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Sexual Propagation - Georgia CTAE | Home

Sexual Reproduction Original work from Applied Technologies edited and used with permission by Dr. Teri Hamlin Table of Contents Introduction to Plant Propagation Sexual Propagation

Asexual Propagation Stem, Leaf, Cuttings Layering

Separation & Division Tissue Culture Budding and Grafting Introduction What is Plant Propagation? The multiplication of plants by both sexual and asexual means Requires a knowledge of plants and

how to manipulate them. Can be considered an art-form. Sexual Propagation What is it? The propagation of plants from SEEDS The most common type of propagation In order for one to be successful using this method, one must understand various

details about seeds and how they work What is a seed? A seed is a whole plant in miniature surrounded by a seed coat. It is a ripened flower ovule. Seed Composition

3 parts of a seed: Seed Coat (Protects the embryonic plant.) Embryo (The new plant)

Endosperm (Food storage tissue) Viability & Longevity If a seed is viable it will germinate and grow normally Longevity is how long the seed will remain viable Influences of viability

species ---woody (5-7 years) --- succulent (1-3 years) Storage Conditions -- 40-45 degrees F Time

In order for germination to take place: The seed must be ripe (ripe when it falls off the tree/plant/bush Dormancy requirement must be met. Dormancy Requirements

(Seed Coat Dormancy) Overcome by scarification 3 methods - Mechanical treatment - Hot water treatment - Sulfuric Acid treatment photodormancy thermodormancy

biochemical dormancy Stratification Seed must experience: 1. warm, dry period 2. cool, moist period --- 60-90 days at 40-45 degrees F 3. warm moist period

Selection of Seeds ID locally grown seeds Select certified seeds -have been tested for germination ability and purity. Choose hybrid seeds for greater vigor Select primed seeds

Indirect vs. Direct Seeding seeded directly into plants sown permanent growing indoors area plants must be most economical transplanted

tomatoes, peppers, method corn, melons, beans, eggplant beets, peas, etc..

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