Friday February 6, 2015 Entry Task Silent reading/daily

Friday  February 6, 2015 Entry Task Silent reading/daily

Friday February 6, 2015 Entry Task Silent reading/daily edits Agenda Complete Fridays daily edits AND book summary ON YOUR OWN Review 1.2-3 Read 1.4 Romeo is sad Foils

Mercutios weird dream Chunk writing Homework: Finish chunk writing Absent yesterday? During silent reading read Romeo and Juliet pages 29-47 (ODD PAGES ONLY!) Write a summary in your reading log

Add CDs from yesterday Copy T-chart from whiteboard Complete daily edits You will need

Pen/pencil Language arts Notebook No Fear Romeo and Juliet Willingness to listen, learn and follow through Learning Targets I can identify grammatical errors in

a sentence AND I can correct them I know what a character foil is and can describe an example from the text I will write strong topic sentences Success Criteria

Students will have completed Thursdays sentence corrections reviewed yesterdays reading discussed Mercutio and Romeo as character foils written a chunk RE: factors Not this foil ------------

Success Criteria Students will have Juliet is pressured to marry Paris Lord C shes too young and shouldnt grow up too fast butI guess its okay Lady C Yay marriage!! Juliet feels meh about marriage Benvolio says Romeo should look at other

ladies Essay Prompt: Are Romeo and Juliet to blame for their deaths? If so how much of it can be blamed on their personality flaws or their individual choices? How do other factors such as family expectations, society pressure, fate/destiny, secrets contribute to their deaths?

Character Foil a character whose personality or behavior accentuates the opposite traits of another character Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter Ron acts recklessly compared to Hermiones rational or safe behavior Pun-review

a funny expression created with words that have two meanings or words that sound alike but have different meanings Synonym = JOKE Maskers a person attending

a masquerade wearing a mask Soliloqu y A lengthy speech delivered by a character alone onstage. The character reveals

his or her innermost thoughts and feelings directly to the audience as if thinking Foreshadowing Use of hints or clues in a narrative to suggest what is to come.

The Prologue of Romeo & Juliet gives hints about what is going to happen in the play. Queen Mab Queen Mab is a fairy who appears in Mercutios dream. She is a miniature creature who drives her chariot into the noses and brains of sleeping people and fulfills wishes via

(through) dreams. Summary Act 1.4 Romeo, Benvolio, and their friend Mercutio, all wearing masks, have gathered with a group of mask-wearing guests on their way to

the Capulet's feast. Still sad, Romeo wonders how they will get into the Capulet's party, since they are Montagues. Romeo explains that in a dream he learned that going to the feast was a bad idea. Mercutio responds with a long speech about Queen Mab of the fairies, who visits peoples dreams.

Aloud (not allowed) Act 1.4 Act 1.4.1-54 (Part A) Pun-sole and soul Act 1.4.55-97 (Part B) Mercutios Queen Mab dream Act 1.4.98-116 (Part C) Romeo foreshadows doom for him at the party

Answer these questions in your LA Notebook 1. Character Foil How is Mercutio a foil for Romeo?? 2. Mercutio & Romeo: What are their views on love? 3. Why does Romeo feel uneasy about going to the party? Exit Slip

At the end of the scene, we know that three young people will attend the party, each with a special purpose in mind. Who are the three and what are their special purposes? 1. Person? ___________ Purpose? 2. Person? ___________ Purpose? 3. Person? ___________ Purpose?

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