MMU CPD Cluster Twilight Developing high quality inclusive

MMU CPD Cluster Twilight Developing high quality inclusive

MMU CPD Cluster Twilight Developing high quality inclusive provision through ITT placements at Priestnall School By Gareth D Morewood Director of Curriculum Support, Priestnall School, & Rachel J Wyllie

and Emily MMU PGCE Students 17th January 2013 J Watson Setting the scene A truly comprehensive secondary school with approx. 1210 students aged 11-16 Priestnall School outstanding (OFSTED, 2011) including outstanding

provision for young people with SEND (OFSTED, 2004, 2008, 2011) Working with a range of students and trainees Teaching Agency and SEND A member of SEND Expert Reference Group Considering SEND elements of ITT courses Developing a whole-school model of

training, development and support for young people with SEND and changing school populations What is going to happen? Give you a context where including young people with SEND has recorded some success Highlight some of the new ways of working that this research demonstrates Offer some ideas on how to meet the

challenges facing the inclusion of young people with SEND in mainstream schools Our proposed reforms respond to the frustrations of children and young people and the professionals who work with them. We want to put in place a radically different system to support better life outcomes for young people; give parents confidence by giving them more

control; and transfer power to professionals on the front line and to local communities. Support and Aspiration (DfE, 2011, p.4, para 4) Next steps Training and Development Single School Category Single Assessment EHCP Widening access to provision Local Offer LA but schools as well? Parents/Carers giving greater control

controversial? Personal Budgets School Funding reform Preparation for adulthood independence SEN Pathfinders So what about Priestnall? Student Passport Single Category School Support Stage Trainee Educational Psychologist

working with us and 6 feeder primary schools Ongoing whole-school literacy focus complimented by some detailed analysis and new interventions Developing the existing CPD offer to ensure ongoing personal development Does Every Child still Matter? Being Healthy Staying Safe

Enjoying and Achieving Making a Positive Contribution Economic Wellbeing 21st Century Children The young people in our schools are very different now, than 15 years ago ... Neo-natal survival rates mean more children are surviving with complex needs and are now in our classes ...

Learning & Teaching is different now; it has to be ... so we have to evolve too A Whole-School Approach ... Our success has been built upon a truly whole-school approach (see: Training for ALL staff is an important part of improving provision and

outcomes A corporate responsibility essential in this evolving provision for all students Also remember ... The education of the peer group is an essential part of moving towards a truly inclusive community Gareth D Morewood, 2011

What about attachment? Attachment behaviour is there to ensure the survival of the child Attachment is an affectionate bond between two individuals that endures through space and time and serves to join them emotionally Attachment experiences are fundamental to emotional/social/physical/cognitive development Good early attachments serve to promote resilience to later traumatic experiences

Developing attachment The foundation of attachment is the early main carer/child interaction Attunement refers to the interaction between a parent and child when the parent is available to the child is able to understand its needs responds appropriately to meet needs communicates that the child is valued, understood, is able to effect change, is safe


Negative attachment cycle NEED Arousal HYPERAROUSAL or DISSOCIATION REJECTION Characteristics of negative

attachment Inability to regulate emotions. (rage, panic, depression, impulsivity) Basic mistrust (if someone is nice it must be a trick) Low self esteem/high shame (I am bad, I deserve to be hurt) Need for control (I need to take care of myself, I dont trust/understand others) Learning difficulties (concentration, self belief,

dissociation) Student A Research was based around a year 8 student with complex attachment difficulties The need to provide positive attachments and reduce risks; especially homophily And to develop an increased sense of worth and value for education

The specifics Development of rational and consistent model Evolution of support considering the research Developing pedagogy understanding the influences in real terms Factors that improve

resilience include: From training delivered in school I identified important factors in supporting A: Supporting a good educational experience Having a named, key supportive adult Developing his talents and interests Literacy and PE

GCSE PE is not all practical Difficulties can be experienced in theory elements of courses for those with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs) With 60% of the course being practical and 40% theory, it is important to support SEND in both elements Literacy & reading new focus ... Assessment of Specific

Learning and Literacy needs (SpLD) Priestnall have developed the use of LUCIDs LASS 11-15 software to assess whole year groups...8 adaptive assessments in one sitting: Visual Memory Reasoning Auditory-verbal memory Spelling Sentence Reading Phonic reading skills

Phonological processing ability Single word reading Identification and assessment After identifying a specific need we used software to assess the student further Lucid EXACT (an extension of the LASS product) was used to provide specific detail Along with my classroom observations

Observations; considering the context Adaptation of language Tasks explained separately Use of questioning Specific scaffolding e.g. English lesson Presentation of worksheets and lesson materials as per guidance Considering the specifics

Literacy difficulties can have a significant impact upon students across all subject areas This was particularly evident with the theory elements of the GCSE PE curriculum Planning and developing From the research, observations and

assessments I was able to develop my personal strategies The success of the inclusive strategies were evaluated and developed to ensure the continual development of my teaching skills in creating an inclusive learning environment for all students One size does not fit all After considering the research, observations and my own developing

practice one strategy does not work across the board Engagement and inclusion are more secure when consideration is given to each students individual needs A timely reminder Every Child does still Matter Being Healthy Staying Safe Enjoying and Achieving

Making a Positive Contribution Economic Wellbeing Conclusions and publications Morewood, G. D. & Wyllie R. J. (2013) Music, attachment and homophily; developing positive experiences and reducing risks. A case study. In press

Morewood, G. D. & Watson, E. J. (2013) Literacy and PE? A case study exploring the developing strategy in supporting a student with specific literacy needs in a mainstream secondary school. In press Learning isnt always the same ... Thanks for listening... Gareth D Morewood

Director of Curriculum Support [SENCo] and Rachel J Wyllie and Emily J Watson MMU PGCE Students

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