Exemplary Professional Nursing Practice 30% 25% New Knowledge, Innovations & Improvements (Research) 10%

15% Empirical Quality Results 30% 40% Game time! eopardy/usergames/Apr201016/gam e1272223032.php

Resources Email communications Magnet webpage https:// =Magnet%20Website Your department based Magnet champions Magnet Monthly Newsletters Sign up for Magnet Nurse Alerts!

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