Proper Wear JROTC Uniform and Personal Appearance A

Proper Wear JROTC Uniform and Personal Appearance A

Proper Wear JROTC Uniform and Personal Appearance A Properly Fitting JROTC Uniform According to Army regulations on the wearing and appearance of uniforms, all personnel will maintain a high standard of dress and appearance. This regulation means that your personal appearance in uniform should project the image to others that you are a part of one of the finest groups in the world. Learning how to look your best in uniform takes time and effort.

Your uniform must be sized and fitted to give you comfort and a good appearance. There is nothing worse than pants, shirts, or coats that do not fit. Your pants should be hemmed to the required length (should fall to the second eyelet of low-quarter shoes and halfway between the top of the back of the shoe and the top of the shoe heel) and your shirt and coat, issued by size, should also fit well. THE ARMY GARRISON CAP

Before positioning the appropriate cadet officer or cadet enlisted insignia on the garrison cap, you should first know how to wear it. Place it on top of your head with the front vertical crease of the cap centered on your fore-head in a straight line with your nose. Tilt the cap slightly to your right, but do not let it touch or rest on top of your ear. Do not crush or shape the garrison cap to form peaks at the top front or top rear of it. CLASS A and CLASS B UNIFORMS

INSIGNIA OF GRADE To wear the grade insignia on long or short sleeve JROTC shirts, you normally wear shoulder marks (rank or shoulder boards). For cadet officers, place the narrow, pointed end toward the collar and the flat end toward the edge of the shoulder; for enlisted cadets, place the side with the pointed chevron (stripe) toward the collar. However, the wearing of grade insignia for certain enlisted grades, such as cadet private and cadet private first class, may differ between

schools. In most cases, those cadets may wear non-subdued pin-on grade insignia on both shirt collars or pinned to blank shoulder marks. Place these insignia centered on the collar, with the centerline of the insignia bisecting the point of each collar and one inch up from the edge of the collar point. Female Cadets - Neck tabs mandatory when in Class A uniform and Class B when wearing long sleeve shirt Male Cadets - Neck tie mandatory when in Class A uniform and when wearing long sleeve shirt in Class B

uniform PROPER PLACEMENT NAMEPLATE FEMALE CADETS For Female Cadets, (since those shirts do not have pockets) First, imagine a horizontal line one to two inches above the top button on your shirt. This imaginary line allows you to properly align your awards, insignia, and nameplate.

On the female uniform center the nameplate horizontally on the right side with the bottom of the nameplate 1 to 2 inches above the top button of shirt.

MALE CADETS For male cadets, center the nameplate on the right pocket between the top pocket seam and the top of the pocket buttonhole and below stitch line. Awards and Decorations Position individual awards for academic, athletic, and military

excellence on the left pocket (or left shirt area). Male Cadets center your ribbons on the pocket button one-eighth of an inch (1/8) above the top seam of the left pocket (Female Cadets, center ribbons on the left side with the bottom row parallel to the bottom edge of the nameplate). Place awards of this type no more than four across. Do not start a second row until you have four or more ribbons. Plus, the first and second rows must have the same number before you can start a third row. Center the top row on the row beneath it. Wear your ribbons in order of precedence from top to bottom and from your right to left in one or more rows.

Male Cadets wear badges and/or badges for excellence in marksmanship oneeighth of an inch (1/8) below the top seam on the left pocket flap (Females Cadets center badges one-fourth inch (1/4) below the ribbons), again in the order of precedence from your right to left. If more than one badge is worn, space them 1 inch apart.

The instructor staff may authorize you to wear shoulder cords for par ticipation in certain JROTC activities, including the color/honor guard, drill team, and rifle team. Wear one cord by itself on the left shoulder, and any other cord on the right shoulder. Otherwise, wear these cords based on the procedures of your local unit. gig line For male cadets, line the tip of the belt tab (which will be brass) with the end of the brass buckle towards the left, so that none of the belt shows. This

makes the belt buckle appear as one solid unit. For female cadets, line the tip of the belt tab with the end of the brass buckles towards the right, so that none of the belt shows. This makes the belt buckle appear as one solid unit. The most obvious sign of a correctly worn uniform is the formation of the gig line. Properly done, the edge of the shirt, belt buckle, and zipper flap should form

an unbroken vertical line. POLISHING YOUR IMAGE Neatness counts in JROTC. In order to achieve it, you must know the proper guidelines for wearing and cleaning your JROTC uniform. Guidelines for Wearing Your JROTC Uniform

1. Wear a clean and neatly pressed uniform 2. Tuck shirt into trousers; keep its seam aligned with the seam of the zipper flap of the trousers and the edge of the belt buckle (gigline)

3. Male and female cadets wear a T-shirt under the Class A and Class B uniforms. Wearing T-shirts prevents underarm perspiration from affecting your uniform. 4. Clean, polish, and properly display all brass on the uniform.

Guidelines for Wearing Your JROTC Uniform 5. Push the belt through the front loop of the trousers first and adjust to allow only the tip of the belt to protrude from the buckle. (Male Cadets Left; Female Cadets Right) 6. Wear only issued socks and shoes with the uniform. 7.

The wearing of a wrist watch, a wrist identification bracelet, and not more than two (2) rings is authorized with Army uniforms (unless prohibited for safety or health reasons) as long as the style is conservative and in good taste. 8. Female cadets may also wear small circular earrings ( not to exceed in diameter). Gold, Silver, White pearl, Diamond Guidelines for Wearing Your

JROTC Uniform 9. Do not carry bulky objects in any pocket of the uniform. While in uniform, cadets will not place theirs hands in their pockets except momentarily to place or retrieve items. 10. Wear hear gear at all times when outdoors. Guidelines for Care and Cleaning Your JROTC Uniform

1. Place coats on hangers wide enough to keep the shoulders on the coat in shape. Do not use wire hanger. 2. Keep shirts on hangers to prevent creasing. 3. Clean and shine shoes. 4. Dry clean trousers at a competent cleaners to take out stains or spots. Checking Your Look The Pre- Inspection The pre-inspection is your chance to make sure that everything is in its proper place on your uniform and looks sharp. After learning how

to wear your uniform and the placement of awards, it is now a matter of carefully checking your appearance. If your pre-inspection is done properly, there should be no surprises during the actual inspection. UNIFORM CHECKLIST ___ Garrison Cap ___ Coat ___ Shirt ___ Neck Tab/Tie ___ Pants/Slacks

___ Placement ___ Belt ___ Shoes ___ Socks FACTORS THAT AFFECT APPEARANCE Acceptable hairstyles for JROTC cadets do not include any extremes or fads. The JROTC instructor staff will make all decisions on questionable hairstyles. Basically, the standards are:

Male cadets: Keep your hair neatly trimmed with your sideburns can not extend below the lowest part of the exterior ear opening Female cadets: Keep your hair styled or worn so that it does not touch the bottom of your collar and so that you can wear the garrison cap correctly. If dyes, tints, or bleaches, are used, colors must be natural to your human hair and present natural appearance. Once you have a perfect fitting uniform, there are still other

guidelines to follow so that you can maintain an outstanding appearance: Having good personal grooming habits, such as caring for your hair and fingernails. (Faddish, extreme colors not allowed). Knowing how to wear the uniform properly. Knowing how to care and clean the uniform a proper appearance requires a pressed and cleaned uniform. These factors, and the guidelines given earlier in this lesson, are the basic keys to a good overall appearance in your JROTC uniform. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your uniform and

your personal appearance are in accordance with regulations. CONCLUSION Your personal appearance affects what others think about you. How you look can also influence your own self-confidence. Take some time to study yourself. Are you neat and presentable in and out of uniform? It is not hard to look your best. A clean uniform, good personal appearance (posture, weight, and muscle tone), and good grooming are keys to success.


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