The Michener Surf Shack Good Evening and Welcome

The Michener Surf Shack Good Evening and Welcome

The Michener Surf Shack Good Evening and Welcome to S-6 Please take a moment to Take a look around Find your childs self-portrait and desk Write a note to your son/daughter on the provided paper. Please take with you Parent survey (if completed, please leave on my desk)

The Michener Surf Shack Class Picture Goes in this Section S-6 2017-2018

What do the following have in com About Mrs. Michener Family Twin daughters- Emma and Lauren (12) Youngest daughter Abby (11)

And. We cant forget about Max About Mrs. Michener Education: Bachelors degree from Holy Family College Masters degree from LaSalle University Certifications in Special and Elementary Education 23rd year teaching:

20 years in Central Bucks 15 years at Doyle Morning Arrival Unpack Checking homework Announcements Morning Work Prepare supplies for the day Handwriting Morning Meeting

Math New Series!!!! We are piloting Go Math Still teaching the concepts in our curriculum Utilizing different materials Email letter regarding program with weekly email

Math Application and Differentiation M- Manipulatives A- Apps T- Teacher H- Have a go! Problem Solving Strategies Make a Table, Guess and Check, Drawing pictures

Teaching modeling -> partners-> independent Writer's Workshop Monday, Wednesday and Friday Being a Writer Program Mentor Texts to Model Writers Craft, Genres, and Grammar

Writers Notebooks Writing Process Brainstorming, Drafting, Revising, Editing and Publishing Authors Chair for Students to Share Their Writing Social Studies Tuesday/Thursday Marking Period 1 Communities Marking Period 2 Geography

Marking Period 3 Economics Marking Period 4 Communities and change Science Tuesday/Thursday Marking Period 1: Drugs and Poisons Marking Period 2: Habitats Marking Period 3: Rocks and Minerals Marking Period 4: Sound

Reading Series- Good Habits Great Readers Story Elements and Main Ideas and Supporting Details Strategy Instruction including: Summarizing, Connections, Visualizations, Monitoring, Questioning, Predictions, Inferences, Drawing Conclusions

Reading- Daily Five The Daily Five/Six Reading to Self Word Work (Phonics/Spelling) Math practice Listening to Reading Guided Reading with Mrs. Michener Reading Ways to Practice Fluency:

Fluent Readers read with expression, at just the right rate, attend to punctuation, and read in meaningful phrases. Weekly Poems in their Poetry Notebook Readers Theater Rereading familiar books Specials Monday Gym

Tuesday Music Wednesday Library Thursday Art Friday Computer lab & Quest End of the day activities Final Daily 5 rotation Students return from special Enjoy their personal snack during

read aloud/ class meeting Copy and stamp homework/ pack and complete jobs Snacks Severe Food allergies . Please avoid sending in any peanut/tree nut foods

Remind your child not to trade or share food or snacks Remind your child to wash his/ her hands after eating lunch We will have a snack in the afternoon following specials Classroom Management Positive Reinforcement Individual Michener Mulah

Wing Tips Soaring Eagle Assembly Behavior Chart- PURPLE, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, RED Group Work as a table to get points Class Marble jar- reward party Consequences Conduct Report Behavior Notice- Reflection session Surfer of the Week

Monday- Share poster and answer questions from classmates Tuesday- Reservations for lunch with Mrs. Michener and two friends Wednesday- Share a favorite story or poem with the class Thursday- Bring in and share mementos/photos/etc with the class Friday- choose our winners for Michener Mulah!

Homework Monday Thursday Approximately 20 minutes plus independent reading Math page/ practice facts Poetry Notebook Words their Way Please: Sign homework book in binder each night, discuss color for the day, and return

Absences Send in a written note or email ( [email protected]) for each absence Three or more unexcused absences = truancy Special Projects Habitat Diorama Write own fairy tale

S-6 Market Place - Economics 3-D Island Design Creating an instrument ...and Many More! Field Trips Three tentative field trips (walking field trip, Lost River Cavern, & Churchville Nature Center ) Need parent volunteers to

chaperone Parents will be contacted prior to trip to confirm All volunteers will not be able to chaperone due to available bus seating (usually one parent for Communication Communication + Collaboration = Success [email protected]

Teacher sites Wednesday folders 267-893-4300 x 1443 Notes in homework planner Weekly/ Bi-weekly emails Doyle Dollars- Home and School

Homework books Recess equipment Young authors Technology Soaring Eagle Assemblies

Art Goes to School Art Mobile Field Trip Support Library support- books/magazines Volunteers Homeroom parent Tech savvy Organize signup genius Class Parties (Halloween, Holiday, End of Year)

Class parties Field Trips Book Fairs Volunteer in our Classroom! My goals for your child Happy, safe and comfortable Cooperative Responsible and Respectful

Independent Problem solver Successful Most Important Enjoy school! Before leaving Please take a moment to Sign the board if you do not have internet access or need help with

completing the emergency information on the portal Complete the note for your son/daughter Sign up for the Giant rewards for Doyle Take a Doyle Dollars envelope Thank You . I know and truly appreciate that you are entrusting your child to me. I

promise to do my best to nurture your childs mind and spirit in my classroom each day. I am looking forward to being your childs companion in learning and working alongside you this year. It is going to be a wonderful year filled with exciting learning activities!

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