HQ Operations All Hands February 19, 2013 Agenda

HQ Operations All Hands February 19, 2013 Agenda

HQ Operations All Hands February 19, 2013 Agenda Welcome Human Resources and Management Business Management and Systems Support Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Information Technology and Communications Facilities and Administrative Services Length of Service Awards / Recognitions Questions?

2 Human Resources Management Division Leah Hollander Director Employee Viewpoint Survey NASA ranked first among the Best Places to Work Headquarters Ranking:

7th out of 10 NASA Centers 44th out of 292 Agency subcomponents HQ EVS Results (handout) Supervisory Enhancement Initiative Together We are Number One Campaign Supervisory Enhancement Initiative Assessment and Hiring Expectations and Accountability

Screening and Multiple Interview panels HR Involvement Notification, monitoring and periodic evaluation during probationary period Learning and Development Template IDPs and EDPs Resource Guide/Website Upcoming Training - March Position Yourself for Success: Align Your Leadership Competencies in NASAs Changing Environment 3/7/13 Congressional Operations Seminar for NASA HQ 3/11-14/13

APPEL-Strategic Thinking for Project Success 3/13-15/13 Conflict and Teams 3/19/13 Lunch & Learn: Networking Strategies for Career Success 3/19/13 Retirement Planning Seminar (CSRS Employees) 3/20-21/13 Basic Contracting Officer Technical Representative Certification (COTR) Training 3/25-29/13 Budget Management & System Support Division

Leigh Anne Giraldi Director Budget News & Key Dates Sequestration 3/1/13 No new starts or development work No furloughs expected unless it is mandated government-wide Continuing Resolution (CR) expires 3/27/13

NASA is running conservatively due to current CR (~1B) $1.4B total hit $400M - $500M extra impact Limits spending to prior years level (2012) No new starts Formulation for PPBE 15 eTS2 Implementation NASAs FedTraveler transition to Concurs Government Edition online travel management system.

05/31/12 12/17/12 02/07/13 11/30/13 GSA contract awarded to Concur Technologies, Inc. NASA task order executed NASA Kickoff with Center Implementation support teams Existing FedTraveler contract expires Official NASA Go-Live date TBD Concur Government Edition travel management system highlights Similar to Travel Manager, the travel tool used by NASA before FedTraveler

Functionality includes web-based expense reporting, online booking tools, mobile applications/connectivity, E-Receipt capability The embedded Travel Management Center (TMC) will continue to be CI Travel eTS2 Implementation HQ as a Center The HQ as a Center implementation managed by the Office of Budget Management and System Support (OBMSS) Barby Birch is the Process Lead for the implementation, providing HQ travel process and system knowledge and Kathie Karmazin is the Project Coordinator A strategic communication approach will be used to provide information and prepare HQ users for the implementation More specific details/dates on the implementation will be circulated once it is provided by the Agency Leigh Anne Giraldi Roger Sachse Vacancy

Director (LM050) NRESS COTR Business Mgmt Specialist Adam Bethon Kathryn Karmazin Supervisory Budget Analyst (LM052) Budget Operations Services Supervisory Budget Analyst (LM051) Budget, Systems and Support Services Debra Randall Lourdes Miranda

John Brett Lead Budget Analyst Budget Analyst Lead Program Analyst Michael Shawn Breson Latrina Braxton Michael Chatman Mgmt & Prog Analyst Lead Budget Analyst John Lynch Joyce G. Smith

Matthew Curtin Budget Analyst Program Analyst Budget Analyst Roselyn Palompo Vacancy Sandra Reid Budget Analyst Budget Analyst Budget Analyst Lead Budget Analyst

Barbara Birch Supv. Travel Specialist BASO Kimberly Mague Travel Specialist Kathi Thurston Travel Specialist Areeya Wutthayapraditt Travel Specialist Key = HQ Operations = Executive Offices = Mission Support

Updated 02/01/2013 Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Danette Mincey Director EODM Updates Diversity Workgroup Reasonable Accommodations Procedures Women's History Month update 13 Information Technology & Communications Division Victor Thompson

Director End User Services Update Computer refresh and software updates are in progress To date 1253 systems have been refreshed Replacement strategy is changing to the 3 year life cycle in April All systems over 3 years of age will have been replaced Remaining ODIN legacy systems will be replaced when they reach 3 years of age Cellular and Smartphone (PDA) replacement will begin in March 2013

Replacement strategy is floor by floor over a 3 week period Orders have been validated by customers and submitted to HP Planned start date of 11-Feb was placed on hold The deployment plan is under review and refinement, a new start date will be communicated 15 Data At Rest PGP full disk encryption deployment Successfully encrypted all (1851) laptops assigned to individual users Waiver requests were submitted for 151 laptops

100 laptops secured at the LaRC COOP facility (waiver approved) 51 laptops used in conference rooms or go-to locations (3 approved 48 denied) ITCD is communicating directly with waiver requestors and coordinating the deployment of DAR to these devices Deployment to desktops with sensitive information is in progress HQ Offices reported 27 desktops that require DAR Planned completion for HQ is 28-Feb

16 New ITCD Staff Members Dwight Bennett, HQ Printing Officer Debrina Harrell, Customer Service Manager 17 ITCD Points of Contact I3P Center Integration Lead End User Services Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Joe Lanasa: [email protected] Enterprise Service Desk SME Elaine Bowman: [email protected] Tuesday Dodson: [email protected] Communications SME Mary Shouse: [email protected] Please visit our website for more information: http://itcd.hq.nasa.gov/ACES_transition.html 18 HQ Facilities & Administrative

Services Division Les Newell Deputy Director Building Update Renovation Complete on 9th , 8th , and 6th floors !!!!! 4th floor renovation started January 22, 2013 7th floor renovation will be next after completion of 4th Floor Drawing schedule for 3rd and 5th floors

Construction Drawings completed and reviewed No changes can occur without cost & schedule impact Compiling design requirements for the 1st, 2nd and Concourse Weekly meetings with Piedmont, their contractor team, GSA and NASA HQ continue Estimated completion date April 2, 2013 All NASA employees are not permitted on this floor without proper safety certification Review schedule and deliverables Ensure code compliance Best Practices passed on to floors not completed Web Site: http://fasd.hq.nasa.gov/bldg_renovate.html

20 Schedule Moved 9th floor to 5th floor- March 9, 2012 Returned 9th floor to 9th floor - July 13, 2012 Moved 8th Floor to 5th Floor - July 14-16, 2012 Return 8th Floor to 8th Floor - October 25-31, 2012 Move 6th Floor to 5th Floor - October 25-31, 2012 Return 6th Floor to 6th Floor - January 15-21, 2013 Move 4th floor to 5th floor - January 15-21, 2013

Return 4th floor to 4th floor- April 3-8, 2013 Move 7th floor to 5th floor- April 3-8, 2013 Complete renovation - Aug 2014 21 Length of Service Awards Recognitions 22 Questions? 23

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