THE EPQ How will it help you? Why

THE EPQ How will it help you? Why

THE EPQ How will it help you? Why complete an EPQ? EPQ and Application to Higher Education Undertaking an Extended Project can support your application to Higher Education by: Reducing the level of an offer Giving your application preference, on highly selective courses over students who have not undertaken EPQ Providing a focus for valued content within your personal statement Providing a major focus for interview discussion

The essay project Minimum of 5000 words (no upper word limit) Formal essay with introduction, footnotes (Harvard Referencing), PowerPoint presentation followed by a structured group discussion of the topic, conclusion. Evidence bias analysis also required. As part of a completed production log. Detailed bibliography required

Phase 1 Phase 2 The year ahead 2017 / 2018 EPQ start Date: Thurs 6th July 2017 Before the summer holidays During the summer holidays Hand in date: Fri 8th Sept 17 by 11.20 am.

Decision made on which students are carried forward into Phase 2 by Friday 15th September. September 2017 to February 2018 Frequently Asked Questions Can we work together? No, students may not work together on their EPQ. Can I research an area I already study? No, your project cannot overlap with anything that is already on a syllabus which you study for the full duration of your A Level.

Is the EPQ project optional? No, the EPQ forms part of your Post 16 Curriculum. We expect all students to attempt this and to submit this project for consideration. Only the essays which successfully meet all of the criteria will be chosen for submission to AQA. Are EPQ lessons compulsory? Yes every lesson is compulsory and you will be registered. Students who do not continue on to compete the full EPQ post September, will have these lessons converted into additional study or enrichment lessons. Frequently Asked Questions When do I hand in my completed work?

Your first deadline is Friday the 8th of September. All essays must be handed in to Mrs Clarke by 11.20am, where a date and time receipt will be issued. What happens if I miss the deadline? Unfortunately we will not be able to consider your essay for the EPQ this year. In mitigating circumstances, a letter may be written to Mr Mitchell, asking for this decision to be overturned. Please note that external evidence (letter from Doctor) needs to be included to support this letter. If you are ill on the day, then you should ask a family member to hand in the essay to reception who will pass it on to Mrs Clarke.

Frequently Asked Questions Can I ask my teacher for additional help? You can request a tutorial, however this is an independent piece of work. There are strict guidelines in place which restrict what teachers can help you with. We can only give tutorials and ask critical questions. We can not tell you what to do, suggest ideas, help you with your research or mark any draft forms of your essay. This has to be a totally independent piece of work. We will only mark your final essay, before submitting it to the exam board. How do I record my progress? You will need to complete a electronic progress log. Your nominated tutor will introduce this to you during your first tutorial once you have

decided on your question. This log is as important as your final essay think of it as a written diary of your thoughts and EPQ journey. Frequently Asked Questions Have I wasted my time if I dont progress onto Phase 2? No, the skills which you have leant through this piece of work will help you to improve the rest of your grades in your other A Level subjects. Many of the EPQ skills which you will have been taught will help with the many written components of both coursework and examination tasks. What research sources will I need to use? You will need to use as many types of research as possible. E.G.

Books, journals, newspaper or magazine articles, news or film clips, documenters, internet, writing / send out questioners, interviewing people etc You will also need to analyse each of these considering their bias. Frequently Asked Questions How many UCAS points is the EPQ worth? Frequently Asked Questions What is the success criteria that my essay has to meet in order to progress onto phase 2? -All Phase 1 tasks completed before the start of school in September .

-Minimum of 4000 words of high quality written work. -Attended all previous tutorials first time around. -Completed Progress log pages 1,5,6 & 9. -Minimum of 5 different research sources. -Compliance with all deadlines, first time around. -Evidence of a mature and serous approach to this style of project work . -The ability to continue with the EPQ without impacting on other A Level studies. -Proven ability to work independently with strong time management skills demonstrated throughout phase 1. Free Workshop Worcester Library

This can be logged as evidence in your progress log towards your taught skills. Shut Up and Write... Your EPQ - Wed, 23 August 2017 (check the day before that its still running) Completing an EPQ in the next academic year? Why not get a head start by joining this free drop-in session. Refreshments provided. Open to all sixth form students. 1 - 4pm

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