GDE Report to ILCSC Barry Barish Snowmass, CO

GDE Report to ILCSC Barry Barish Snowmass, CO

GDE Report to ILCSC Barry Barish Snowmass, CO 23-Aug-05 Outline Status of GDE Formation 23-Aug-05 Defining the Mission and Goals Forming the GDE

Forming the Baseline Report on Snowmass The GDE and Industry Linear Collider Accelerator School ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 2 Whats are job? The Mission of the GDE Produce a design for the ILC that includes a detailed design concept, performance assessments, reliable international costing, an industrialization plan , siting analysis, as well as detector concepts and scope. Coordinate worldwide prioritized proposal driven R & D efforts (to demonstrate and improve the performance, reduce the costs,

attain the required reliability, etc.) 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 3 GDE Staffing Staff the GDE Administrative, Communications, Web staff

Regional Directors (one per region) Accelerator Experts (covering all technical areas) Senior Costing Engineer (one per region) Civil/Facilities Engineer (one per region) Detectors (WWS chairs) Fill in missing skills (later) Total staff size about 20 FTE (2005-2006) about 40 heads. The internal GDE organization and tasks will be organized internationally, not regionally 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 4 GDE Members Chris Adolphsen, SLAC

Jean-Luc Baldy, CERN Philip Bambade, LAL, Orsay Barry Barish, Caltech Wilhelm Bialowons, DESY Grahame Blair, Royal Holloway Jim Brau, University of Oregon Karsten Buesser, DESY Elizabeth Clements, Fermilab Michael Danilov, ITEP Jean-Pierre Delahaye, CERN, Gerald Dugan, Cornell University Atsushi Enomoto, KEK Brian Foster, Oxford University Warren Funk, JLAB Jie Gao, IHEP Terry Garvey, LAL-IN2P3 Hitoshi Hayano, KEK Tom Himel, SLAC Bob Kephart, Fermilab

Eun San Kim, Pohang Acc Lab Hyoung Suk Kim, Kyungpook Natl Univ Shane Koscielniak, TRIUMF Vic Kuchler, Fermilab Lutz Lilje, DESY 23-Aug-05 Tom Markiewicz, SLAC David Miller, Univ College of London Shekhar Mishra, Fermilab Youhei Morita, KEK Olivier Napoly, CEA-Saclay Hasan Padamsee, Cornell University Carlo Pagani, DESY Nan Phinney, SLAC Dieter Proch, DESY Pantaleo Raimondi, INFN Tor Raubenheimer, SLAC Francois Richard, LAL-IN2P3

Perrine Royole-Degieux, GDE/LAL Kenji Saito, KEK Daniel Schulte, CERN Tetsuo Shidara, KEK Sasha Skrinsky, Budker Institute Fumihiko Takasaki, KEK Laurent Jean Tavian, CERN Nobu Toge, KEK Nick Walker, DESY Andy Wolski, LBL Hitoshi Yamamoto, Tohoku Univ Kaoru Yokoya, KEK 49 members ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 5 ILC

Communications Launch New ILC Website thanks to Norm Graf for url One Stop Shopping electronic document management system (EDMS), news, calendar of events, education and communication, Designer Xeno Media (Kevin Munday) 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 6

23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 7 ILC Newsline Subscribe at 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 8 Whats our schedule? 2005

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Global Design Effort Baseline configuration Reference Design Project LHC Physics Technical Design

ILC R&D Program Bids to Host; Site Selection; International Mgmt GDE Near Term Plan Schedule Begin - define Configuration (Snowmass Aug 05) Baseline Configuration Document (end of 2005) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Baseline under Configuration Control (Jan 06) Develop Reference Design (end of 2006) Coordinate the supporting R&D program Three volumes -- 1) Reference Design Report; 2) Shorter glossy version for non-experts and policy makers ; 3) Detector Concept Report 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass

10 What is our design approach? Create forward looking BCD, consistent with doing reference design and costing next year Regarding the parameter space, I think it important to maintain a large operating space at this point in the project. The four places that the parameter range pushed are the number of bunches stored in the damping ring, the minimum bunch length, the angular divergences, and the beamstrahlung and extraction line system. In some cases, it may be possible to consider schemes where increases to the parameter range are add-ons - for example, it may be possible that a second bunch compressor is an inexpensive add-on and a could be installed after initial operation, however there are also cases where the parameter changes would imply much larger and invasive modifications: for

example, the larger number of bunches or increased bandwidth in the extraction line. (Tor) 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 11 Parametric Approach Parametric approach to design machine parameters : a space to optimize the machine Trial parameter space, being evaluated by subsystems machine design : incorporate change without redesign; incorporates value engineering, trade studies at each step to minimize costs 23-Aug-05

ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 12 Design Approach Create a baseline configuration for the machine Document a concept for ILC machine with a complete layout, parameters etc. defined by the end of 2005 Make forward looking choices, consistent with attaining performance goals, and understood well enough to do a conceptual design and reliable costing by end of 2006. Technical and cost considerations will be an integral part in making these choices. Baseline will be put under configuration control, with a defined process for changes to the baseline. A reference design will be carried out in 2006. I am proposing we use a parametric design and costing approach. Technical performance and physics performance will be

evaluated for the reference design 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 13 Approach to ILC R&D Program Proposal-driven R&D in support of the baseline design. Technical developments, demonstration experiments, industrialization, etc. Proposal-driven R&D in support of alternatives to the baseline Proposals for potential improvements to the baseline, resources required, time scale, etc.

Develop a prioritized DETECTOR R&D program aimed at technical developments needed to reach combined design performance goals 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 14 How do we do our work? Short term organization Need simple organization many global questions Good tools (video conferencing, EDMS, etc)

Tasks - Internationally organized Organize Snowmass second week and products to enable and focus fall BCD program (Snowmass Frascati) General Meetings Snowmass (Aug 05) first meetings Frascati (Dec 7-10, 2005) (in conjunction with TESLA collaboration meeting) Bangalore, India (March 2006) (in conjunction with LCWS 2006) Topical Meetings ?? (Simplified organization will minimize meetings) 23-Aug-05 Our process and ILCSC meetings will be open! Meeting - Snowmass

15 Parameters for the ILC Ecm adjustable from 200 500 GeV Luminosity Ldt = 500 fb-1 in 4 years Ability to scan between 200 and 500 GeV Energy stability and precision below 0.1% Electron polarization of at least 80% The machine must be upgradeable to 1 TeV 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 16 Higgs Coupling and Extra Dimensions ILC precisely measures Higgs interaction strength with standard model particles.

Straight blue line gives the standard model predictions. Range of predictions in models with extra dimensions -- yellow band, (at most 30% below the Standard Model The models predict that the effect on each particle would be exactly the same size. The red error bars indicate the level of precision attainable at the ILC for each particle Sufficient to discover extra dimensional physics. 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass

17 Report from Snowmass? 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 18 Some Snowmass Highlights 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 19

Starting Point for the GDE few GeV pre-accelerator source KeV damping ring few GeV few GeV bunch compressor 23-Aug-05 250-500 GeV

main linac final focus extraction & dump IP collimation Superconducting RF Main Linac ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 20 ILC Workshop Organization 2nd Week: BCD Recommendations - Focus Groups

23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 21 Design Choices for Baseline Design Alternatives Gradient / Length (30MV/m?, 35MV/m? Higher?) Tunnel (single? or double?) Positron Souce (undulator? conventional?) Damping ring (dogbone? small ring?) Crossing angle (head-on, small angle, large angle)

Define detailed configuration RF layout Lattice layout Beam delivery system layout Klystron / modulators Cryomodule design Evolve these choices through change control process 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass

22 Defining the Parameter Space 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 23 Cost Drivers cryo operations 4% 4% instrumentation 2%

controls 4% cf 31% vacuum 4% Civil magnets 6% installation&test 7% systems_eng 8% rf

12% structures 18% SCRF Linac 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 24 How Costs Scale with Gradient? 2 Relative Cost alin G

$ bcryo G Q0 35MV/m is close to optimum Japanese are still pushing for 4045MV/m 30 MV/m would give safety margin C. Adolphsen (SLAC) 23-Aug-05

Gradient MV/m ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 25 TESLA Cavity ~1meter 9-cell 1.3GHz Niobium Cavity 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 26 single-cell measurements (in nine-cell cavities) Gradient

Results from KEK-DESY collaboratio n must reduce spread (need more statistics) 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 27 Cavity Fabrication 23-Aug-05

ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 28 Improved Fabrication 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 29 Improved Processing Electropolishing 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass

30 Improved Cavity Shapes 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 31 Baseline Gradient 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 32 Baseline Gradients

23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 33 Large Grain Single Crystal Nb Material 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 34 Conventional Facilities and Siting Milestone One: Snowmass 2005 Conference Successfully Initiate the Global Civil and Siting Effort

Complete Comparative Site Assessment Matrix Format Milestone Two: December, 2005 Identify Regional Sample Sites for Inclusion into the Baseline Configuration Document Milestone Three: December, 2006 Complete Conventional Facilities and Siting Portion of the Reference Design Document 8.19.05 23-Aug-05 V. Kuchler ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass

2 of 8 35 Conventional Facilities and Siting Outstanding Issues with Direct Impact on CFS Progress that will Require Further Discussion and Resolution with Other Working Groups 1 Tunnel vs 2 Tunnel Laser Straight vs Curved or Segmented Shape and Length of Damping Rings Shape and Configuration of Sources 1 vs 2 Interaction Regions 8.19.05 23-Aug-05 V. Kuchler

ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 6 of 8 36 ILC Siting and Conventional Facilities The design is intimately tied to the features of the site 1 tunnels or 2 tunnels? Deep or shallow? Laser straight linac or follow earths curvature in segments? GDE ILC Design will be done to samples sites in the three regions North American sample site will be near Fermilab Japan and Europe are to determine sample sites by the

end of 2005 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 37 1 vs 2 Tunnels Tunnel must contain Linac Cryomodule RF system Damping Ring Lines Save maybe $0.5B Issues Maintenance Safety Duty Cycle

23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 38 Possible Tunnel Configurations 23-Aug-05 One tunnel of two, with variants ?? ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 39 ILC Civil Program Civil engineers from all three

regions working to develop methods of analyzing the siting issues and comparing sites. The current effort is not intended to select a potential site, but rather to understand from the beginning how the features of sites will effect the design, performance and cost 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 40 Sample Site Study Conventional Facilities Site Considerations- 16 Aug. 2005

1. Site Impacts on Critical Science Parameters Description: This sub-heading will evaluate site-specific factors that affect critical science parameters. Consideration: The site should permit the highest level of research productivity and overall effectiveness at a reasonable cost of construction and operation and with a minimal impact on the environment. 1A. Configuration (Physical Dimensions and Layout) The topography and geology of a site strongly influences machine configuration, tunnel alignment, tunnel depth, tunnel access and penetrations as well as the flexibility for design optimization options. 1B.Performance (Vibration and Stability) Micro-seismic ground motion and cultural noise (man-made vibrations) may affect the operations of the beamline apparatus. To minimize impact upon beam position, the ILC beam line should be oriented to minimize ground waves at a given site. A quiet site which has low levels of micro-seismicity and cultural noise will avoid the need for passive or active damping systems to achieve required stability during operation. 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 41

Example of Discussions 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 42 But, do you same $$ ? Disagree ---- Needs a more careful analysis 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 43 Baseline Klystrons

Available today: 10 MW Multi-Beam Klystrons (MBKs) that operate at up to 10 Hz Thales 23-Aug-05 CPI ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass Toshiba 44 Improved Klystron ? 5 MW Inductive Output Tube (IOT) 10 MW Sheet Beam Klystron (SBK) Low Voltage

10 MW MBK Parameters similar to 10 MW MBK Voltage e.g. 65 kV Current 238A More beams Output Klystron SLAC 23-Aug-05 Perhaps use a Direct Switch Modulator IO T

Drive ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass KEK CPI 45 RF Distribution BASELINE DESIGN Similar to TDR and XFEL scheme. POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENT? With two-level power division and proper phase lengths, expensive circulators can be eliminated. Reflections from pairs of cavities are directed to loads. Also, fewer types of hybrid couplers are needed in this scheme. There is a small increased

risk to klystrons. (Total reflection from a pair of cavities sends 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 46 < 0.7% of klystron power back to the klystron.) ILC Beam Instrumentation Requirements ~ 60% complete 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 47 Beamsize Growth Study (cumulative after feedback)

30 min ground. 23-Aug-05 + Undulator + Component jitter ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass + 5 Hz ground.

+ Kicker, current, energy jitter, BPM resol. 48 Availability Studies 1 vs 2 tunnels 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 49 Improving Mean Time Between Failures

23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 50 ILC International Industrial Forums The first meeting of the ILC industrial Forums from Americas, Asia and Europe took place at Snowmass, Aug. 16th 2005 and during the cost and engineering discussions. The purpose was to provide a setting for ILC and industrial representatives to exchange information on industrial development in each ILC regions. The ILC Industrial Forums from the three regions were represented by Nirihiko Ozaki, Asia; Michael Peiniger, Europe and Kenneth Olsen, Americas. The Asian discussions centered on the industrial practices in three regions . The European discussion was on industrial involvement in the TTF and XFEL projects. The Americas

discussion was on the status and view from industry about ILC. 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 51 Issues ILC will be viewed as a project, not a sustainable business area, therefore it must be prepared to fund one time manufacturing engineering and tooling costs. Long term funding uncertainties create barriers to major industry commitments to the ILC

In general, technology will flow from labs. to small companies, small companies will partner with larger ones for full scale production ILC user facilities at key labs will accelerate tech transfer Specifications can be a major cost driver and must be critically evaluated Costs, risk and schedule are interrelated, must be understood and

agreed to by everyone. 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 52 Issues Infrastructure Issues: For industry to invest in the large infrastructure required for ILC there would have to be a follow-on business or market that the ILC project should plan on paying for all the required infrastructure wherever it is built. Early standardization is important Can deal with whatever standards ILC chooses Risks Let industry make up its mind on risks, then ILC should LISTEN

Perceived risks will influence the actual cost of contracts from industry. Cost Reductions might be achieved with joint facilities between national labs and industries. 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 53 Industrial Studies Industrial studies in three regions are essential.

Important to understand industrial costs Important to examine potential cost reductions Need to think about what studies are needed and when Focus on the cost drivers for ILC, important for cost estimate Focus on places where there is technical risk to the project goals ILC need a point-of-contact and a plan for industrial studies 2nd ILC Industrial Forum Meeting is scheduled to be held at Fermilab Sept. 21st and 22nd, 2005. 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 54

Linear Collider Accelerator Physics School School sponsorship: GDE ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel ICFA ILCSC Organizing Committee (OC) members: Sponsors: Barish (GDE), Kurokawa (ICFA ILCSC), Chou (ICFA BD) Europe: Jean-Pierre Delahaye (CERN), Rolf-Dieter Heuer (DESY) Asia: In Soo Ko (PAL), Kaoru Yokoya (KEK) America: Alex Chao (SLAC), Paul Grannis (DOE) Goal: To train young generations for the

next major accelerator facility Tentative dates and place: May 2006, Sokenda, Hayama, Japan 23-Aug-05 ILCSC Meeting - Snowmass 55

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