STEP-BY-STEP For Current Residents GUIDE I am going

STEP-BY-STEP For Current Residents GUIDE I am going

STEP-BY-STEP For Current Residents GUIDE I am going to be a Sophomore and I would like to move off campus Remember, Colorado Mesa University has a live on requirement for all Freshman and Sophomores that do not meet the qualifying criteria to live off campus. IF you meet these criteria, please submit a request for contract release. The following exemptions allow for an automatic exemption to the residency policy upon completion of this request to Residence Life: Students living in Mesa County, at the full-time established residence of a parent/legal guardian; Students who are at least twenty one (21) years of age prior to the beginning of the subsequent fall or spring semester If you do not meet this criteria, but still wish to live of campus, Login to MyHousing in the , select ApplyOnline, and fill out the

Sophomore Request for Permission to move off campus application. Requests are due by February 25th Students will be granted permission in a randomized lottery process. If a student is not given permission to move off campus and does not select a room, they will be auto assigned a space at the end of the Sophomore room selection period. TWO MAIN STEPS Decide where you want to live 1 Plan ahead for at least a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice! For example: 1st choice: North Avenue Apt Single If they are all taken... Do I try for a North Ave Suite Double or a Walnut Ridge Single? 2nd choice: Walnut Ridge Single What if they are all taken as well? 3rd choice: Walnut Ridge Double

Choose your roommates, suite/apartment-mates! Review the Roommate Selection Guide Set up your Roommate Group (if you have one) prior to the 2 earliest lottery in which your group can participate. Make sure everyone in your group has mutually requested each other so that you have a fully matched group. Make sure you all agree on a plan! Which building, who goes in which room type within the suite, etc. Remember, anyone you confirm as a mutual roommate can pull you in to a room! Choosing a New Room When you choose to select a new room, suite or apartment for the upcoming academic year during one of the New Room Selections. . . Be aware of your roommate requests. You plus your roommates cannot be greater than the total available spaces in the room, suite or apartment that you would like to select. Examples: You will not be shown any Rait double rooms if you have more than one roommate request. You will not be shown any North Ave suites or aparments if you have more than six roommate requests.

If, after the previous lotteries, there are four (or less) beds left in any Orchard Ave suite you wont be able to see any spaces in Orchard Ave if you plus your roommates is greater than four. All Room Selection is Online via MyHousing within on the Campus Life tab USERNAME Your MAVzone username is normally the first letter of your first name followed by the first seven letters of your last name. To look up your username, go to the Campus Directory and use the search function. Your username is the text in front of the @ in your email address. Trouble? Call the IT Help Desk, 970.248.2111. This This box box has

has your your Room Room Selection Selection Processes, Processes, including including start/end start/end times. times. ROOMMATE SETUP BASICS To To set set up up your your roommate roommate group, group, go go to to the the Room Room Selection Selection menu

menu and and click click Roommate Roommate Selection Selection Please Please see see the the Roommate Roommate Selection Selection Guide Guide for for more more information information on on setting setting up up your your roommate roommate group group

ROOMMATE SETUP BASICS When you click on the Room Selection menu, the first thing you will do is accept the Housing & Dining Contract before continuing Make sure you read and understand the contract. Your online agreement to the contract is legally binding. ROOMMATE SETUP BASICS Search Search for for your your roommates roommates here. here. IfIf your your roommate roommate does does not not currently currently live live on on campus

campus or or has has not not applied applied for for housing, housing, you you will will not not be be able able to to add add them them yet. yet. As soon as you add a roommate, that student will receive an email notification on their CMU email account. ROOMMATE SETUP BASICS IfIf you

you have have aa pending pending request, request, you you will will be be able able to to Decline Decline or or Confirm Confirm here. here. When you Add, Delete, Confirm or Decline a Roommate Request, the student will receive a notice on their CMU email. ROOMMATE SETUP BASICS Remember: Remember: You You must must have

have aa fully fully matched matched group group before before you you can can choose choose aa room! room! You You can can see see which which roommates roommates are are unmatched unmatched in in your your

roommate roommate group group CHOOSING A ROOM To choose your room, go to the menu on the left, hover over Room Selection and click Select a Room/Suite When your lottery is activated the text will be RED on your Overview. CHOOSING A ROOM If you are eligible for more than one room selection at the same time, you will need to select the room selection in which you want to participate. Remember, once you participate in one room selection, you will be removed from the other room selections! Roommate Selection Only

is not a room selection. CHOOSING A ROOM Depending on your room selection , you may have an opportunity to filter the available rooms by Specific Hall. To see all rooms across campus, just leave this filter as (any) and click Find Available Rooms Available Halls for the Sophomore room selection are: North Ave Suites and Apartments Walnut Ridge Apartments Orchard Ave Apartments (2.0 GPA) Rait Hall CHOOSING A ROOM LIST LIST OF OF AVAILABLE AVAILABLE ROOMS ROOMS Select Select Room:

Room: Click Click Select Select Room Room to to place place just just yourself yourself or or to to place place you you and and one one roommate roommate (if (if itit is is aa double double with with two two open open

beds). beds). Select Select Suite: Suite: Look Look at at the the Suite Suite ## then then at at the the Rooms Rooms within within that that Suite. Suite. You You can can see see how how many many doubles

doubles and/or and/or singles singles are are open open within within aa suite suite to to make make sure sure itit works works for for your your group. group. Floor Plan: Click Floor Plan to view the layout of the rooms on that floor. Floor plans are also available on the Residence Life website,, just click on Residence Halls then on the link to the individual building. CHOOSING A ROOM Now that you have

selected your suite, simply place each mutually requested roommate into the rooms of the suite. Make sure you place your friends in the spaces you agreed on! Once you hit Submit Room Selection, this will be your assignment for the upcoming academic year (as well as the assignment of any roommates you place). Remember, there are no room changes until the Room Change Room Selection. CHOOSING A ROOM FINAL CONFIRMATION Here is the screen you will see once your room selection is complete. You and your roommates will receive an email confirmation on your CMU accounts. All information will be

immediately displayed on your MyHousing Overview. If you do not see this screen or your info on MyHousing Overview, please contact Residence Life right away. CHOOSING A ROOM Your new assignment will show up on your MyHousing Overview immediately. ROOM CHANGE LOTTERY Monday, April 15 @ 8:00 AM Monday, April 22 @ 5:00 PM Everyone Everyone who who chose chose aa room room can can participate. participate. Go Go into into MyHousing

MyHousing often often to to view view available available rooms rooms the the room room choices choices will will change change frequently. frequently. IfIf you you see see one one you you like like better, better, you you can can choose choose the the new new room room and

and automatically automatically drop drop your your old old room. room. Change Change as as many many times times as as you you like. like. You You cannot cannot pull pull roommates roommates in in with with you you during during this this room room selection

selection each each student student must must complete complete their their own own room room change. change. You You can can change change rooms rooms throughout throughout the the summer summer the the same same way way (May (May 99 June June 30). 30).

A Few Important Notes! The list of available rooms you will be shown is limited to what you and/or your roommate group fit into and are eligible for . . . If you have a total of four people in your roommate group, you will only be shown suites & apartments where there are at least four available spaces Males will be shown male rooms Females will be shown female rooms If you feel you should be eligible for a room type that you do not see displayed, please call or email Residence Life and we will determine your eligibility (970.248.1536, [email protected]) Handling Roommates & Room Selection Scenarios Have a plan A, B and C Decide with your roommates what you will do if no 4-person apartments are left in Walnut Ridge (etc). For example, will you break up into two groups of two

and try to get apartments near one another? During room selection, you can delete or add roommate requests at any time. Remember that your requested roommate(s) will receive an email each time you add or delete them! What if I dont know anyone? Thats OK, too! If you do not have someone in mind that you would like as a roommate, focus on choosing the best available room. Once you pick your room, you will immediately have roommate and/or suitemate contact information available on your MyHousing Overview.

Get in touch with your roommates Email, Call, Facebook - whatever is best for you! Youre done! Now what? Once your room is selected, it will be your assignment for the upcoming academic year Unless you choose to participate in the Room Change Room Selection mentioned previously Congratulations! Questions? Email: [email protected] Call: 970.248.1536

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