VA OPS Standing Committees Joseph Miller, PhD, CP

VA OPS Standing Committees Joseph Miller, PhD, CP

VA OPS Standing Committees Joseph Miller, PhD, CP and Martin McDowell, L/CPO PSAS/OPS, VACO 2-17-2015 OPS Field Advisory Committee (FAC) Purpose The Orthotic and Prosthetic Service Field Advisory Council (O&P FAC) is a group of fieldbased, clinical leaders in the specialty of orthotic and prosthetic care who advise the National Program Director, Orthotic and Prosthetic Service (NPDOPS) and the Chief Consultant, Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Services (R&PS) in areas of strategic planning, national objectives and professional trends relevant to orthotic and prosthetic services within the Department of Veteran Affairs. Additionally the FAC provides guidance to the

field and shapes Veterans Health Administration (VHA) policy and procedures on matters relevant to the Orthotic and Prosthetic Program. A primary charge to the FAC is to ensure collaboration between VHA Central Office and field services in the Orthotic and Prosthetic Service. VETERANS HEALTH ADMINISTRATION 2 OPS Field Advisory Committee (FAC) RESPONSIBILITIES: The FAC is responsible to work closely with the NPDOPS in areas related to the national perspective for service to Veterans. An intrinsic goal of the FAC is to be responsive to issues facing clinical practitioners in VHA Orthotic and

Prosthetic Program, and to advise the NPDOPS on policy, planning, practice and resource initiatives. VETERANS HEALTH ADMINISTRATION 3 OPS Field Advisory Committee (FAC) Members Christopher Fantini - Chair, Guadalupe Bravo, Gordon Bosker, Tami Cron, Tom Karolewski, Sam Phillips , Mike Rilenge, Tristan Wyatt Projects and Plans

Past Formation of the council and created the charter; created guidelines for clothing allowance as it pertains to O&P products. Present Advising on the development of an O&P Dashboard with Jeff Bott; Reviewing the final report on the external review of the O&P Services to prioritize recommendations made. Future will work with VACO to develop customized recommendations and strategic planning to address selected issues brought forth in the external review; other projects are dependent on service needs and requests from VACO VETERANS HEALTH ADMINISTRATION 4 OPS Coding Committee Purpose

The purpose of the committee is to serve as a reference/resource to the field in regards to any questions/clarity of the HCPCS code system. This includes, but not limited to, updates on coding decisions by CMS/PDAC, VA positions on use of codes and as a resource for reviewers (quote submission) to use when negotiating claims submitted from outside vendors Responsibilities To accurately investigate field O/P coding questions and concerns to maintain compliance with CMS coding recommendations and decisions VETERANS HEALTH ADMINISTRATION 5 OPS Coding Committee

Members Joe Miller, Wayne Biggs, Luke Richards, Alan Cota, Guadalupe Bravo, David Laufer (DOD) Kenneth Heide, (PDAC) Martin McDowell Activities On going projects and assignments are Ad Hoc, in response to field inquiry Recent examples - unbundling XX99 codes misuse of L7261 (Commercial Partner supplied an OB design, but coded the UTAH wrist for reimbursement IDEO creative coding by Commercial Partner VETERANS HEALTH ADMINISTRATION

6 OPS Education Committee (OPEC) Mission: to facilitate, develop and deliver ongoing strategically focused, dynamic educational opportunities serving to enhance the abilities of every VA clinical staff in order to provide optimal Prosthetic-Orthotic clinical services to our Veterans. Promise: to be sensitive to the needs and suggestions of the clinical field, as well as the goals of national leadership VETERANS HEALTH ADMINISTRATION 7

OPS Education Committee (OPEC) Members Ernest Mickey Howard; Terry Kalter, Lisa Lewis, Eve Sepulveda, Martin McDowell Plans and Projects National Meeting advisory Sounding board for educational direction, focus Development and Dissemination of Educational Material to the OPS field Development and Dissemination of Educational Materials to Veteran Patients VETERANS HEALTH ADMINISTRATION 8


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