MANAGING YOUR VISTA PROJECT What you need to know about Roles, Responsibilities, & Support Session Outcomes Follow communication protocol with your State Office Recognize VISTA project responsibilities Identify opportunities for member support Know where to go, when, and for what! Describe how your VISTA project fits into the

National Service Network Supervisor Training Program Onboarding materials on the VISTA Campus 3-day Supervisor Orientation Monthly webinars for supervisors o May 18th, 2pm ET: Responding to Member Challenges o

June 20th, 2pm ET: Reporting Roles & Responsibilities Use the VISTA Campus for ongoing support o Tutorials, tools, recorded webinars, forums, etc. THE BIG PICTURE National Service Network

What is the Corporation State Office? State Office staff help develop, manage and monitor VISTA projects in their state and often in other states for large & national projects. Staff support your supervision of the VISTAs and intervene in emergencies or difficult situations. Staff are also responsible for connecting you to the resources most appropriate to meet your

needs. Support from Your State Office Technical assistance (conference calls, webinars, etc.) regarding eGrants, recruitment, training & program registration, performance measures, adjusting project plans Compliance monitoring of the project Support of the supervision of VISTAs Reporting Relationships

Communication chain: 1) VISTA member goes to immediate supervisor first Intermediary if applicable 2) CNCS State Office if program-related

3) VISTA Headquarters if not resolved ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Project & Member Management Sponsor Responsibilities Project Management: Monitor progress and collect data in relation to

your performance measures Report through PPR & VPRS Ensure VISTAs know our expectations, including the amount of living allowances Sponsor Responsibilities contd

Member Management: Orientation and Training Administrative support (space, supplies, equipment) Supervision (guidance, support, coaching)

Monitor attendance and use of leave days Teleservice Sponsor Responsibilities contd Service-related transportation (not commuting)

Sponsor Verification Form Fingerprinting (due 30 days from PSO start date)

Emergency Funds Advance, if required Sponsor Responsibilities contd Recognize members as VISTAs and AmeriCorps as a funder/supporter on: your website, blogs and social media

in print and broadcast publicity on member business cards at public meetings and conferences VISTAs and Housing Some VISTAs are permitted to relocate prior to PSO & starting service Know your VISTAs status (already secured housing or arriving directly from PSO)

Advise VISTAs on safe areas to live Ask Board, staff, community for housing leads Offer temporary housing if possible during the search Allow them time for the search & settling in Pre-Service Orientation

Provided by the VISTA program Two formats In-person, 3 days (Classic) Online & Fieldwork, 3 weeks (Blend) Computer

and phone set-up for Day 1 Print Oath Form Help candidates know what to expect On-Site Orientation &Training (OSOT) Submit OSOT plan well before the VISTAs arrival Implement when the VISTA arrives on site The more support and more comprehensive

the OSOT, the shorter the learning curve Q and A MEMBER TERMS & CONDITIONS, AND BENEFITS Support & Enforcement as a Supervisor Addressing Member Issues Prohibited Actions: policies related to:

Employment Criminal activity Religious activity Political activity Fingerprinting State Office sends fingerprinting packet & instructions to supervisor Supervisor sends it to VISTA member VISTA member responsible for getting fingerprinted

$25 fingerprinting subsidy Recommend get fingerprinted in first week Deadline: 30 days from PSO Start Date Addressing Member Issues Time & attendance Nepotism Early terminations Removal from project VMSU & Benefits

The VISTA Member Support Unit (VMSU), contacted through the National Service Hotline, manages the VISTAs service benefits. 800-942-2677 A sponsor may contact the VMSU in support of a VISTA, though it should be unnecessary. (Project issues should be referred to your State Office.) VMSU Support Areas End of Service Benefits Education Award

Cash Stipend Interest Accrual Forbearance Requests Travel Reimbursements Emergency Service Letters Verification of Service Income Disregard Benefits

Child Care Health Benefits Forms W-4, Direct Deposit Living Allowance Standard VISTAs are paid directly by VISTA HQ through direct deposit o Direct deposit and all related forms are available

via For Program grant VISTAs, payroll is managed by the grantee, including tax reporting (W-2 and 1099) Income disregard The ACA and VISTA VISTAs are expected to have health coverage o o

o Family through parents, a spouse or partner Insurance through the Marketplace Medicaid, Medicare, Tri Care Some VISTAs may be exempt from ACA reqment 60-day special enrollment period VISTA provides limited health benefits Recruitment Messaging

Healthcare Allowance For VISTA who maintain insurance throughout their service year Healthcare Allowance: up to $7,150 Can be used towards o annual deductible or coinsurance costs o

co-payments for office visits o prescriptions Health Benefit Plan For VISTAs who are exempt from ACA reqment Limited health care plan o o

o o o o designed to reduce out-of-pocket costs free for VISTA members individual coverage (dependents are not covered) not full major medical coverage prescription benefit ($0-5 copay) does NOT cover pre-existing conditions

Electing a Health Benefit When VISTAs start service, they need to enroll in a benefit plan on the IMG website More details at Helping Your VISTA What can you do as a VISTA sponsor to support your VISTA member? Housing Orientation to community, safety, and security Food/gifts Clothing/promotional items (agency logo apparel) Health insurance Ongoing training

Be fair and equitable in support to all VISTAs serving with you VISTA Leaders VISTA Leaders have already served one year of national service (not just VISTA). Leaders help: o o o o

o Recruit Mentor Train coordinate report writing generally support teams of at least 8 VISTAs They can guide in data collection & interpret data (but not perform the reporting)

Q and A REPORTING Sponsor Verification Bi-weekly e-mail notification

Completed in eGrants See AmeriCorps VISTA Supervisors Manual on the VISTA Campus for detailed instructions Project Reporting Project Progress Report: Submitted in eGrants, the PPR reflects the accomplishments (milestones)

of the overall project, not the VISTAs tasks in their VADs. o Supervisors Narrative o Member(s) Narratives Project Reporting contd Additionally, a sampling of press coverage, newsletters, curriculum in hardcopy or email is sent to the State Office o Links, attachments, and images are not supported through eGrants

Reporting Periods (PPR) First year projects report quarterly Second and third year projects may report semiannually, at the discretion of the State Office Confirm your reporting periods and due dates with your state office Project Period Covered:

Oct. 1 Dec. 31 Jan. 1 Mar. 31 April 1 June 30 July 1 Sept. 30 Date Report is Due: January 30 April 30

July 30 October 30 VISTA Progress Report Supplement (VPRS) The VPRS, submitted through eGrants, is an annual supplement to the PPR. The data are aggregated and reported externally the VPRS is not used to assess project progress performance. The VPRS asks for performance information that

CNCS tracks from all Corporation programs. VISTA Progress Report Supplement (VPRS) VPRS reports on CNCS Performance Measures in Capacity Building Activities Capacity Building is defined as a set of activities that expand the scale, reach, efficiency, or effectiveness of programs & organizations.

VPRS Measures in Brief # community volunteers recruited and/or managed # organizations implementing 3 or more effective volunteer management practices # staff & community volunteers received training # organizations completed community assessment VPRS Measures in Brief

# hours of service contributed by community volunteers # organizations more effective, additional activities, new systems or processes Dollar value of cash/in-kind resource leveraged VPRS Reporting Annual report due October 31st for the previous fiscal year (Oct. 1 Sep. 30) Confer with your State Office to determine what

data you will collect & report Establish tracking tools to collect the data AmeriCorps VISTA Impact Reporting Tool Reporting Recap PPR: o o Quarterly and perhaps later semi-annually Reports on the accomplishments of the

overall project VPRS: o o Annually Reports on CNCS Performance Measures Informal Communications In addition to quarterly reports, we encourage

you to communicate with your Corporation State Office: Email (snippets of accomplishments, member activities are helpful) Individual state page on VISTA Campus Phone Monitoring & Compliance Visits Site visits Conducted by State Office staff (occasionally HQ) May be informational, to provide technical

assistance, or for monitoring Compliance Monitoring visits Scheduled in advance Interviews with project staff, VISTAs, advisory council members, and community Review of documentation & procedures A letter outlining conclusions is shared after Regulatory Compliance Red flags: Replacing staff or serving as administrative

assistant Assignments unrelated to the VAD Direct service CNCS Office of Inspector General 800-452-8210 [email protected] Q and A Thank you!

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