SHRM: Your Career Partner

SHRM: Your Career Partner

Whats New at SHRM? SHRM 2012 SHRM 2010 SHRMs Membership The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the worlds largest association devoted to human resource management. Representing more than 250,000 individual members in more than 140 countries, the Society serves the needs of HR professionals and advances the interests of the HR profession. Founded in 1948, SHRM has more than 575 affiliated chapters within the United States and has subsidiary offices in China and India. SHRM 2012 2 SHRM 2012 3 SHRMs Upcoming Conferences Strategy Conference > October 3-5, 2012 -- Palm Springs, CA CONFERENCES Workflex Conference > October 23-24, 2012 Chicago, IL Diversity & Inclusion Conference > October 22-24, 2012 -- Chicago, IL Leadership Conference > November 15 & 16, 2012 > At Gaylord National in National Harbor, MD

SHRM 2012 4 New Videos on the Web SHRM 2012 5 New Focus on HR Videos New member benefit! Monthly 5- to 10-minute videos about whats new in HR and with SHRM Topics and issues to keep you up to date!

SHRM 2012 Specialized Information on HR Disciplines Free to members, these online communities provide the latest news, research articles, webcasts, and discussion forums for each discipline: > > > > > > > > > > > > >

Benefits Business Leadership Compensation HR Consulting Workplace Diversity Employee Relations Ethics & Sustainability Global HR Labor Relations Organizational & Employee Development Safety & Security Recruiting and Staffing Management Technology Updated frequently! SHRM 2012 7

Expert HR Advisors Make an informed decision with help from the HR Knowledge Center Contact the HR Knowledge Center by: > Phone: 800-283-7476, available 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET > Email: Complete the form online > LIVE CHAT from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET > Online location: SHRM Templates and Tools Ask an HR Advisor SHRM 2012 Award-winning Publications

HR Magazine available for iPad HR News (online only) HR Week (e-mail) HR Discipline eNewsletters Legal Report Research Quarterly (in HR Magazine) E-newsletters on HR topics Sign up for ANY E-Newsletter at SHRM 2012 9 Webcasts

Learn new HR information right at your desk no missing work or travel costs! Free for SHRM members More than 45 new webcasts per year Participation earns recertification credits some strategic and global Archived for viewing at your convenience at ANY TIME Its hard to imagine working in HR without this valuable resource. Brooke Kaercher, PHR Member since 2005 SHRM 2012

10 Templates and Tools Toolkits Online Toolkits Get information on any HR topic, all compiled in one easy-to-view page on Discover answers to basic questions or complex matters involving topics ranging from the Americans with Disabilities Act to workplace security Recently added: Practicing Strategic Human Resources > Designing Global Compensation Systems > Benchmarking Human Capital Metrics > SHRM 2012 11 Templates and Tools Toolkits Hot Topic Toolkits Business Continuity and Recovery Disaster Management Employing Older Workers Unemployment

Mergers & Acquisitions Strategic Planning Terminating Employees Involuntarily Managing a Downsizing SHRM 2012 12 Templates and Tools Samples Sample Databases

Policies > Includes a full-length sample employee handbook and hundreds of individual policies Forms > Sample forms for processes ranging from hiring to disciplinary actions and creating mission statements Job Descriptions > Search by title, function, or industry > Samples from a cross section of employers, company size, and industries RFPs SHRM 2012 13 Templates and Tools Samples New and Featured Samples:

> Human Resources Mission Statement > Sample Employment Mediation and Arbitration Agreement > Performance and Salary Reviews > Employee Grievance Procedure > Birthdays, Holidays & Leaves of Absence > Recognition and Social Functions SAMPLE - Presentation Evaluation Form SAMPLE - Presentation Agreement SAMPLE - Call for Presentations SHRM 2012 14 Templates and Tools Samples Sample Training Presentations

Training Presentations dozens to choose from > > > > > > > > > FMLA Training for Supervisors Understanding Cobra Wellness in the Workplace The Business Case for Diversity - Training for Supervisors Confronting Workplace Bullying Training for Supervisors Documentation Training for Supervisors Federal Discrimination Laws Training for Supervisors

Core Competencies for Supervisors Crisis Management Planning SHRM 2012 15 Templates and Tools Managing Smart Supervisory Newsletter Articles Managing Smart Member-exclusive collection of articles 2004 to present Authoritative advice from SHRM to help line managers

supervise their staffs. Addresses these topics: > Communicating, training, rewarding, and motivating employees > Compliance with employment laws As a member of SHRM, you are authorized to distribute copies, excerpts, or emails of the newsletter at your organization. SupervisoryNewsletter/Pages/default.aspx SHRM 2012 16 Templates and Tools Express Requests Express Requests

A self-service tool that allows you to request and receive information on a wide variety of HR topics via email Express Request responses are available 24/7 Topics include > HR issues > Employment la > HR competencies, HR career development and more Benefit included with SHRM membership (up to 25 requests per membership year) ExpressRequests SHRM 2012 17 Templates and Tools Express Requests

SHRM 2012 18 Templates and Tools How-to Guides SHRM 2012 19 Templates and Tools Metrics HR Metrics Calculators Enhance productivity and minimize costs by calculating: > Absenteeism Rates > Cost per Hire > FTE Calculation > Human Capital ROI

> Health Care Costs Per Employee > Revenue/Profit Per Employee > Training Costs Per Employee > Time to fill > Turnover > Workers Compensation Cost Per Employee SHRM 2012 20 Templates and Tools Metrics Here are just a few of the metrics calculators in one area of HR. There are calculators for every HR function! SHRM 2012

21 Research Benchmarking Customized Benchmarking Services SHRM Benchmarking Reports can help you: > Justify additional HR staff > Defend recruiting and HR budgets > Make the case for better 401(k) matching > Devise competitive health care plans Customize your report according to industry and company size, and choose from more than 140 available metrics The information I get from SHRM helps me determine what we need to do and the steps we need to follow. R. Schaeffer Greene Member since 1982

SHRM 2012 22 SHRM Research Concierge Service Have a unique or complex research challenge but lack the time, expertise or resources? SHRM stands ready to help. Just call 703-535-6366. SHRM does all the hard work collecting, analyzing and organizing the information you need to make smart, evidencebased decisions for your organization. SHRM will deliver the output in a format that meets your specific needs and connects with your key constituencies. Fees are based on scope of project.

SHRM 2012 Research Tools Leading Indicators of National Employment The SHRM LINE Employment Report covers the service and manufacturing sectors on key areas for recruiting each month: > Projects hiring expectations a month ahead > Presents month-to-month data on new-hire compensation > Reports degree of difficulty recruiting highly qualified candidates > Released one month prior to Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Situation Report MonthlyEmploymentIndices

SHRM 2012 24 SHRM-Sponsored Seminars and Workshops SHRM Education Series (not a complete list) > Certification Preparation Courses > HR Generalist > Strategic Human Resources: Delivering Business Results > SHRM Essentials of HR Management Course > New! Employee Relations > New! Training for Federal HR Professionals > New! Global Culture Competence for Business Leaders > New! Finance for Strategic HR Partners > Health Benefit Strategy: Leveraging Data, Design and Wellness > Drive Results with HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics > SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Leadership Program

SHRM 2012 25 eLearning SHRM e-Learning > Over 100 courses, webcasts and conference sessions available online > Easy way to earn credits toward recertification > Your whole staff can receive training through eLearning > eTranscript keeps track of completed courses and total recertification credits earned SHRM 2012

26 HR Certification Institute Certifying body for the PHR, SPHR, GPHR and California-specific exams Spring 2012 Testing Window Registration Open Has awarded more than

120,000 credentials to HR professionals in more than 70 countries Member discounts available on exam fee and learning materials through SHRMStore Test your knowledge with the online assessment exam SHRM 2012 Certification Preparation

SHRM Learning System is the #1 study tool Printed workbooks Mobile accessibility for on-the-go studying HR skills application and testing software Online Resource Center Flashcards and glossary of key terms Member price $695 1,400 practice questions Updated for 2012! HR Body of Knowledge revised! SHRM 2012 Recertification

Earn FREE Recert Credits Ways to get FREE recertification credits > SHRM webcasts and archives Each webcast counts for 1 credit, and some are strategic (SPHR) and global (GPHR) > On-the-job learning If you are doing something NEW at work that broadens your knowledge of HR, it will count for credit (examples: rolling out a new 401K plan, developing a strategic planning for your department, researching new healthcare plans, developing a new compensation system > Instruction: 1 hour taught = 1.5 credit hours awarded. Includes courses taught at work such as workplace violence prevention, sexual harassment prevention, supervisory training, safety training, etc. > Research, write, or publish on HR topics, even in your

local newspaper or chapter newsletter or website. SHRM 2012 Recertification 60 hours of learning credits not 60 CEUs Hour-for-hour basis NO supporting documentation needs to be submitted; keep verification for audit purposes, however Sessions do NOT need to be pre-approved by HRCI, unless a chapter event Again, archived webcasts count for creditable to view at any time Track your progress toward recertification hours online

SHRM 2012 30 SHRM Connect Join the largest HR chat room in the world! Connect with thousands of SHRM members Start discussions; join groups Your profile is already there just fill it in! SHRM 2012 Get Involved in a Local Chapter; Volunteer

Local chapters give you a network of professional peers you can turn to for support Help you establish relationships and contacts with local companies Allows you to gain valuable information on state and local labor market conditions and issues Is a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills through volunteering Volunteering qualifies for recertification credits ProfessionalChapters Over 590 SHRM-affiliated chapters around the nation SHRM 2012 32

Advocacy 2012 Guide to Public Policy Issues > > > > > > > > > Health Care Reform Workplace Flexibility Employment Verification Tax Reform and Deficit Reduction Employer-Provided Education Assistance Weapons in the Workplace Background Investigations

Labor-Management Relations Skills Gap SHRM 2012 33 Learn more about your State Laws Click on your state for state law updates SHRM 2012 Join or Renew Today! or SHRM Membership $165 for first-time SHRM members ($.45 per day)

> First-time members use discount code CHSED when joining online $180 for renewing members $35 for students (6+ credit hours) Discounts are available for multi-year renewals SHRM Membership Nets Positive ROI Annual fee = cost of half-hour of consultant/attorney time Membership offers professional development without attending seminars Share the SHRM benefits with your employer to convince him/her of value to your organization SHRM 2012 35

Why Continue to Be a Member of SHRM? Because SHRM Provides Solutions! Be up-to-date on the latest issues affecting your bottom line May be the key to landing a new job or holding on to the one you haveSHRM can give you a competitive edge Be indispensable when your company is downsizing its easier with SHRMs resources at your fingertips Get involved in your professional association it will give you connections you need to maintain your network; many volunteer

opportunities exist Keep your certification current through FREE SHRM webcasts SHRM 2012 ROI of SHRM Membership Weve run the numbers for you: 12 Issues of HR Magazine $70 Reading 3 of the more than 50 research reports $299.85 Participation in 12 webcasts from other organizations

$1,500 Savings by not having to pay some consultant fees Your estimate Full access to SHRM sample forms, policies, how-to guides and presentations $300 SHRM Membership Value = $2169.85 or higher You Pay Only $180 for 1 year full professional membership SHRM 2012

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